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I’ve been feeling a lot of angsty Ozbert feels lately always so when I saw that today’s prompt for Pandora Hearts Positivity Month was “love” I knew just what I had to do.

Beside You *updated version*

An Ozbert fanmix separated into three parts:

Part I: Longing (Gil as he waits for Oz to return)

i. Kodaline- All I Want

ii. Halsey- Ghost

iii. Tove Lo- Habits

iv. Sam Smith- Stay With Me

v. Mumford and Sons- I Will Wait

vi. Christina Perri- A Thousand Years

Part II: Lust (Gil surrendering to his desires after Oz returns)

vii. Troye Sivan- Touch

viii. Hozier- Take Me to Church

ix. alt-J- Every Other Freckle

Part III: Love (or, Together)

x. Metric- The Shade

xi. Milky Chance- Stolen Dance

xii. Vance Joy- Fire and the Flood

xiii. Sleeping at Last- Light

xiv. John Legend- All of Me

xv. City and Colour- The Girl (Oz’s pov)

xvi. Soko- We Might Be Dead Tomorrow

xvii. Thrice- A Song For Milly Michaelson

Listen Here

you know, I probably wouldn’t mind having to listen to ads on pandora if they played a greater variety of them instead of playing the same ones every 5 minutes. if I have to hear the phrase ‘fresh foam zante’ or have some guy named mike read me a haiku about the wish app one more time I’m going to throw my phone out the window

spicy-squid  asked:

So I have a story: when I got SoundCloud you were the first person I subscribed to because of all of your Undertale stuff. I saw you had a song with an anime character I didn't know of so I shrugged it off. Jump cut to the future and my friend got me into Danganronpa (Mondo and Ishimaru being my favorite characters). I just learned today that you have a Twitter and a Tumblr. I saw something linked to SoundCloud and realized that it's the first profile I ever subscribed to. Now I'm freaking out.

My old roommate still flips his lid every so often because - despite being miles and miles away when on Army deployment - he will manage to hear my voice via a Pandora or radio ad and proceed to loudly curse me out among his squadmates for not being able to truly escape me.


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tell us abt the condom commercial, share your pain

It was a pandora ad where this couple was shopping for condoms and they were whispering and the cashier was like “it’s ok you don’t need to whisper condoms aren’t embarrassing” and they were like “no no we’re not whispering we lost our voices” and I crave death

a short story by moi (part two)


(Baby Harry is now 1 year old; Marlene is due to have Remus and Sirius’s baby at the end of the month; Remus and Sirius are finalising the plans for their wedding which they plan to celebrate on November 2nd)

Sirius and Remus helped Marlene up the few steps that lead up to James and Lily’s front door in the cute little village of Godric’s Hollow. Remus looked around at the dark garden, a smile growing on his pink lips.

“It really is lovely here,” he said, running his finger over the leaf of a particularly pretty plant. “Babe, could we have a house like this after BabyPads is born? I’d love for it to grow up in the country, with all of the fresh, open air. It’d be good for my monthly burden too. What do you think?”

“I think that sounds like a purely splendid idea, honey,” Sirius replied, smiling, just as the door swung open, and James appeared with Harry on his shoulders.

“Hey, guys! Come in!” he said, jumping out of the way.

“Come in!” Harry repeated excitedly, wobbling on James’s shoulders. Lily appeared in the kitchen doorway and rushed towards James, an anxious look on her pretty face.

“James! How many times have I asked you not to put Harry on your shoulders? I’m worried he’s going to fall off! Pass him here…” she cried exasperatedly, moving out of Marlene’s way as Sirius helped her into the living room. Remus hung around, making silly faces at Harry while his parents argued harmlessly.

“Oh, come on, Lil! We’re only playing! He’s perfectly safe up here anyway!”

A ginger cat streaked through Lily’s legs and bolted for the door.

“No, Crookshanks!” Lily gasped, lurching forward and swinging the door shut before the cat could escape. She sighed and returned to the kitchen, shaking her head at James and Harry as she went.

“Mama cross.” Harry said, covering his dad’s eyes with his chubby hands. James laughed and lifted Harry off of his shoulders. He passed him to Remus and swept away into the kitchen after his wife. Remus set Harry down on the floor and let Harry wrap his fat fingers around his own index finger.

“Come on, Harry, can you walk for Moony?” he asked, taking a step forward.

“I walk.” Harry mumbled, trying to put his left foot down on the floor. Lily glided into the room from the kitchen, with four glasses of champagne and one glass of ginger beer levitating in front of her. She was carrying a large bowl containing salty nachos with side-bowls of guacamole, salsa and sour cream.

Remus passed Harry to Sirius, who bounced him on his lap as he talked to Marlene. Lily beckoned for Sirius to pass Harry to her, and he did as he was told. Lily sat Harry down in front of her and fed him leftover cheesy pasta from the night before.

“I’m so excited.” Sirius breathed, watching Harry and Lily. “I can’t wait to have my own.”

“Not long now…” Marlene smiled, rubbing her belly. “I’m really glad I chose to do this for you two.”

“So are we.” said Remus, beaming at Marlene. “I don’t know where we’d be now if you had declined.”

“We certainly wouldn’t be this happy,” Sirius nodded, leaning forward and kissing Marlene on the cheek. “Thank you so much.”

“Of course,” she reached for a nacho, and felt a great surge in her stomach. She frowned and pushed herself up off the sofa.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Marlene replied delicately. “I think I just need to go to the toilet. Excuse me…”

Everybody else waited patiently for a few minutes. The only sound was Harry chewing on his pasta or Sirius crunching down on nachos. When a loud shriek came from the bathroom, everybody leaped up and rushed to help Marlene. Lily grabbed Harry, who clung to his bowl of pasta.

“Marlene?” Sirius yelled to the door. “What’s wrong? Why did you shriek?”

There was a click as the door unlocked, and then it opened slowly, revealing Marlene. She stared at them, afraid.

“My waters just broke.” she said. “The baby’s coming early.”

“WHAT?” Remus screamed in a panic. Sirius, Remus and James all began freaking out, which lead to Harry crying. Lily passed Harry to James to calm him down while she took Marlene’s hand calmly and lead her outside.

“Okay, we’re going to take you to the hospital, and you’re going to have this baby. Okay?”

Marlene nodded. “Okay.”

They all got into the car that Lily’s parents had gotten her for her twentieth birthday and drove to the nearest hospital. The doctors refused to allow anyone into the ward whilst Marlene was in labour, since none of them were here family, but they eventually gave in after Marlene screamed at them to let “the people that are actually raising this child” into the room. Remus and Sirius stood on either side of Marlene while she was giving birth, holding each other her hands and letting her squeeze as hard as she needed to.

When the baby was finally born, the doctor lifted it up and showed it to the exhausted trio. “It’s a girl!”

Marlene sighed with relief and continued to pant breathlessly. Remus and Sirius launched themselves into the air with exhilaration, causing the doctor holding their new baby girl to step back cautiously. He passed it to Remus, who gave it to Marlene whole-heartedly.

“You made that,” he said, looking at her and Sirius benevolently. “She’s beautiful.”

Marlene held the newborn baby girl close to her chest. The baby screeched and wailed, but it was bearable because it was beautiful.

“What should we call her?” Sirius asked a few minutes later after the baby had fed. The baby gasped and Sirius cooed at her. Marlene passed her to him as she thought about all of the names they had come up with. Remus moved to Sirius’s side and put his arm around him, his hand snaking around Sirius’s body and touching their baby girl’s tiny foot.

“She’s so beautiful. Our daughter.” he said, a tear leaking from his eye. “She’s going to be wonderfully weird and weirdly wonderful. She’s going to be curious about everything and will never hesitate to ask questions. She’ll be the brightest witch of her age and the damn prettiest. She’ll be the most spoilt girl in Hogwarts but she’ll still be grateful for everything she ever receives. I’m going to love her so much. I’m going to love her with my whole heart.”

He kissed Sirius proudly and then looked back at his new daughter. “I can’t look away, babe, she’s just the most amazing thing.”

“Pandora.” Sirius said. “That’s what we’ll call her. Because she’s wonderful, and beautiful, and we can’t look away.”

“I love it!” Marlene exclaimed. 

Remus looked at his fiancé and grinned. “I love it, too.”

“Excuse me, would you like to allow your friends in now?” A doctor bustled over and asked Marlene, who nodded hurriedly.

Sirius looked at his daughter again, immensely proud of himself. “Pandora,” he and Remus said at the same time.

“Pandora Lupin-Black.” Marlene added as Lily, James and Harry flew into the room. Remus and Sirius looked up and beamed at Marlene, their hearts melting and cheeks turning red as roses.

It was perfect.



Reasons why I want a Pandora Hearts anime reboot:

  • The manga is almost over now so they have no excuse to drop it half-way with a shitty ending
  • The manga is amazing and deserves an amazing anime
  • More Leo and Elliot screen-time
  • Better animation (hopefully)

Reasons why I don’t want a Pandora Hearts anime reboot:

  • The Humpty Dumpty Arc
  • Leo
  • Elliot
  • PAIN