HEiiiii. Eli TeiniSusi ryhmää kasailtais jo hyvissä ajoin ensi kesäDesuun. 

Hahmoja on nyt vasta:

Scott (Fightingwerewolves)

Stiles (Sparklestiles)

Derek (  )

Deucalion (Pandoopato)

Hahmot ollaan tekemässä season 3 style. 

Kaikki vapaat hahmot otetaan avosylin vastaan!

anonymous asked:

That picture of John with the hedgehog on his shoulder is just the most adorable and beautiful thing ever.

We think so too <3 

No but our John is the most cutest ever with the most silliest faces. Our Molly says that we ought to create a blog just for those silly faces because they are the best, not even kidding <3 

- IA / Johanna

Rule 1: Post the rules.

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1. how are you today?

i’m good :) really really really tired but when wouldn’t i be long have you been on tumblr?

little over a year, i think i started in july 2011 you write fics?

hahahahaa no….. like i’d know how 

4.cats or dogs?


5.favourite tv show


6.your OTP


7.favourite band

i don’t really have a favorite band ‘cause the bands i listen to change like in every six months or less :) right now i’m listening to Fun. , the hunger games soundtrack and mumford and sons 

8.where do you think you would be right now if you had never found tumblr?

i don’t know… what do normal people even do?? seriously how do they spend their time song ever?

carry on my wayward sooon, there’ll be peace when you’re dooone, lay your very head to reeest, don’t you cry no more 

10.cake or ice cream?

ice cream

11.favorite Harry Potter film?

probably prizoner of azkaban

1.what do you fear the most?

2.who is your favorite actor?

3.what is your favorite movie?

4.what is the most  embarrassing memory you have?

5.what is your favorite holiday?

6.favorite animal ?

7. coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

8. pokemon or adventure time?

9. favorite book?

10. what is the most boring movie you have ever seen?

11. do you have any hobbies 

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okey i tagged 7 people and that shall be enough because i’m tired as fuck and i want to go to sleep

e995y asked:

Heeey, did you aknow that Olivia Poulet's FB was hacked and that video of Benedict dancing(Thriller!batch) was downloaded in youtube and it was ment to be a private vid but Olivia said that if people won't download it/make any gif's/use it in anyways she won't delete it? So I just thought that it would be good that people who use those gifs know what is behind it and think again wether they want to use it or not since we're quite good fans and it was a private vid. I'm not telling you to ...

Oh, I had no idea! Thanks for letting me know. :-) I won’t use it again. And thanks for being nice about it.