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ok ok ok ok but are u gonna bless us with the choke me daddy story??? pls we need to know how u approached him with ur pose idea and what he said!!! im screaming right now so sorry thank u :D

okay so this is literally how the whole day went down. i was the third person to ask a question at the panel and I was sitting in the second row. my question was like ‘between the fall from the train and getting the arm and becoming the winter soldier, do you think he was heavily tortured and if so what was his breaking point’ and he was like so shocked by that he literally went from smiling to staring in open mouthed, raised brow shock at me. his answer really didn’t answer the question at all but idc bc like i still did that and what he talked about was still interesting. so then like every time someone asked an emo Bucky question (none of which were quite as sad as mine) , his eyes slid over and we had like awkward gaze locking for like a second before hed walk away again which had me shook. i almost missed my autograph because I didn’t realize they were scheduled by groups I thought you could just choose whichever but when i went over there to meet a friend I was like oh shIT and ended up getting in line. when I got up there to him, he looked up and he was like *places hand on my shoulder* oh it’s yOU. you asked The Question™’ and I was like giggling and like ‘yeahhhh’ and he grinned and looked down to write the autograph and I was just like staring at the top of his head and his hair was so curly which is my absolute favorite hairstyle and I wanted to reach out and touch it but I didn’t so instead I just said 'I looooooove your hair today what an amazing style choice’ and he laughed and was like 'aww thanks’ and then it was over. i asked him to write 'not a perfect soldier but a good man’ on my thing, which was a drawing of 40s Bucky in the uniform with his crooked hat but instead he wrote 'not a perfect soldier but a great man’ which works too I mean. I had to go straight to my photo op from that and when I got up to like five people in front of me before my turn but I was in the little photo op room and he glanced over and did like a double take before grinning at me and when it was my turn I i literally ignored the lady that was like 'okay let’s do this fast’ and i just went straight for a hug and i guess i was shaking and being clingy or something because he like wrapped one arm right around my lower back and his other hand pressed my face against his shirt and he was petting my hair and swaying back and forth i almost cried but when we pulled apart he went for the usual side by side pose but I showed him a an example picture of the pose I wanted and I was like 'can we please do this’ and he made the surprised meme face and he still had his arm around my waist and he was sO close to me and he raised an eyebrow and smirked and was just like 'oh sure so are you choking me or am I choking you?’ and my brain kinda shorted out and i just kinda stuttered for him to choke me and he did it and took a pretty long moment to get it situated right and then he flexed his arm and his arm under my hand went from thicc but soft to like so hard and muscled and I literally felt his arm veins pop up and he put pressure on my neck and lifted up a bit so I was on tiptoe and he went straight into the murder eyes even though I didn’t ask him to and it was literally like seeing him go from seb to winter soldier i almost combusted right there and after it was over he smiled at me again and im pretty sure he said something like 'was that good enough?’ or 'was that what you wanted?’ but i was so dazed i couldn’t really process it and im not entirely sure what he said and I was like *squeaking* 'yeS thank you i love you’ and he was like 'I love you too’ and it was over but it was so beautiful

  • Person:"So are you introducing any new LGBT characters in the next series of Sherlock to keep up with equal representation in television?"
  • Mofftiss:"Introducing new LGBT characters? New? Nope, that's not what we're doing."
  • Mofftis:"And if we WERE to introduce LGBT characters, the fact that they're LGBT isn't going to be what's most important about them since our show doesn't completely focus on sexual orientation. There are a lot of other things going on, too, just like in real life."
  • Mofftiss:"People in real life don't announce their sexual preference at every moment. People are PEOPLE first. Everything else comes after."
  • Mofftiss:"Kids need to see characters who are LGBT but not as if that trait holds them back or defines them. They shouldn't question a character's morality because the character is LGBT. This can only be done if sexual orientation is not the main focus in the character's life. Just like in the real world, humans are complex creatures with a lot of things going on, and IF we had LGBT characters we'd make the show about them in real life and not constantly dwell on and define them by who they prefer sexually."
  • Mofftiss:"Anyways, where were we? Ahem? Next question? You've got a different question?"