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Alec and max headcanons because I just finished rereading CoG :'(

alec/max headcanons and they’re all happy to balance the whole ‘incident’ in COG

  • He’s not sure how it happened, but Alec’s sitting on max’s floor, leaning against the edge of the bed while Max is sitting cross legged in front of him, trying to explain the ‘art of superheroing’. He has comics sprawled everywhere occasionally crawling up to Alec to show him a specific hero or weapon (”wouldn’t it be cool if this weapon was real” or “if had this fighting demons would be so easy”). Alec plays along, asking him about other heroes and gets excited when he learns that there are heroes who use archery as their primary weapon. Max starts babbling about trivia and demonstrating their superpowers like pretending to fly or pretending shoot beams out of his hands and Alec starts grinning because Max looks hilarious when he’s fighting an invisible enemy and not before long Alec’s grabbing the blanket off of the bed and draping it over his shoulders, like a cape. He’s pretending to fly around the room with Max, acting villainous, cackling dramatically and wriggling his eyebrows. Max has grabbed a towel from the floor to be his own cape, chasing Alec around, as if Max were superman. It’s a while before they end up collapsing in sheer exhaustion, laughing wildly and before long they’re sprawled along the floor with the comics around them, regaining their breaths.

“you know Alec you’re my favourite superhero.”

“I’m no superhero, I don’t have superpowers.” 

“You’re my superhero.”

  • MAX COMPARING ALEC TO HAWKEYE OR GREEN ARROW AND WHEN ALEC’S TRAINING MAX SITS ALONG THE SIDELINES COMMENTATING ON ALEC’S SKILLS BY CALLING HIM BY THE SUPERHERO NAMES (aka “Hawkeye hits another bullseye” “Max stop calling me that I don’t even know who that-” “he’s a superhero who uses a bow and arrow just like you” *an another arrow hits the target* “Green arrow’s at it again” “but you just called me-” “Green arrow’s another superhero who uses archery, you see there’s different universes-”)
  • Alec always wakes up in imaginarily early, showering before heading to the kitchen, droplets of water dripping from his wet hair to his nose, before turning on the coffee pot and waiting for the sweet aroma to fill the air. He hears feet paddling against the floor, and curiously he looks over to see his youngest brother rubbing his eyes and pulling himself onto a chair, sitting at the counter in the middle of the room. 

“Mornin’ Alec.”

“Max, what are you doing awake this early?”

“I figured I’d try it out since you like to do it so often.” He yawned, his eyes squinting shut. “It’s not that much fun.”

Alec laughed. “Go back to sleep.” Coffee had just finished dripping into the mug and he took a spectacular gulp of the scalding liquid, wincing when it burned his throat.

“But I can’t now Alec, I’m awake.” Max whined. “And I’m hungry and Izzy isn’t here to force feed me. Can you make breakfast?” Max smiled lightly. “I promise I won’t say anything about comics or anime or anything.”

Alec grinned. “Fine, but only because I don’t want you to starve.” He shuffled through the cupboards before pulling out a bag of mix. “You feeling pancakes this morning?”

“Is that even a question? Can you put chocolate chips in them, please Alec! Mom never does when she makes them.”

“Chocolate pancakes are my speciality.”

Max said nothing and Alec looked over to make sure Max hadn’t fallen asleep. His brows dipped in confusion when he realized that Max was just staring at him, looking like he was glowing. 

Alec frowned. “What?”

“Nothing, you’re just in a good mood this morning. I like when you’re in a good mood.”

“It’s probably the coffee.”

Another pause of silence. Alec began mixing the ingredients together, cracking eggs and adding milk. 

“So.” Max suggested mischievously. “How’s Magnus?”

Alec spluttered. “What?”

“Magnus? Your boyfriend? I know you’re dating, sometimes Izzy talks about it.”

Alec internally curses his big mouthed sister, stirring the ingredients rougher than necessary. His bit his cheek, unable to form a coherent response. 

“I like him.” Max grinned. 

Alec whirled around, gaping. “But-But you haven’t even met him.”

“You smile a lot more because of him.”

Alec turned back towards the bowl, blushing furiously, mumbling. “I do not.”

“Yeah you do. And you make me chocolate pancakes even though sugar’s bad for my teeth.”

“Are you trying to convince me to not make you pancakes?”

“He’s a warlock, it’s so cool that you’re dating a warlock. Does he do fun magic tricks for you?”

“Uh, no-I don’t know.” Alec muttered. “He heals me sometimes.”

“You should bring him over, he looks exactly like this one character in my anime. He’s a boy who wears make up too. And really bright clothing. I think Magnus would like.” 

Alec as pouring the batter onto a pot on the stove, the smile on Max’s face felt infectious and Alec felt one growing on himself.

“Yeah, I think he’d like that.”

  • Max being protective of Alec and defending him wholeheartedly whenever he hears a shadowhunter talk bad about him/making rude comments about Alec being gay. 
  • Max giving Magnus the talk:

Magnus wasn’t planning on running into the youngest Lightwood, but Alec had just finished sparring with Jace and insisted on showering before leaving for their date. Magnus had been lazily wafting around the institute when a small head of brown hair came careening past the corner, almost bumping into the warlock. His eyes widened dramatically.

“You’re that warlock!”

“I suppose that could be me, but they’re a lot of us out there.”

“I mean.” He blushed slightly, reminding Magnus of a another Lightwood he adored. “That you’re the one dating my brother.”

“Guilty as charged.”

Suddenly Max stood straighter, the embarrassed blush melting off of his face, as he heaved his chest out as if he was trying to intimidate the warlock. “What are your intentions with my brother?”

Magnus’s eyes bugged out of his head, he had gotten this from Isabelle. He had not been expecting to get another from a different Lightwood. “What?”

“If you hurt my brother, you better not, but if you hurt him, me and Church are going to come after you. And Church is vicious. And if that’s not scary enough, just wait until I’m a full grown, trained shadowhunter. I’ll know how to carry weapons and use them.”

Magnus would have burst out laughing if not for the underlying tones of concern and relentlessness clouded in Max’s wide eyes. He crouched down, making sure Max was focussing on him. “I promise I’m not going to hurt your brother. I really like him. And I think he likes me too.”

“He does.” Max murmured. “He talks a lot more after he’s seen you. And he laughs and smiles and even makes jokes. One time he made me chocolate pancakes and he never lets me eat sweets. They’re bad for my teeth.”

Magnus smiled victoriously as if he had just won the entire world. He knew that Alec liked him, but Alec was always shy with his emotions and speaking them out that this confirmation from his brother was gold. 

“Really? You don’t know how happy that-”

“Magnus?” A voice darted out from the hallway. “Max? What are you two doing?”

“Just chatting, darling.” Magnus pecked a small kiss against Alec’s cheek and Max saw the furious red fall on his brothers face.

Max figured he’s give them some space. “It was nice meeting your boyfriend Alec.” He waved lightheartedly. “Have fun on your date.”

He turned before he could hear his brother respond, a wide smile drawing across his face.

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