“Shame on me for kissing you with my eyes closed so tight.” - Faye Dolan from That Thing You Do.

You were my GFs favorite player. You were my favorite part of a great lineup yesterday, and we’ll only get to see that lineup that one time this season.

But seriously, PEDs, along with the strike was a reason as a kid I became disillusioned with baseball and my favorite players. The 2010 Giants brought back my love for baseball. 

No more Melkman.

We still have a panda, 2 horses, a shark, Buster “Buster Posey” Posey, an injured water buffalo (too soon?) and the awkward brothers. 

Fear the weird, my friends. Fear the weird.


Hello Everybody!

Votes are in, and the top design by far is “Good morning is beautiful day for baseball.”

Shirts are $25 (including shipping within the US).

I will be making the first batch of shirts shortly, and would like to make sure all those who are interested are covered. If you are interested, (serious orders only) please send an e-mail to [at] gmail [dot] com with “shirt” in the subject and also the following information: 


Size (Adult S/M/L/XL for this first batch):

Quantity (include sizes):

Then we can work out the details for payment/shipping.



Update: These shirts are screen printed on Gildan Ultra Cotton.