pandora hearts volume covers


These covers of the remaining PH volumes are so amazing!! It’s funny, the entire fandom already had discussed about Alice getting one of the covers and then SHE GETS BOTH!! I find them so pretty, the “ancient” and the “current” Alice.
But even more beautiful is the cover of the last official guide!! Our beloved OT3!! It reminds me so much in the ending of the last retrace and in how Gil, Oz and Alice were finally reunited. Sorry, this moves my heart way too much, I’m happy about this outcome, it’s amazing!! Thanks, MochiJun!!


Pandora Hearts Volume 21&22 Cover + Pandora Hearts 16-17, 19-20, 22 Special Edition Volume Cover + Pandora Hearts Caucus Race Volume 1-3 Cover


Pandora Hearts Volumes 15-21 Character Chairs