pandora peters

Sirius Black, taken by Remus Lupin, 1981.

“Come on, Pads. Come inside.”
“She loved rain. She used to try and drag me outside to dance in it, but I’d never do it.”
“I’d give anything…anything, for just one dance.”

Hogsmeade Date: [1974] Peter/Pandora

So, it was the day, the day of Hogsmeade, the day of the date. Oh, bloody Merlin, he was nervous. So, nervous that he was rehearsing things to say to Pandora, things he could talk about. He tried to be good though, he had never really been on a date, he had never really had great dating advice. 

He soon managed to let the others go and he made his way into a small florist in Hogsmeade, he paid for a small bunch of roses and then proceeded to the Three Broomsticks. Peter couldn’t help but notice the gaggling group of Slytherin’s heading towards Zonkos, he was just glad they hadn’t seen him and potentially ruined Pan’s roses… He may have to punch them for that. 

Pete stood outside waiting, wearing his best clothes that wasn’t a suit. A simple pair of dark trousers, a tweed sweater vest and a light blue shirt. He couldn’t help but look at many of the other students focking the scene, Hogsmeade was great, there wasn’t one sour face.