Beautiful people of tumblr, I would like all of you to know I met Christa and Kristina today, and I want all of you to know how happy I am. They are literally some of the only reasons I’m here today. So many times I’ve just had it so rough and didn’t want to live anymore and just felt worthless, and I honestly just wanted to die, but then they gave me hope. They told me that they loved me during my sad days. They told me to love myself, and not to put myself down. They are so sweet and such role models and it means so much to me that they actually cared enough to take time out of their vacation to come and meet me tonight. Christa and Kristina, you guys are amazing and funny and overall just some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met in my whole entire life, like you don’t even understand. I love you both so much it’s insane. I hope I get to see you guys again because I love you both so much. Please never stop being the amazing people you are, I love you both with everything I have and am. So once again, thank you. ❤