Steampunk Tinkerbell Cosplay

Fabricator: Firefly Path

Cosplayer/Model: Madeline Masquerade 


Photographer: EPBOT

I’ve been seeing this photo going around multiple facebook pages and tumblrs with no credit to the model and/or fabricator. A few blogs have even gone so far as to remove the photographer’s watermark. I thought I’d repost it with proper credit, as stealing images is not cool.

When I was in Disney World last week, I was told this by a Cast Member as she was monogramming “Neverland” on Peter Pan Hat.

She heard this from Peter Pan herself:

The second star to the right is, of course, Neverland. 

The first star to the right, or first to the left, is Wonderland.

And the second star to the left is Evangeline. (From the Princess & the Frog)

Just a little Disney fun fact.

That Beautiful Moment

That beautiful moment when you Disneybound as Peter Pan and then Peter Pan singles you out during the parade and points and waves and mouths “I know you,” and you just swell with pride and grin so much your face hurts and try not to blush too hard.