“In some ways, they have quite similar backgrounds. They both were abandoned. Hook was abandoned as a child, as well. They both have lived just to survive for themselves and make a life to suit themselves, and in a way, they’ve connected through that.” 

                       “You and I, we understand each other.”

He’s under a curse, his heart is out of his chest, yet, when Killian Jones looks at Emma Swan, it’s like he’s looking at the sun and the moon combined in one. He’s not in possession of his heart, he’s not capable of feeling technically yet, in this expression, his love for Emma is just everywhere, his expression is so soft, ttender, he loves her, it’s as simple as that. And yes, he does transpire even without a heart in his chest.

Killian Jones, ladies and gentlemen


In Emma and Hook, we’re given romantic leads who aren’t wide-eyed kids or adults who’ve never really loved before. Instead, we’re given a man who was driven to darkness and self-loathing because he lost his first love and a woman who was unable to believe anyone could love her after her first love left. We were shown all of that—not just told about it in passing. And by seeing just how damaged losing their first loves made Emma and Hook, we’re able to better appreciate just how monumental it is for them to decide to open their heart to the possibility of loving and being loved again.