ok thanks to my nerdy boyfriend doing maths, @hanshimada @atlasfuckboi and i have figured out what the conversion of time is on pandora (bc of its size, distance from the sun……etc)

  • a day on pandora lasts 90 earth hours
  • a year on pandora lasts approx 10 years on earth
  • every 3 pandoran years there is a leap year
  • just for reference this means lilith is 3.4 years old. rhys is 2.7
  • we guessed they still use a 12-month calendar since there is one hanging up in the game
  • which means a month lasts 81 days
  • from tradition, february gets the 82nd day every 3 years
  • that means if someone was born on the 82nd of february, they’d get a birthday once every 30 (earth) years
  • also there are 973 (pandoran) days in a (pandoran) year

i cannot be bothered to explain how we got to these numbers here but if anyone wants an explanation just message one of us :’)


First Scooter asked me to take a few shots for him, later Lilith insisted on me doing a vid (borrowing a camera from Moxxi on one condition… you know, nudity or explosions, better if AND instead of OR. Having no idea, should I do a striptease with Jack’s propaganda exploding on the background? XD That vid would be in the Pandoran Top in no time)
Бонусовочка для русскоязычных, потому что игры слов в данном случае получаются разными)

firstdegreefraud  asked:

✿ or just throw me out an airlock whatever works


25 – a kiss pressed to each fingertip

The strike of her palm throbs harsh through his mask and into the sharp angle of his cheek. He still feels the fire in her eyes and the sharp edge of her voice hostile and scathing; a warning that wants him scarred as deep as Pandora’s rotten moon. His own gaze flashes in the lure of a challenge like something wild, something that could either lunge or laugh. He opts for the latter and, strangely, it tumbles only slow like a purr from the heat of his breath.

“You Pandorans… You all oughta be leashed, you know that? Like mutts.”

As the words fall, his hand snatches for her wrist before it can retract. Most people who slap him – touch him without permission – get the airlock or a vice-like grip smothering their windpipe. But there’s something still sly in the eyes of the man whose face tilts instead to brush his lips over the pads of her captive fingertips. Slowly, lazily, one by one. His stare keeps locked on her face with each kiss leaned languid to skin that’s rougher than it looks; every movement of his masked mouth over fingers that surely ache to curl themselves around a gun and fire.

He smirks wider, lets his tongue flick over the third finger before moving to the fourth. So oddly light, lingering, gentle in spite of the angry embers burning in mis-matched eyes. Doesn’t matter how pretty a face is when it tries hiding secrets, after all.

So he gets to the fifth finger and bites down. Hard.


        You’re going about it all wrong. You’re not supposed to throw the the Midget Psychos.   And with a powerful swing of her boot, away went the captive Pandoran savage, being sent straight across the dirt road and into a mess of cacti.

         Now that that’s over and done with, yes, I do need help fixing my ride. I’m used to driving expensive cars, not… These. 

NAME: fiona
NICKNAME: “scheming pandoran scum”, “bandit trash”, “that con-artist babe”, “hat lady”, “fi”, various aliases
AGE: 29
SPECIES: human


MORALITY:  lawful / neutral / chaotic   ///  good / neutral / evil
SINS:  GREED / gluttony / sloth / lust / pride / envy / WRATH
VIRTUES:  chastity / charity / diligence / humility / kindness / patience / justice
PRIMARY GOALS IN LIFE:  to get herself and her sister off pandora and into a better life
SECRETS:  so much of her personality is a defense mechanism that she doesn’t know how to shut it off.
SAVVIES: theft, lying, gambling, cheating, scamming, fraud, charisma


BUILD:  scrawny / bony / slender / fit / athletic / curvy / herculean / pudgy / average
HEIGHT:  5′ 4″
WEIGHT: 120 lbs
SCARS/BIRTHMARKS:  scar along the right eyebrow, freckles across cheeks and chest, birthmark on stomach.
ABILITIES/POWERS: combat clairvoyance: can visually determine the outcomes of her actions before taking them
RESTRICTIONS: has to be “recharged”, only available after training with athena.


FAVORITE FOOD:  anything fried
FAVORITE MUSIC GENRE:  indie country
FAVORITE SCENT(S):  money, spicy perfume, gasoline, leather.


BOTTOM OR TOP:  switch
LIKES BAD PUNS:  NO ( but she secretly does )

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Rhys and Jack are left stranded in the Pandoran wasteland together.

That little bit of fluff AU


    Okay sooo… today he’d tell her. Right? Right! No point in beating around the bush any further. He had this, yeah?.. No…no..  Maybe? The poor brunette paced back and forth in his office trying to find any sorta way to articulate to the now Vault Hunter/ex-con what had been pent up inside since eyes of flesh and tech laid upon her.. Okay, maybe not instantly, but it certainly didn’t take very long.

                      The Pandoran was apparently on her way to sell him something… and 99% of the time… Rhys just bought it to watch her smile.

@exhyperiionceo | starter call

            no matter how busy a schedule you may have, nisha wholeheartedly believed it was of the utmost importance to make some time for yourself. stress is bad for the soul, and with the ever rising pressure that continued bubbling through pandora’s wastes as of late, well, who would blame her for wanting to unwind ?

though distinctly barren deserts weren’t exactly a change of scenery, she found them the best place to be able to relax ; a flask of ale at her hip, her favourite, most comfortable boots, and a sturdy jakob’s rifle to shoot any living creature that appeared within at least 300ft of her location. oh no, there was nothing like scoring a bullseye through a skag’s skull to take the weight off your shoulders. 

it was late in the waning evening that the lawbringer noticed a distinctly un-pandoran figure through the lens of her scope ; shooting the sod seemed the easiest option, but curiosity quickly got the better of her, soon pushing her to investigate them further. 

thank fuck she wore her comfy boots. 

                   ❝ hey ! what are you doing so far away from home, cowboy ? ❞