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Shes not even clingy in the slightest though. Like, she risked her life &almost ended up in the Void b/c shed rather make sure the Cybermen &the Daleks went away than have innocent people dying.


reaching out for that failing lever, she wasn’t at risk of being sent into the other universe, SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN SUCKED INTO THE VOID (HELL) IF PETE HADN’T CAUGHT HER 

god. like every episode they are separated, see:

Choosing to go with Pete through the main entrance of Cybus Industries, rather than sticking around with ten

her ignoring ten in TIL, ditching him to go and investigate magpie without even telling him- because she had a hunch, and she was right. 

The Satan Pit- the doctor his trapped ten miles down but she doesn’t mope about, she motivates the entire team in ways she knows they will respond to, even putting her life on the line to stop toby from being shot. 

Fear Her- my girl literally saves the entire planet while the doctor is helpless. i doesn’t get much better than that.