ivywitches  asked:

What is love?

Unknown to most, Love is actually a metaphysical side-effect of the existence of a half-dead Elder God named E'ryth'og (also known as the Ubiquitous Sigh).

Resting deep within the belly of the earth, existing partly in our realm and partly in realms beyond human comprehension, the presence of E'ryth'og is not a thing any human may perceive in ways we traditionally understand.

As an example, consider that E'ryth'og is larger than the earth itself, 1.4x greater in volume at best estimation, but is yet somehow contained entirely within it. Consider that you will never touch, smell, or see Him, but you are always feeling His presence at all times.
You might have some sense of understanding to what degree you shall never understand.

 Instead of sensing the Ubiquitous Sigh by ordinary means, instead His presence manifests itself most palpably in the form of a sensation we know as “love”. Know that E'ryth'og’s being has no function in causing one to “fall in love” or to love another specifically. No, it is more the case that the feeling of love exists at all by nature of being in the presence of the Sigh.

All things must have an impact, you see, even those without form or shape, with mass both infinite and nonexistent.  The Ubiquitous Sigh exists in such a deeply permeating way that it affects our very feeling. All humans are universally afflicted by E'ryth'og. Should one actually be unaffected by the Sigh, such a person would seem to others and feel to the self wholly alien.
Ironic, that a man free of His affect would be the one deemed “alien” when he would be the most pure and natural human on earth. This is the affect of the universal, unknown acceptance of the “love” of the Sigh. An alien god, imbuing in us a sensation that many claim to be the most human of all.

It is such a black humor that one cannot help but laugh, for any other reaction invites only madness.