Had waaaaaaay too much fun doing this.. Some Bandit-Tim fanart for pandoran-tales​ bc holy hell I am in LOVE WITH THE DESIGN 
I’m really nervous that I got it all wrong and I’m reAALLY sorry if I did 

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Same heist, same people, same goal, different endings… depending on who’s telling the story.

Whoever’s listening to their tall-tales ends up with a pile of lies, but with a magnificently convoluted and improbable epic.


As a bonus, here’s Vaughn, the voice of cold reason, the one most likely to tell it like it happened, the one stuck with them and enjoying every second of it.

Vaughn: I was there! For the life of me I can’t recall ANY of this!!!

i think something i find particularly interesting about the borderlands universe is that you could play as pretty much any side, whether it’s a company, vault hunters, even pandoran natives and literally every other side would come off as horrific and violent to you

rhys and vaughn are a great example of this. hyperion is everything to them and everything is great in their company, they don’t really see what’s wrong with it, especially when it comes to pandora. 

that planet is full of bandits and murderers, cannibals, clans that take ‘clan wives’, drunks. and on top of that, the most powerful people down there? an assassin for hire, an 18 year old girl capable of building a death robot that killed another girl her age, a cannibal, a crazed man with a buzzaxe, a powerful siren that murdered her mentor in cold blood and fled, an ex military man who’s done god only knows what in his time but can probably kill you just as quick as talk to you in a thousand and one different ways

no one is a hero in borderlands. you can take literally any side and think it’s just and right because the other side are going to be downright despicable and horrific to you, and that’s what’s so great about this series. i mean, for all the people defending jack, what about the people actively defending vault hunters with their extensive wanted lists and absolute giddyness over going on murderous rampages through bandit camps? no one is a hero, it’s just a lot of different shades of grey 


It was one of those ot Pandoran evenings again. The moon was high was she was blue and purble, sprinkled with billions of stars. The silver moon painted everything under it to greyish shades.

Timothy couldn’t fall asleep. He took the sheets of his body, got dressed and decided to have a little walk around. Maybe that will make him feel sleepy and he’d finally find the desired inner peace.

As the young brunet was walking around, he felt frostbites running down his spine. Someone was watching him. He couldn’t tell if they were close or far, but they certainly were around.

He turned and spied the curtains of the night. And there he noticed them. A tall, sleder figure was his unwanted company. What did they need?



Dreaming about your dead boss *:・゚✧ #justrhysthings  ✧ :・゚*

pandoran versions of popular stories

the jungle book: young orphan is raised by skags and grows up to defeat a menacing badass cat creature, goes on to kill thousands and be a symbol of fear and power

tarzan: young orphan is raised by bullymongs, becomes their leader, goes on to kill thousands and be a symbol of fear and power

cinderella: young orphan goes to the local hodunk hodown and loses their buzz-axe, eventually found and given to them by the clan leader. they go on to marry and kill thousands and become a symbol of fear and power

winnie the pooh: mismatched gang of bandits go on wistful adventures together learning the true meaning of friendship, killing thousands and becoming a symbol of fear and power


Sir Hammerlock: Bad news, Vault Hunter. I tried to feed one – I’ve named him Terry – but it turns out he’s acquired a taste for Pandoran flesh! I do hope I haven’t disrupted the delicate ecosystem of Pandora by introducing a new species… Ah, pish-posh! At least they’re tiny buggers!

What if the tales of Jack’s terrible deeds, as they’re passed along from person to person, generation to generation over the decades eventually become so exaggerated and convoluted (”he used to drink the blood of children to stop himself from aging!” and shit like that) that it becomes difficult to separate the fact from the fiction and he becomes this legendary Pandoran boogeyman figure so like four-hundred years in the future you’ve got some mother telling her seven-year-old to eat their deep-fried skag or Handsome Jack will come into their room in the middle of the night and cut their face off to make a new mask for his collection

I would like to share something with you children.

I got a special borderlands loot chest (like, an actual loot chest, it arrived in a moon shot box signed from Handsome Jack) that had a bunch of shift codes, a goliath mask, wanted posters for all of the characters and a certificate of Authenticity, signed by Markus. It came packed with some crumpled up papers as packing. Two of them were posters, and the other two were pages from the Pandoran Gazette as seen below

Now, there were stories, want adds, sales adds aaaaaaand this

I wanted to share one of the specific Ask Doctor Tannis advice stories. (which I will not be scanning because the page is too big for my scanner, and it will be easier to read this way.)

Dear Doctor Tannis,

I have heard you are acquainted with the Vault Hunter known as ‘Zer0.’ I have been meaning to ask- that’s not really his true name, is it? Hell, maybe Zer0 isn’t even a ‘he’ Do you have any details on this mysterious figure?

                      -Curious in Old Haven

Dear curious,

I am indeed acquainted with the towering stack of leather and poorly-written poetry that so many refer to as ‘Zer0.′ As you have correctly noted, ‘Zer0′ is not the Vault Hunter’s true name. Zer0′s actual name and gender are (CONTINUED ON PAGE 9)

Guess what page there isn’t.

if you guessed page nine, you would be correct.

Gearbox, you guys are assholes.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: when rhys was first seen in tales from the borderlands, it looks like he was holding a ECHOcomm, which likely means he had a message from someone on there. we know he was looking for fiona because the first thing he did was call her name while trying to find her, and when the stranger appeared, rhys' initial thought was that the stranger was fiona in a radiation suit. the stranger doesn't look anything like fiona in body shape and size, so rhys must have genuinely expected to see her there, and ONLY her. that means he must've thought the message that brought him there was sent by fiona. despite being hopeful when searching for her, with the "we can work this out" comment, hopefully assuming they could set their differences aside and be friends again, his instinctual reaction when he is finally brought to her is to be bitter and spiteful towards her, calling her "no class, scheming, pandoran scum". what did the message say that brought him there to reunite with fiona?? why did rhys' attitude change so much in the short time between finding the stranger (and wanting to "work this out" with fiona) and finding fiona (and basically hating her)?? Help Me
headcanon: pandoran day cycles

Given that a Pandoran day cycle is confirmed at (over) 90 hours, I like to assume that most humans try their best to stick to a sleep schedule more befitting of a 24 hour day cycle (in this case, it’s closer to 23 hours per “day.”) 

Granted, Borderlands is obviously in an unspecified future, so there’s always the chance that humans have adjusted to more efficient cycles that could be adapted to strange cycles like the one on Pandora.

HOWEVER, assuming people generally still adhere to an 8 hour sleep cycle, then breaking down a Pandoran day could be done as follows:

  • 15 hours of dawn/morning light (awake)
  • 8 hours of morning light (sleeping)
  • 15 hours of midday light (awake)
  • 8 hours of daylight (sleeping)
  • 15 hours of dusk light (awake)
  • 8 hours of evening (sleeping)
  • 15 hours of night (awake)
  • 8 hours of night (sleeping)

That comes out to a 92 hour day cycle. Given Tannis says “over” 90 hours, tacking on a couple of hours to round it out isn’t too farfetched.

Now, of course, this is the ideal breakdown. The fact of the matter is that most Pandorans likely can’t adhere to an ideal sleep cycle because it’s simply not possible - some might stay awake for an entire wake-sleep cycle or more, or even try to run the whole 90 hour day without sleeping at all. It depends entirely upon their individual situations and whether or not they’re in any inherent danger that would prevent them from settling into a normal sleep pattern.

I imagine this sort of cycle is more commonly practiced in civilized areas such as Sanctuary and New Haven. And even then, there are plenty of people who skew it and might sleep during times when others are awake, and vice versa. Some won’t even bother trying to adapt their sleep schedule to fit perfectly in the 92 hour cycle - they’ll just sleep for 8 hours at a time whenever they feel it prudent to do so.

After the Avatar movie came out, there was a lot of sad talk going around that our planet doesn’t have nearly the wondrous beauty that the fictional planet Pandora has on the big screen.  I think folks were having a hard time seeing the beauty around them, especially urban areas.  Well Rooth had the idea to show that wonder is relative!  A resident of Pandora (Rooth’s character Cinnamon on the left) might think our towering glowing cities are exotic and beautiful, just as Rooth'Ragon (on the right) would see the Pandoran forest the same way.  A really fun commission concept to work on, stretched my skills a bit and learned new things on the city side of the illustration, and was luxuriously fun and satisfying to paint on the forest side!

35 hours in PS6 with an Intuos 3 tablet

With this completed, I am currently OPEN for commissions to fill some space on my queue!  Please see my journal on Weasyl for details.