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Oh. Songs from my younger days … . Good tunes to push through today’s workout. I’ll be gone most of the afternoon so I knew I had to get up and get going if I was gonna get a good workout in. Intervals on the treadmill today with alternating inclines, as well. I am already seeing a higher calorie burn from adding in the inclines so I’m pretty happy about. It is so hard for me to get a big burn without running. Soon running and I will be reunited! So, 2.25 miles this morning and then a whole set of push-up variations too. 2 sets of 10 each: incline, decline, tricep, and standard push-ups.

Today will also be a yoga day but I won’t have time to fit that in until after dinner. Get your Monday workout on, Tumblr friends!!

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🌹: Ship that you have as an OTP

GAAHHH honestly I can’t choose just one. It’s impossible. So yeah I’ll give you a small list ;w;

Albatross, LuClau, Nezushi, Ozbert, Originalshipping/Namelessshipping, Diodeshipping, Klance, NaLu, EdHei, GreedLing, KeroFuyu, Yatori, HaruTaka, and SoMa!

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Headcannons for the paladins+Allura and Coran reacting to their s/o getting frustrated with Pandora/Spotify ads


  • He’s super confused at first because his s/o suddenly looks super agitated and he doesn’t know why.
  • When they explained why they were frustrated, he’d give them a sympathetic look.


  • Spotify? Pandora? What are those?
  • He honestly has no idea what’s going on so he doesn’t really know what to do?


  • He’d jokingly ask what was wrong with them.
  • After they explained, he joins them in their frustration because he’s had to deal with those ads one too many times.


  • He kind of thinks they’re overreacting, but seeing them frustrated over something so simple is cute.
  • He tries to calm them down a little, but it’s a half-hearted attempt.


  • First of all, how the frick did you managed to get it to work? You’re billions of miles away from earth and as far as they know, there’s no wifi here of cell service here.
  • They know how it feels, and they’d comfort their s/o, or at least try to.


  • She’d be a little confused and would ask her s/o about it.
  • She doesn’t really understand, but she still tries to comfort her s/o anyway.


  • He’d do his best to make his s/o laugh because he doesn’t like seeing them upset.
  • He’d ask the paladins what Pandeora and Spotify were later to see if he could help his s/o.

- Admin A

i fucking love all the pandora ads when i’m trying to sleep and i have my ambient new age piano channel on and then the home invasion protection ads start and a fucking alarm goes off in the ad

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Can you tell us some more about the non-binary characters here, as well as the trans characters?

Absolutely, anon, I’m so glad you asked! For non-binary characters, we have Florence Gamp, Merywyn Finwick, and Xenophilius Lovegood.  Florence is a pureblood Slytherin alum, and is actually a canon character in HP, though we made the decision to make them non-binary. They are a non-marked Death Eater, and the partner of Death Eater supporter Mateo Ortega. Merwyn is a Hufflepuff alum and a muggleborn, and like Florence is also a canon character, known for their Quidditch career! Xenophilius is a halfblooded Ravenclaw alum, and of course many of us know Xeno from their appearance in the Harry Potter series. Though Xenophilius in canon is not non-binary, we decided that the label really fit their character, which is why we made them non-binary in this roleplay. Added bonus, Pandora (future mother of Luna Lovegood) is currently taken, and would love to have Xeno around! And then of course we have Selina Sapworthy, a Gryffindor alum and muggleborn, portrayed by the talented and amazing Amandla Stenberg! Selind is a famous author in the Harry Potter world, and renowned herbologist.  

For transgender characters, we currently only have Isabelle Drysdale as the only canon one– she is a Ravenclaw alum, mtf transgender, and a werewolf, portrayed by the exceptionally talented Jamie Clayton! She has an older brother, and really her goal in all of this is just to find who she is and become accepting of that. 

Mind that we only have one non-binary character currently taken, and I personally would adore to see more of these lovely and amazing characters taken! Please consider checking them out, and if you have any more questions, I am here and happy to answer!