When I was in Disney World last week, I was told this by a Cast Member as she was monogramming “Neverland” on Peter Pan Hat.

She heard this from Peter Pan herself:

The second star to the right is, of course, Neverland. 

The first star to the right, or first to the left, is Wonderland.

And the second star to the left is Evangeline. (From the Princess & the Frog)

Just a little Disney fun fact.

eastofkensington: it is with great pride that we announce ‘east of kensington’ has been accepted to short of the week.

the film is now available for online viewing:

for all of those who have followed and supported this project, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. we could not have made this film with out and it brings us great pride to share it with everyone now.

please enjoy. feel free to send us your feedback. share the film with your friends. the greatest gift anyone could give a group of lost boy and girl filmmakers is to the share the work they’ve poured their hearts into.

goodbyes are not forever. 

- eok team