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Wanda’s first birthday after everything. Or if that’s too sad, Vision’s first birthday ever.

How about both?

This turned out a lot longer than I expected but HERE YOU GO M’DEAR

hope that Slovak works

“I don’t understand,” Said vision, looking down at the candle-bearing cupcake and wrapped packages lying on the table.

“It’s your birthday!” Clint smiled at him. “One year old, to the day,” He gave him a noogie, regretted it, and rubbed at his sore knuckles.

“Oh,” Said Vision, still a bit perplexed. He was aware that humans celebrated the anniversary of each others’ births, but he was unaware that his teammates would see his as worth celebrating. “I had lost track of the day,” which was actually true.

“They grow up so fast,” Natasha reminisced to Steve, who nodded in mock somberness.

“Gonna be walking and talking, soon,” The Captain shook his head fondly.

“Avengers, squish,” Tony shoved himself in front of Vision and held out his phone. The other avengers smashed into the frame with various faces and smiles, “You too, birthday boy,” Tony said, and Vision seemed to snap out of his thoughts, flashing a smile. (Everyone else noticed but said nothing when the sight made Wanda smile a bit wider, too). Tony took a few selfies and the group dissolved. While Sam quietly teased Wanda and Wanda smacked him away, Tony was tapping at his screen. “Hashtag one year old, hashtag baby of the fam, hashtag ain’t no party like a ‘venger’s party, hashtag the viz.” He put his phone away. “Congratulations, you are now instagram famous. My birthday gift to you,” He said, walking back behind Vision. “Just kidding, this is,” he tossed a box out onto the table.

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Alrighty, so continuing off the last ask, I got Ode to Joy, and the only words in that are - never mind there are actual words in this, they’re just in German. 

So now what came up is “A little less sixteen candles, a little more touch me” by fall out boy, which i haven’t heard in a really long time, and the two that stuck with me as I read the lyrics were   I confess, I messed up/Dropping “I’m sorry” like you’re still around   and   I don’t blame you for being you/But you can’t blame me for hating it 

The first lyric makes me think of myself, because I think that’s something I would think or say. The second makes me think of some of my interactions with other people, I don’t blame them for being them but can get annoyed anyway, which is something I’m overcoming