Blurryface shoes tutorial?!??!!?

Hey guys! Someone asked me to do a tutorial for my Blurryface shoes and I thought it was a great idea, so here it is!

What you’ll need:

  • A pair of white shoes
  • A ruler
  • A pencil
  • A 1mm fabric pen
  • A set of different brushes (i only use size 2 and 10 though)
  • Fabric paint for light fabrics (red, black, yellow)
  • Fabric paint for dark fabrics (white)
  • Something to mix paint in
  • A glass of water

Where I buy my paint/brushes:

Let’s get started! :)

1. Draw a square on your shoe with pencil. Make sure the sides are equal. Keep in mind that you’re gonna write “twenty one pilots” above it and “blurryface” beneath it, so don’t make it too big. 

Then, find a good picture of the album and save that to your camera roll in your phone. Imagine that there is a square around the circles on the album. Then measure your square (mine was 6.5 cm) and zoom in on the picture in your phone so that the square you’ve imagined around the circles is as big as the square you’ve drawn. I literally measure on my phone with my ruler. I realized that this is hard to do without an iphone but there should be a way to print a photo of the album in the right size i think??

2. Measure the diameter of the circles on your phone. Make sure it doesn’t zoom out or all the measurements will be wrong. My circles’ diameter was 1.7 cm. Draw lines one diameter away from all the sides of the square. It should look like this:

Now you can see where the corner circles will go! 

3. Measure the distance between two circles in the same row. For me they’re 0.6 cm apart. Now draw 4 more lines 0.6 cm (in this case) away from the other ones. It should look like this:

4. Draw circles inside the 9 little squares. First with a pencil, then with fabric pen. Ta-da! Nice and even circles!

5. Time for the text! Let’s start with writing “twenty one pilots” above the circles. Draw a line that is a bit bigger than the middle circle, then write “pilots” on it with pencil. Start with the P and the S so you know you have enough space between the letters. All of the text you’ll write will have to be a bit bigger than it actually is on the album, I didn’t even measure my line or anything. Also dont worry about the line through the O’s yet, you’ll paint that with white paint later. 

6. Draw a longer line above “pilots” and write “twenty one” on it with pencil. Then color aroud the letters with fabric pen. It should look like this:

7. Do the same with “blurryface” under the circles. Again, don’t worry about the line through the letters, that comes later. That means you don’t have to draw the line through the A or the second line in the F. Fill in the spaces between the letters with fabric pen. It looks like this:

8. Draw the patterns inside the circles! I really don’t have a trick for this. You can draw some of the patterns with pencil first but I usually go straight to fabric pen. It’s looking good:

9. It’s painting time! Get your paint, brushes (size 10 and 2), something to mix the paint in and a glass of water. Mix a little red, yellow and just a tiny dot of black and paint the red circles with the small brush. Actually, if you don’t feel like mixing colors you don’t have to, I just do because I think it looks better. 

10. Paint the shoe black with the big brush until you get close to the circles, then use the small one. When you’re done with that it should look like this:

11. Use the size 2 brush to draw a line through “blurryface” without crossing the U and A. Draw the line through the O’s. If you want to, fill in the letters with white paint. YOU’RE DONE! CONGRATS ON YOUR BEAUTIFUL SHOES.

If you paint a pair of shoes, please send me photos bc I’d love to see them. :)) That’s all I had to say, hope you find this useful!

- Clara