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Dangerous Curiosity

Request from Anon:  this is a request maybe for later idk!!!! a one-shot where pan gets ahold of Pandora’s box, hearing of the powerful being inside, aka the reader, who’s been trapped for many thousand years….desire and fascination ensue….

Note: Not sure if this is exactly what anon had in mind but I hope you all enjoy it :)

Peter Pan x Evil!Reader

Words: 1642

Warnings: A little bit of violence and some smutty behaviour. (Last GIF used in this piece should probably be classed as NSFW)

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

Pandora’s box. An item that had held so much mystery behind it for centuries, maybe even going on millennia, and a source of unimaginable power that drove even the kindest people to end the lives of anyone who prevented them from obtaining it. Yet even now there was no written record of anyone having witnessed the being that lay trapped inside of it. So many people had tried to discover it but each one of them had failed in their attempts.


An incredible source of power and it had chosen to end up in the hands of the King of Neverland himself…..Peter Pan. Of course he would believe that he had managed to come across the box himself but that wasn’t how it worked…the being that resided within in chose who ‘found’ them very carefully. If they were to end up in the wrong hands then all hell could break loose. No, only those who were deemed ‘worthy’ enough had the chance to feel the heaviness of the box in their hands and should they manage to keep it in their possession long enough their eyes would soon behold what lay inside.

Someone was yet to accomplish that task and Pan was determined that it was going to be him.

“Peter Pan…..”

Every time the box was within his grasp he heard the angelic voice calling out to him, increasing his curiosity in the ancient artefact, but right now as he sat by the flickering flames of the campfire the voice was speaking out to him more and more. His sharp green eyes were transfixed on the markings that decorated it as he wondered just how he was going to get it to open for him.

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Sirius Black, taken by Remus Lupin, 1981.

“Come on, Pads. Come inside.”
“She loved rain. She used to try and drag me outside to dance in it, but I’d never do it.”
“I’d give anything…anything, for just one dance.”

Imagine stealing Pandora's Box with Peter still in it...

The bell rings out in the small shop as you slowly push it open. Looking around there’s no one in sight so you slip through the doorway and look around. You don’t know exactly what you’re looking for but something drew you into Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop so you wander around, running your fingers along the glass casing and picking up random items. But as you approach the counter a painting catches your attention.

The safe couldn’t be more obvious from behind the picture as you walk over and remove it from its position on the wall. You can tell that the silver safe is enchanted with Gold’s magic but that doesn’t mean it can’t be opened. Hesitantly you reach your hand out and graze the surface of it, waiting to be shocked or poofed into oblivion. But nothing happened. You didn’t understand it you took advantage of the situation as you place your palm flat on the face of the box. Focusing all your energy into the box you hear a click as the dial turns and the door swings open. This was all too easy and something wasn’t right but that slipped your mind as you found what you were looking for. A small dark box with a red orb like piece protruding from the top. Pandora’s box immediately came to mind and you look around before snatching it and putting everything back the way you found it, shutting the safe and placing the painting over it. But little did you know, you were being watched, and you weren’t aware of what forces you’d let out if you opened that box. The bell lightly chimed again as you exit the shop and dash across the street, box in pocket. You run to the woods and continue on until you come to a clearing, knowing that you are alone. The red orb called out to you as you carefully set the box down and waved your hand over it. A red mist swirls around the box, dissipating to reveal a boy glad in green and brown with enchanting green eyes sitting there in its place. “Ah you must be the demon boy, I’ve heard whispers about you.” You smirk as your black t-shirt sticks to you as the humidity rises. “And you must be quite stupid, you have no idea what you’ve just released.” His dark smirk overpowers yours but you stand your ground with your hands on your hips. He doesn’t scare you, he should but you know better than to let your senses go haywire in any case of danger. “Oh I know perfectly well what you’re capable of and I need a favor.” You step a few feet closer and look into his eyes, letting him know that you’re all business. “And why would I do that?” Peter crosses his arms and bends down to meet your eyes. “Because by now Rumpelstiltskin will know that the box is missing and have called the whole group to come and stop the both of us but all I need is just one favor and you can be out of here in a second.” tapping his chin in mock thought he nods allowing you to continue. “Take me to Neverland thats all I need you don’t even have to talk to me, look at me, or hear from me. I’ll stay away from you and the boys but I can’t stay here anymore.” Your senses kick in as you can feel the group approaching and you can tell Peter and feel it too. “Sounds like a deal, but I would be a shame to having you living on the big scary island alone.” Pan takes your hand and you disappear in a puff of green smoke, being transported to a wooden deck. The familiar deck is known to the town as Killian’s beloved ship the Jolly Roger and one way to Neverland. “What are we here for?” You ask as Peter allows the ship to be picked up into the air. “I don’t see any beans laying around so I think this would be the best bet to Neverland sweetheart.” And you’re off, flying through the air into the navy blue sky and soon the shape of the island is fully in view. As soon as your feel hit the soft sands of the magical island you take off into the green forest not waiting for Peter. You’ve been waiting for this moment for too long to let him hold you back. So as you leap over fallen trunks and through the creepers lacing over some of the darker paths you feel the sense of freedom you’ve never had before. But all good moments must come to an end because Peter blocks your path causing you to skid to a stop. “What? I told you as long as I’m on the island you won’t have to worry about me.” He laughs and throws his arm around my shoulder. “And I told you that that would be a shame, you’re staying with the lost boys. It’s the least I could do for you getting me out of that damn box.” You unwrap yourself from his side and smile genuinely. “Sounds great but I challenge you to a race, and no magic involved.” You wink as you take off with no warning and you can hear him laughing amusedly on your tail.

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