cute songs to listen to if you have a crush on someone

1. something - gnash

2. 4u - blackbear

3. closer - the chainsmokers // halsey

4. girls like U - blackbear

5. flawless - the neighborhood

6. trampoline - the unlikely candidates 

7. training wheels - melanie martinez

8. something real - blackbear

9. first day of my life - gnash // goody grace

10. peach - the front bottoms

🎃💜👻🔪🍭HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!🎃💜👻🔪🍭

Hope you had a devilish day!

I just wanted to say that even though we started posting Devil’s Candy on the 19th 2014, I think Halloween marks a good anniversary for us. So hooray! We’ve lasted 2 whole years! And so much awesome support!!! YEEEEE! You guys are so great it’s spooky. Anyway, look forward to more new stuff from us (including a shop) this coming month!💜💜💜