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hey could you reccomend some tumblrs with good content (do not matter which fandom) and that are decent (like do no sexualize minors or supports rasism etc) basically non toxic people. thank you also my spelling is bad because english is my second langueg so im sorry if its hard to read and understand

Could you make a blog roll? ❤️

ps. your English is great. 

i’ll try to split it by group. I did this in a hurry but there are other blogs though. sorry I forgot. some of these blogs aren’t really that active 

my fave and most hated mutual: @kingdonghyun she’s trash but likable.

highlight/b2st: @highlight1219  @mykpassion  @halloweenpumkin @beastoids @b2st-nes

bap: @26byg @heongs @bap-ftw

my #1 big bang source: @thekoreanbigbang

infinite: @inpinitaize (also now youngmin trash ha) @woohyun-ssi @kimseongkyu

btob: @ddonggeun @jungilhoon @luxingjae @borntobeast (but also highlight)

bts @holdmehoseok @bwipsul (also post winner)

cnblue, n.flying and mark ha : @ceohan

dean/khh: @clubeskimo (SERIOUSLY one of my fave gif makers. gifs always look so nice) @groovyroom @onejaewon @streetrapshit @fy-jay-dok2 @jayfatuasian @seoulpimpin 

hotshot: @choigiraffe

ikon: @ikonis @bobhwa 

girl groups <3 @infinitblaq (and also n.flying but makes some of the best gifs out there)

knk: @lnsoeng @youjinslover

monsta x: @m-onstax  @song-gun-hee @madtwn @chiqkihyun

nuest: @kangbaeks (suchhhh good gifs)

pentagon : @pen1ag0n @yeo1

b1a4: @orange-sandeul

wanna 1: @minhwangs @minsbugi @swoojin @emperorhwangs 

zico: @nyaaaaaw

multifandom : @jiaerrs @yuhwan @alittlepessimistic (where are you?) @softsnuper @wow-pandastic-baby @caelvms @weirdawn @jeupstan  @localshutterbug @aceyng (i just started following them and I really like them!) @fatenumberfor  @atoms-abooty @kanqkyunqwon @rainyloneliness @eternalsquee @shineeworldvinla

Dates with seventeen!

a small imagine of my headcanons of how svt members would where they would go and how they would act on dates with their s/o~

·sleepover dates
-he bought matching pajamas the first time you slept over
-and it has a really cute pattern
-he even wanted to buy sleeping bags one time
-cuddles cuddles cuddles
-he loves stroking your hair while you cuddle
-both of you feel like time stopped when you’re like that
-did i mention cuddles
-tells you everything that’s on his mind, all his problems and insecurities
-takes care of you a lot
-somehow you end up having a pillow fight
-you go to sleep at 4am and wonder why you didn’t get enough sleep when you wake up

·mall dates
-you don’t even need to go shopping most of the time you just like to walk around there
-mostly because there’s a nice restaurant nearby
-doesn’t hold your hand that much but says “i love you” a lot
-let’s you play with his hair when you find somewhere to sit and rest a bit
-goes into toy stores to buy you teddy bears
-turns very protective if he sees other guys looking at you
-always insists to walk you home
-pinches your cheek a lot on the way home
-“i miss you already :(” texts almost immediately after you say bye to each other

joshua / jisoo
·breakfast dates
-he’d just appear in the morning you don’t even need to tell him to come over
-kisses you before saying “good morning love” the moment you open the door
-goes straight into the kitchen once you let him in so he could make breakfast
-usually it’s simple things like cereal or scrambled eggs
-hums wile making food
-you can’t help but smile while watching him
-while you two are eating he tends to concentrate on you instead of eating
-after you’re both done you’d settle on the sofa and watch tv
-or instead of that he’d sing to you
-usually takes you out somewhere afterwards for a proper date 

·zoo dates
-before you go there you always grab a bite somewhere near
-all the staff already knows you two
-you never get tired of all the animals there
-let’s you drag him around too see the animals you want first
-you two gave cute nicknames to almost every animal there
-except that one that you call jeff
-if there’s a crowd he’ll let you be in front of him so you can see the animals better while he rests his chin on your shoulder
-likes to kiss your cheek at those times
-hand around your waist most of the time
-tells you fun facts about the animals you’d be passing that moment
-likes to mess up your hair
-loves to take you to the aquarium section
-teases you that you look like a penguin
  “i do not”
-lame animal themed pick up lines and puns to make you laugh
  “You look pandastic today”
  “Junhui stop”
-gives you piggyback rides back to your place

hoshi / soonyoung
·practice room dates
-neither of you ever felt the need to go to some big fancy dates
-as long as you’re together it’s a date
-loves to teach you dances
-especially his jelly fish dance
-never in a bad mood as long as he’s with you
-you love to watch him dance
-“was i good?”
-sudden hug attacks
-eskimo kisses
-when he gets tired he loves to lay his head on you lap
-lets you play with his hair
-sometimes he’d fall asleep like that
-he’d wake up almost right away with a smile on his face because you’re the first thing he’d see
-makes up goofy dances to make you laugh
-you have to stop him from overworking most of the time
  “hey soonyoung let’s go eat something”
  “aaah alright~”

·reading dates
-libraries, your place, his place, the park, it doesn’t really matter to you two
-but most often it’s at your place
-you’d settle somewhere, find a nice book and read it
-if it’s cold you’d share a blanket
-he reads faster than you so he always waits until you’re done to flip the page
-while he’s waiting he stares at you
-not his zoning out stare but a loving one where he’d silently take in all your features
-loves when you run your fingers through his hair
-suggest breaks suddenly
  “let’s take a break before this chapter”
  “wait where are you going?”
-comes back with hot chocolate for the both of you
-continuing to read while slowly sipping on the warm drink
-he used to be really quiet and serious at the beginning but he became relaxed around you
-if he finishes the chocolate before you he’ll tell you to “look there” and drink from your cup
-doesn’t say “i love you” often but when he does he smiles shyly

woozi / jihoon
·studio dates
-at first you didn’t want to go to the studio with him because you didn’t want to distract him from his work
-he insisted you go with him
  “i’m more distracted when you’re not around”
-since then you accompany him there without worries
-always happy to hear your thoughts on the music he produced
-writes lyrics specifically for you
-talking about the future with you
-you try not to let him overwork himself but that isn’t always successful
-kisses the top of your head reassuring you he’s fine
-you don’t leave the studio even though you know that he might work until morning
-you scold him if that happens
-squish his cheeks afterwards and tell him to rest straight away
-kisses you instead of a reply

seokmin / dk
·beach dates
-he couldn’t wait for summer so you could go there
-always insists you put a lot of sunscreen so you don’t get sunburn
-doesn’t want to get into the water at first because he thought it might be cold
-you decide to push him in but he pulls you with him
-splashing each other with the water
-you take a lot of pictures of yourselves with the sea in the background
-he can’t stop smiling brightly because you’re with him and you make him so happy
-spins you around
-wants to make sand castles
-somehow one of you ends up getting sand in your mouth in the process of making one
-ice cream is a must
-you always have a good time

·amusement park dates
-you never really plan to go but somehow you always end up there
  “didn’t we plan to go to the movies?”
  “yeah but since we’re here why not”
-squishes your cheeks and smiles while you wait in line
-also tight backhugs
-gets excited when he sees puppies around
-wants to go on a ferris wheel with you really really much
-when you go on it he’s extremely happy
-holds your hand the whole ride
-kisses you when you reach the highest point
-gets really shy about it
-stutters for the rest of the date

minghao / the8
·ice skating dates
-he asked you to teach him how to skate
-ever since he learned he always wants to go there
-brings hot packs in case you get cold
-if he forgets to bring them he’d put your hands in his to warm them up
-he’s still insecure about it so he stays close to you
-clings onto you if he feels like he’s gonna fall
-usually it’s you who ends up falling
-when you feel like taking a break you’d go for some hot chocolate
-tries to teach you random chinese words
-calls you beautiful a lot
-when you’re back at skating he’s still insecure but relaxes a bit
-if you fall again he’ll start worrying if you’ve hurt yourself this time
-both of you sulk when it’s time to leave because you have so much fun every time
-walks you home
-halts you in the middle of the street and runs off to a shop
-comes back with pretty flowers
  “they reminded me of you so i had to buy them”

·stargazing dates
-picks you up
-takes you somewhere where you can clearly see the stars
-you two talk and laugh all the whole way there
-brings a blanket so you can lie down
-lets you put your head on his arm
-compares you to the stars
-sings you any song you want him to
-he tells you about his family a lot
-he brings snacks so you could have something to eat
-tries to make you laugh all the time
-both of you goof around
-you made plans to go to jeju one time while stargazing and with every date you talk about realizing those plans
-tells you “i love you a lot” because he wants to make sure you know how loved you are and how precious you are to him
-if he sees you’re about to fall asleep he takes you home
-always happy if you ask him to stay over

vernon / hansol
·coffee dates
-all the employees know you
-seriously they don’t even mess up your names on the cups instead they write both of your names on each
-he ends up having coffee on his nose and never notices
-you think that’s adorable
-he buys you small presents but forgets about them when he sees you
-remembers about it in the middle of the date
  “hey btw i got this for you”
-one time he got you a small bracelet with your and his initials written on it
-tries to act confident but he gets so nervous around you
-talking about the random things happening around the two of you
-gets lost in your eyes while you’re talking
-gets flustered easily when he compliments you
-hugs you really tight the moment you’re out
-neither of you want to go home straight away so you walk around
-once he walks you home kisses your forehead
-sends you “i’m home :)” text so you know he got there safely

dino / chan
·cinema dates
-always brings you a small present which he gives you as soon as you meet up
-leading to you stuttering a soft “thank you”
-you both prefer to watch comedies when together
-buys couple seats tickets
-both have popcorn and drinks on you
-he gets excited and eats half of his popcorn before the movie even starts
-can’t help himself but to make comments about the movie so he whispers what he thinks of it to you
-one time people from the row behind you scolded the two of you for distracting them from the movie
-he didn’t make a sound afterwards
-next time you went he was back to himself again
-lets you rest your head on his shoulder
-one of you always spill something be it popcorn or the drinks
-acting like nothing happened
-talking about the movie for the rest of the day

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5 Months.
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Wow. Wow. Wow.

Never in a million, trillion, bajillion, gazillion years did I ever think that I would make it here. This blog was just a side blog when I started to become more interested in Kpop. I had never wanted to blog about a fandom exclusively so bad before. When I started to blog more frequently I realized that Kpop was becoming a more prominent interest in my life so I decided to devote more time to it. I started to interact with other users and started to write scenarios. I have never seen such a community that has so much love for people thousands of miles away.

God. I am just so thankful to every single person that I have met and talked to because everyone is so nice and welcoming.

Here’s to the people I love to follow and the people I love who follow me.

Here’s to everyone who has ever read my scenarios or left a comment.

Here’s to the next 500.

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@oddseunghyun / @officialyanghyunsuk / @ohseunghyuns / @okjiyong / @omgyongd / @ourchemistryislikericecakes / @paismom@parkbomsass / @prince-ji / @princessofthewall@punchieporknoodle / @qaerin / @queenzybae / @queerforher / @rapmawnster / @rapmonistheshitbitch / @rkdragon / @ryoukai / @santa-tabi / @santabaebyy@sapnainthecity / @saudade-life / @savedaegil / @secretlyablackjack / @seung-whores / @seungri-claus / @seungri-saranghae / @seungri-yay / @seungribubus / @seungrichan / @seungrifeels / @seungrilledcheese / @seungripls / @seungris / @seungris-eyebrows / @seungriseyno / @seungrishair / @seunrig / @sseungrism / @starvingpenguin / @stella-ignis / @strongbaeri / @stseungri / @substantiallysizedbang / @sughyun / @sweetsummerkisses / @sxxngri


@taeilme / @taeyangsorangeslice / @taeyangspecs / @taeyangssmile / @thehaileysuzanne / @thirstyfortaeyang / @tiny-mints / @tinyyoungbae / @toanyone / @todae4life / @topford / @topsdaydream / @topshouldstop / @twoanyones / @univverseoul / @v-i-bb10 / @weejiyong / @welp-i-dont-know / @whygeetrash / @winkingstarsandlullabies / @winnerkonbat / @withachanceofflurries / @wow-fantastic-stacey / @wow-pandastic-baby / @xbbvipx / @xeunghyun / @xx-jidragon / @xxendlessgdragon / @xxxgd-haru / @xxxkaraxxxvip / @yanghwa-bridge / @yerigod / @yg-drag / @ygbias / @ygtrashaf / @ygxmas / @yooneroos / @youngbaaes / @youngbaebae / @youngbaesthetic / @yourcielgzb 

Also, it’ll be Christmas in a few hours here in Chicago, so Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all. Once again, thank you so much. <3 <3 *hugs*

OMG so i reached my 1st goal of 500 followers and  that’s like….. mind blowing for me. my next goal is 1k!  thank you so much to everyone who follows me, i see you guys doing your thing. this blog has been around for a while but im so happy where i am right now! as a little thank you thank you, i’ll do a follower forever! excuse my poor editing skills lmao, but credit to the stickers goes to this  line page. 

the ones in BOLD are my mutuals, and the ones with a  ♥️ next to them are my faves. i dont talk to many of you, but i sure would like too!

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Hello Mudda people :D Happy end of 2015!!! It has officially been two years with this blog, woah. I rejected my other blogs that I’ve had longer for this one…. But anyway since I’ve reached my goal and its the end of the year its time for another Follow Mudda Pho-Eva! 

First a quick shoutout to the networks/group chats I’m in: @ifntnet // @inspiritsnet // @vixx-net // @fxnetwork // @monstaxnetwork // @sulliprotectionsquad // @boygroupnet // @crown-net // @jjccnetwork // @day6-network  //Sprouts Squad // Muslim kpop fans ( I’m in some of this networks through other blogs like @chincha-infinite or @d-a-y-6 )

Bold = Mutuals (which i have a ton of)


@-exo-k // @17dad // @17mingvu //  @1993taemin // @26byg // @2bangyongguk // @2ne1ish // @4ddddani // @4smols // @5hawol // @94namtae // @a-k-mu // @a6 // @affxtionism // @ahndanial // @ahnsdaniel // @aigoo-fx5 // @ailee-is-queen // @alinagoesmoo // @amberkrisber // @amberlius //@ambersliu// @babydollmato // @bae1a4-are-delicious // @baekat350 // @baekhistory // @banatree // @banghae // @bbangception // @bbangstergran // @big-byung // @bigstars // @bobhwa // @bxngster // @byeulbitch // @byunghunny // @byxnggk // @can-i-baro-your-sandeuls // @candidbigbang // @catherine-got-no-jams // @celestially-blue// @chaandeul // @changkyon // @chaootic // @charismho // @chasunwoome // @chiqkihyun // @chubbli // @crownthec-clown // @daematos // @daesbulge // @dangerousfx // @defchoi // @defsouljb // @deja-roo // @dibidibidisrespectful // @digithoe // @dimsumark // @dino-yeol // @dok2gonzo // @dont-xium-in-on-me // @dragon-jiyong // @dreaming-the-reality // @eggnogguk // @elipuntchannie // @escapeseoul // @flowerchildwonwoo // @flowerjr // @fluffyber // @foreverseoulbiased // @functiongirls- // @fxyun // @g7marktuan // @gangnamclique // @gaogyu // @gdaehyun // @gdragons-seoul // @giriboyx // @giribyo // @gongju-jaejoong // @goonbae // @got7europe//  @got7ish // @gwiyomixiumin // @gyujin 


@haesub // @halalsquad // @happyshawol // @herewegobebe //@hoe-one // @holyfuckmark // @hongabingabong // @hongjisoo // @hongqueen // @how-to-bangtan // @hyundaei // @ifnthowon // @igot7angels // @imyoong //  @inkedwonshik // @infinitblaq // @iudork // @j-my-hope // @jarek-keovilay // @jeonjungniko // @jeppbangme // @jimins-arms // @jinki-bunny // @jinki-yah // @jinkiminkiki // @jinyeowoo // @jinyoung-you-little-shit // @jiyongs-g-thong // @jjongrose // @joeun-nal // @jonghyunar // @jongnstagram // @jongtaes /@jungcrooked // @junghalbabe // @kenihavehongbin // @keoimnida // @keys-kibum // @keys-yeobo // @kibvms // @kihyonie // @kiihong // @kimwhorejoong // @kimwoobinseyebrows // @kong-tv // @koreeah // @kpop-funny-glory // @kpop-tarts // @kwangkjang // @l-u-c-i-f-er // @lattefairy // @leader-jb // @leejinky // @leetaenim // @leetaes // @lhoe // @likey-likey-channie // @lil-kcommander // @lu-jiin // @luderella // @lue-han // @lukaio // @luvluvluv212  // @madtwn // @markjestic // @markjin // @markmehorny // @marktuanster // @mbl-ixx //  @melobebe // @mifasolar // @mindofseoul // @minghaobells // @minholicc // @mintokkies //  @misconceptionsofher // @mistletoemark​ // @mmajalove // @momolove // @multifandom-kpop-me // @mumoos // @mychemicalvixxen // @myjaebutt // @myungsues-u // @myungsussi //


  @n-nyeong // @naegajo // @namu-yeppeo // @narinyeol // @nas-tae // @nayeon-s // @noxarcanax // @officialsunggyu // @oh-sicas // @ohbyungjoy // @on-ho // @onyooricky // @orange-sandeul // @ottokaji-vixx // @pabodae // @pepi-junior // @peppermyient // @phanifiedthoughts // @pitapateu // @pixeius // @pocketjimin // @posprout // @prince-myung // @proudelfbana // @queenqian // @queensunyoung // @quietlim // @raubbenhood​ // @ravbooty // @reaper-royalty // @rnyungsooo // @roisgf // @runchrandarm​ // @sandeul-ssi // @sandeul-thirst // @sanghyuc // @santodeul // @sassyamberliu // @scenced // @seattle2seoul // @sehn-pai // @seouldreams // @seoulisadream // @seulgin // @seung-whores // @seunqyoun // @shawollet // @shinee-vanasha // @shineesque // @shineetho // @shinusual // @shinwoo // @sicaholic // @skippasaurus // @sm-trash // @sndeuls // @sneezes // @sngqyu // @soojoo // @sora-dorable // @sowonis //  @soxford-comma // @speedy-secret // @starlightaubrey // @sugavixx // @sulekhachan // @sungjaeandnanashusband​ // @sungmints // @sunjis // @sunsggyu // @swoonfinite // @sy2b //


@t-aesthetic // @tabi-dreamer // @taehyukoh​ // @taelighted // @taemeow // @taemincult // @taestiny // @taetaetastic // @teentoping // @teenxxtop // @tejinzs // @thatkpopfan // @the-markson-show // @the6002 // @theasiand // @thekpopfix // @thevinylhouse // @ughjacksonwang // @up10tion //  @verbaljints // @vixxmainbitch // @wangdongs // @wangjckson // @wangyourass // @waytoseoul // @wheeimple // @wonhosoks// @wonkyuns // @wonxho​ // @wonyeols // @woopyun // @wow-pandastic-baby // @xmascnu // @xuexun​ //  @y3ol // @yenergy // @yeolmama // @yonggukology // @yonqqvk // @yoojinluv // @yooneroos // @younqjae // @yourbiaslikesitrough // @youre-my-cover-boy // @yugyeom // @yugyeomism // @yugyeommm // @yuhwan // @ziont-and-chocolate // @zunhwe 

CHRISTMAS/SECOND FOLLOW FOREVER - akonitone (prev. scorpiino)

I was gonna make the gif more christmas themed but eh, oh well. I’m almost at 600 followers, and christmas is almost here so I decided it was about time I made my second follow forever (and also because it seems like a lot of other people are posting them)! So thank you to the accounts I have listed below, because my dash would suck without your posts on it. Mutuals are bolded!

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Yoooooo, so it’s been about half a year since my last follow forever and I’m doing another one because I reached 2k!! In my last follow forever I spelt my own blog name wrong in the header and I almost deleted, but phew we still here (>‿◠)✌

Anyways my love of kpop groups and the like has expanded exponentially and with it I’ve discovered so many new blogs which are just- *kisses fingers like a chef*. Let’s appreciate!!
(prev. bigban9)

Bold = Mutuals
Favs = All of them 

# - C
@1800-chittaphon @1normani @2xx1 @305heaux @4chanwoo @4smols @a6 @adoringdo @ajustc @alengthoftime @alittlebitblockbbias @alittlepessimistic @anteikuv @asdfghjiyong @bang-sayang @bang-tan @bigbang-hateblog @bigbangersball @blacpinc @cheonjaes @chibiele @choiseunghnngh @creepygenitals @crushtrbl @cucumbyeoll @cypherslut

D - L
@daddytwins666gay @daeseungie @daesungstrash @dazzlingkai @eirianerisdar @femaleidols @feministsoojung @fuckyeahchoiyoungjae @gdwho @getlayd @got7ish @h1gh-h1gh @highfuckboylvl @hobisu @hyeminyl @j1nwoo @jimineh @jinkclit @jiyong-kwon @jonghyunetc @junthehoe @ka-shu@keybummed @kwon-jyong​ @kyunglord @laygion​ @letstalk-about​

M - R
@m-oontaeil @maiissk @minhosducks @minseokked @mjbm @mmajalove @moistmino @mostlygot7 @n-amtaehyun @n-yongs @namfreakingjoon @naliz@noonastic @odaesung @officialyanghyunsuk @ohhakyeon @onrainydaes @parkbomsass@peachysuho @porqpines @princessofthewall @pyojihoonsthighs @pyorygon@rapsae

S - T
@seoullama @seunghyvn @seungris @shineetho @stayqolds @strongbaeri @substantiallysizedbang @suhocean @syubbed @taonsil @tellthemblockb @thekoreanbigbang @theonionknightx @thewintergdragon @thirstyfortaeyang @thuhunhan @topford @topsdaydream @trashcanfromseventhcirclehell 

U - Z
@w1nner @wannatouchmagoodgood @winnercircle @winnervevo @wow-pandastic-baby @yeoja-idols @yeosunight @ygbias @ygismyeverything @yooneroos @youngbaebae @yourcielgzb @zionqt

Shoutout to @blackpinknet which is 1/3 of my lovechild, and also because I follow and appreciate so many more people, here is my blog roll.
Thankyou so much guys!!!

Despite having this blog for two years, it wasn’t until this year that I started talking to other people on here and making gifs and stuff. Also, a few months ago I reached a follower count I never thought would happen so thank you to everyone who follows me! I’ve met a lot of great people and really appreciate all the friends I’ve made on here. Below are the blogs that I love and who really make my dash nice to scroll through, whether it’s because they post amazing gifs/edits or just because they post groups/artists that I love. I really can't imagine not following you. Hope you all have a happy new year!

bolded and italicized are friends/people I’ve talked to a couple of times ♥♥♥

the ones with a ⭐ next to them were my fiestar secret santa buddies i had w/ my sideblog! ♥♥♥

# - G

@89ner / @alengthoftime / @ailee-is-queen / @ajustc / @anjaels / @b2st-nes / @bap-ftw / @bap-bts / @bapquality@bang-tan / @blockbapfap / @bomrilla / @boms-wings / @byeolji / @big-bangtans / @bigbnags / @browneyedglrls / @choiseunghnngh / @cheonjaes / @choikw / @clouds-of-bangtan / @cowboyseunghyun / @daeseungie / @daesungstrash / @definitelyincredible / @eunjiyas  / @edanzgarden / @eirianerisdar / @excelsix / @everything-korea / @femaleidols@girlsdaytv / @gyngchv / @gzbae / @gzbrin /

H - M

@hattiehargrove / @haruharubw / @haruppi / @hoesoks / @hunting-seungri / @hyosong / @ibmariji / @ilhoon / @j1nwoo / @jiminstrash / @jilocked / @jitaewon / @jitokkies / @jongupinmybed / @joshuahonq / @jungshans / @kaithereal / @kdramabbvip / @kimvampgyu / @knj / @koreanghetto / @kwibom / @kwon-jyong / @lhoe / @l-tm / @lilyfever  / @lalicemanobans / @letstalkaboutseungrispecs / @lim-kims / @mamamoo- / @minoswhore @mintyoongi / @memoriestomelodies / @monoka /

N - S

@nalizzy / @ohparkjimin / @officialyanghyunsuk / @oujiin / @ot9s / @parkbomsass / @parkijmin / @pdmin / @qaerin / @rapm-nster / @rookies- / @sanapai / @seoulbeast / @seungriseyno / @seugnri / @seungris / @seungribae / @seungrichan / @seungrifeels@seungripls / @seungri-yay / @sexy-tabi / @shamlessfangirlok / @seungsuka / @sexyboyvi / @sojines@strongbaeri / @sugatv / @suluism / @sunmiah /

T - Z

@taendelion / @taesthetic / @toit / @topmp4 / @wangjackseons / @witchwoohee / @wntersoldierr / @wooyoung / @wonhosoks / @wow-pandastic-baby/ @wu-fan / @xxxloveee / @yesung / @yghigh / @vousmiivoyez / @yg-drag / @yixingtv / @yooaboo / @yuu-jin / @yoongizus / @younqjae /

You guys are absolutely phenomenal. Really and truly. I made this blog almost two years ago and I’ve never loved being on a social media site so much before. I’ve met so many new people through this site, including some lifelong friends. Now I have over 2,500 people to thank for that, over a thousand more than my last follow forever. 

You all are awesome. I love doing these follow forevers because I get the chance to thank you and acknowledge the amazing people who fill my dash with so much love. I get a few “Thank you’s” for my blog every now and again. But now it’s my turn. Even if we’ve never spoken before. Thank you. <3 

Please follow these amazing bloggers and even more amazing mutuals. They’ve filled my dash with so much awesomeness. The ones italicized are my senpais. The ones bolded are my baes. If they are both, FOLLOW THEM ASAP.


acequeen-chaerin ♡ aesthetics-of-saudade ♡ ajustc ♡ asdfghjiyong ♡ baekhyunn-bits ♡ bangmebigbang ♡ becausedamnsun ♡ beezysbae ♡ bibgang ♡ bigbang-hateblog ♡ bigbangersball bigbnags ♡ bigbongz ♡ blondragon ♡ bom-zy bomrin-chaebom ♡ bomshellgzb ♡ bomtoki ♡ btsboyz ♡ chaerins-chaelin ♡ choomchoi ♡ classifiedgzb ♡ daellama ♡ daeseungie ♡ daesungs-thighs ♡ daesungstrash ♡ daizette ♡ eirianerisdar ♡ enviousyet ♡ everything-korea ♡ everythingshinee-and-morebigbang ♡ exobxb ♡


flawless-2ne1-diamond ♡ forseoul gdae-hyong ♡ gdbiasedaf gdybx ♡ girlwithathorn ♡ go7-made ♡ gzbae ♡ gzbrin ♡ happy-daes ♡ hironechan ♡ ilovemyblueworld ♡ imafantasticbaby ♡ itsyourboygd ♡​ ji-bootyjibooty ♡ jiyong-oppar​ ♡ jiyongaff​ ♡ jiyongpng ♡ jiyongxspring ♡ jooheonshoney ♡


khiphop-bskillergzb​ ♡ koreanghetto ♡ kpopandlockit ♡ kpopismychocolatelalaunnie​ ♡ letsallsleepoverwork​ ♡ letstalkaboutseungrispecs​ ♡ leyanana​ ltomomi​ ♡ luvcrazyjiyong ♡ madisam​ ♡ manzini ♡ memoriestomelodies ♡ michibabo​ ♡ morelikeafox​ mydearkiko​ ♡ myvipwaves​ ♡ namfreakingjoon​ ♡ noonastic ♡ officialyanghyunsuk​ ohseungri​ ♡ orange-unnie​ 


paismom​ ♡ prince-ji ♡ princessofthewall​ ♡ qaerin​ ♡ queenzybae​ ♡ queerforher​ ♡ rapmonistheshitbitch​ ♡ rkapollo ♡ rnbnyongtory​ ♡ ryoukai ♡ secretlyablackjack​ ♡ sentinelangel404​ ♡ seriousdarkmatter​ ♡ seungri-yay​ ♡ seungribubus​ ♡ seungrifeels​ seungripls​ ♡ seungriseyno​ ♡ seunrig ♡ silvenchan​ starvingpenguin​ ♡ strongbaeri​ ♡ sweetsummerkisses​ ♡ taeyangspecs​ ♡ taeyangssmile​ ♡ that-xx-gd​ ♡ thebaddestbunnie ♡ thehaileysuzanne ♡ thirstyfortaeyang topshouldstop topsquiat ♡


winkingstarsandlullabies ♡ withachanceofflurries ♡ wow-pandastic-baby ♡ xbbvipx ♡ xochitl818 ♡ xxxgd-haru ♡ yg-drag ♡ ygbias ♡ ygstanvip ♡ yjms ♡ yourbiaslikesitrough ♡ yourcielgzb ♡ zicovakrismatic

Hey guys, as a tribute for being on Tumblr for 2 years (yes I actually celebrate this shit) I decided to do another follow forever!  You’ll find it’s changed from last year because…well its life you know. Sometimes people go and most if not often, new members join. I’ve met some more pretty amazing people on here and I can’t wait to get to know more. Mutuals are italicised! So without any fanfare here are:

The Stalkers!

@fybig-bang @bbprvate @koreanghetto

The Dae Squad!

@thankyoukds @smiling-angel-ds @daehappy @nakedae @to-dae @top-obsession @daesunf @daesunglicious @daesungimnida @kikifortodae @daesirr @todae4life @dp3-45pm @his-eye-smile @868994 @dae-gelina @daesungindistress @eirianerisdar @vipdae @ygismyeverything

The BB Bloggers!

@taeyangspecs @yg-drag @tabithechairman @bigbnags @youngbaebae @seungribubus @seungris @bigbangersball @daesungstrash @blondsol @baebaeng @thetodaeshow @shake-the-world @chibidorks

The Kpop Channel! 

@letstalk-about @shippingreactions @ahjummajiyong @sexy-tabi @winnervevo @plunksterdalektardis @top-is-bae @what-a-random-girl @clthighs @officialyanghyunsuk @kpopkryptoniteimagines @yeahidkwhatimdoinghere @wow-pandastic-baby @kpop-fangirling @svt17-carat @turtle-tabi @becausedamnsun @itstheklife @seungrisexy @newevolut1on @choiseungblog

The Da Vincis! 

@xxroryromanxx @fakebigbangsubs @bigbanggifs @artbb @gdragondance @toit @awkwardbigbang @helly-watermelonsmellinfellon

And although I am just rubbish in keeping in contact and it feels like It’s been forever, know that I still think of you, go to your blogs and reblog the hell out of your posts. These are the people I am proud to call friends, they all have wonderful blogs and you should all follow them straight away. 

@gdae-hyong @daeseungie @meypyong @daesungsdelight @daebendover @daesungsboobs @itsdaengerous @everydaydaesung @daengerous-af @daenosaur @damagedd-go0ds

And just for the hell of it I’ll thank fydaesung for giving lookatmedae the substance needed to… have a blog? … But in all seriousness, i’ve been an admin for a more than a year and i’m still having loads of fun stalking updating about Daesung. I want to thank @89ner for being so kind and supportive when I first started and was completely lost on what to do. Thank you so much!  ❤

Thank you everyone for making my experience on tumblr an even better one ^^ 


I just wanted to thank all of you for following me and welcoming me here on tumblr. I have only had this blog for about 4 months now and i’m so happy that you have all been so nice to me eventhough i’m a new blog and being so kind and caring. Thanks for that :)  (I’m sure I will forget some of you guys but I still love you hehe)

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I might forget some of you but you get the idea hehe. I love you all byeee 

So, with this beautiful(!!!!!!!!!!!) edit I want to thank everyone who helped me to reach my (actually 3rd) follower goal!! It might be a million or it might be five or something between but i’m thanking every single one of you, even the robots. :-)) I’ve been here only 10 months but I have made great friends, had fun and sad times, crying over my faves, yelling over my faves, cooking my skin muiltiple times because of my faves, falling in love with new faves thanks to you guys (yeah…..thanks………..:||||) I used to make gifs but then my laptop said forever goodbyes and i stopped, but still most of you kept following me and i gained a lots of new ones and i still dont get why but hey not my problem im just happy!!!!!!!!!! yeah anyways i’m not gonna do the whole boldin and fave stuff, or even say anything extra about my friends (im sorryy guysss!!!) but if i have ever spoke with you, or still speaking, i love you guys! You know it in your heart that i’m talking about YOU okay feel the love!!


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If we are not mutuals, then it means i have really liked your blog and thanking you for bringing quality content on my dash!! (im sorry if i forgot someone im sure i forgot… ;( )

Hey lovelies! I reached 300 followers today, I am so surprised and grateful because I’ve only been here for around 2 weeks and everyone has been incredibly lovely  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ps. hopefully the edit is ok i just thought we could all use some of sugas beautiful face

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I’m so sorry if I missed you out :( hopefully I didn’t