This girl is Hope. 

Her life was more-or-less average, until she unwittingly opened a mysterious jar containing the apocalypse. To prevent the Earth’s destruction, Hope shoved her arm into the jar. This stopped the calamity, but the jar reshaped around her hand, becoming a glove with immense and terrible power.

Now that a doomsday device had been activated, all the other apocalyptic powers-that-be began rushing to see who could destroy humanity first.

The one person standing in their way -

is a girl with the end of the world in her hand.


and then i saw them. those burning red eyes…


As some of you may know, TheAnimeMan did a video covering the top 100 anime according to Japan. Now he is doing a poll to create an accurate top 100 anime list according to the international community. He needs our help to get an accurate list. Even if you don’t watch his videos could you please take some time to fill out the survey? And even if you don’t watch/like anime could you please spread this around so we can get as many responses as possible? Thanks in advance