Just want to give a shout out to these amazing people who show up in my notes day in and day out!!! 

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and special shout out to red-lips-and-curious-minds for always lurking even though tumblr refuses to give me any notes about it

The little mirror I bought last week (from rifter-pride‘s Furiosa pair!) has grown up, and in attempting to figure out how to dress her…

I wound up starting a weird little bio for her consisting entirely of customer reviews. Not sure if self-censorship like this would be allowed in a bio, though?

Sylvestra “Sy” Substrate
Procurer, Protector, and Purloiner

Quotes from satisfied customers (edited by the management for language):

“Sy is cunning as a gosh darned snake, and twice as vicious. Excellent service.”
“Flip me if she didn’t deliver, and on time, like some kind of mattress flippin’ miracle!”
“Sy saved my goshforsaken life, and only charged me half of it in return. Like a murderous frackin’ angel from heaven!”


Gen is a personal hero of mine. This lecture is awesome, and also a wonderful showcase of some of h/er often overlooked humor as well. So many insights and revelations. It’s over two hours, but it’s well worth a look if your into cut-ups, counter culture and underground music.   

Parks and Rec transcripts?

Are any of you aware of quality Parks & Recreation transcripts? The only ones I know are from this website and I don’t find them that easy to navigate, what with not having the characters name, places, etc. Before I embark into the great adventure of making my own full transcripts of the show, are any of you aware of better ones that might already exist?

mega-pandru asked:

I love strong female characters in comics and I've recently become interested in Power Girl. What's a good jumping on point for her? Also what are some other heroines to look into?

The Conner/Palmiotti/Grey series from a few years ago is really stellar for their entire run and makes for a great (re)introduction of her character. They gloss over a lot of the complicated origin stuff and just focus on really fun, really solid superhero stories. I did not, however, follow it after their run ended, so your guess is as good as mine.

As for more current stuff, I’m really enjoying Batgirl (obviously), the new Black Canary, that soft reboot of Spider-Woman that happened at #5 (I think), Silk, and while I’m behind on Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel, what I’ve read of both has been really fantastic. Beyond the big two, I know Matt really got a kick out of Zodiac Starforce this week, and if you like webcomics (or even if you don’t, really) you oughtta check out Strong Female Protagonist

Ben : Guys I can’t find Leslie

Ann : I’ve got this


Leslie: *climbing through the window with a binder full of pics of bens butt* Ann, you beautiful, unknowing Egyptian goddess, you WILL TAKE THAT BACK

Between winning a giveaway prize (!!!) and having several auctions sell overnight, I’m no longer treasure poor, AND I finally hit my gem goal and was able to pick up facet for Finnegan (finally). 

so sorry can’t stop myself alliteration alliteratioooon

Now I just have to choose a tert. He’s silver/shadow/silver, and I’m debating between gembond or smoke. I think Shai will have spines. And then I will finally have gened my progens.

vote-pandragon-for-king asked:

How/where are you learning Navajo? I'm super interested. I kind of want to learn a ton of world wide languages.

i’m mostly just using free resources all around the internet that i can find, wikipedia and wiktionary are very popular ones for me but is not a very efficient method of learning imo. as i said, though, there is a version of rosetta stone in navajo that you can buy here which is expensive but i’d like to own it at some point because that would allow me to learn at a much better and more organized pace. btw, please keep me updated on your language learning stuff! i’d love to see the other languages that you want to learn!

My dad, basically a beginner rider, was having trouble with Pandra during his lesson. She just didn’t want to go forward. So our trainer gets her helmet, gets on Pandra, and gets to work.

About 10 minutes later, having told Pandra who’s boss, she gets off her all smiley going ‘man, that horse is so smooth’

yes, yes she is.