paneer kofta

Mint Lassi and Rolanberry Lassi

If you asked me what my favorite cuisine is, the answer would hands-down be Indian food. I could eat malai kofta or saag paneer forever. Spicy gravies, fragrant desserts, tandoori meats, and of course, delicious drinks!

I’ve had many mango lassis with Indian meals, but never a plain mint lassi, and especially never a strawberry one! Both are soothing, creamy drinks that will leave you refreshed enough for a marathon crafting session. (At least, I assume that’s how you end up with a Craftsmanship bonus by drinking these…) 

Mint Lassi! 

1 cup plain yogurt (or ¾ cup Greek yogurt + a splash of milk)

2-3 tbsp of sugar or honey 

½ cup mint leaves

A dash or two of lime juice

1-2 ice cubes (optional) 

Place all ingredients into a blender and whirl until smooth. Taste and add more of your sweetener if desired. 

Rolanberry Lassi!

1 cup plain yogurt (or ¾ cup Greek yogurt + a splash of milk)

8-10 strawberries, with the tops cut off 

3-4 ice cubes

1-2 tbsp sugar or honey (optional) 

Blend your strawberries and yogurt together until smooth, then taste. Add your sweetener if you would like a sweeter drink. (My strawberries were overripe and quite sweet on their own, so I just sprinkled a bit of sugar.) Add ice cubes and blend more until it reaches the consistency you would like. Pour into glasses and serve!