I decide to delete the first one and put both in a single photoset(?)
Anna bun was resqueted by @transman-suoh
Golden retriever and pandou was a resqueted of @tanteirija​ 

K animal doodles (and some little requests of the AU)

1st chibi set:

- The fujishima and Eric one is kinda based on the idea of could it looks when fuji carry eric(?) c:
- Tatara wants to "pat pat" Ericpupp lol
-The puppEric sleeping, I’ll let to the imagination who is the animal who is covering with the blanket~

2nd chibi set: 

- Golden souhei have much energy for a single panda plz(?)
- LionKoto can’t find Anna bun(?)
- idk I decide to mix requests and do it bassed on Red Side (Just that here we can’s see tatara and saru(?))