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What class and race do you main in WoW? Also, super curious, do you raid much?

I haven’t gotten into raids just yet! I’ve never been huge into them, but I want to get into the Legion ones. Honestly people trash on WoW all the time, but as a vanilla WoW player who took a break during Cata, Skipped Pandas and Draenor, coming back after 5 Years - experiencing Draenor and Legion has been effin’ awesome! The stories have been a lot of fun, I’m a huge time-travel person so this shit is right up my alley. Also really just enjoying the game again in general with all the changes they’ve made. 

Honestly can’t get behind anyone who says Old WoW is better anymore if they’re complaining about the game in it’s current state, speaking as someone who has played probably thousands of hours of Vanilla-Wrath.

I helped an elderly gentleman at work yesterday and when he got to the register he was like “wait where’s my sugar?” and at first I thought he forgot to buy a bag of sugar and was about to ask if he needed help grabbing it real quick before i finished ringing him up but then his wife started wheeling down the checkout lane in her buggy and he turned to look at her like “there you are, sugar!” and honestly i think my heart increased at least 4 sizes

I came out to my mom and she was so understanding!! I feel so floaty right now..
I don’t think it has registered for me.
I was so nervous that I kept asking her if she’s real with her words about her loving me. I made her pinky promise me before i came out hahaha

I’ve been hiding for 6 years because I was afraid of the resentment from my family. But over the years, she told me she became more understanding and accepting, that there’s nothing wrong with being gay as long as people are happy. I’m so glad and I love her even more now. She even told me that when I get a boyfriend, make sure he’s a good person. I’m appreciative and lucky that it went so smoothly..

I feel a lot better for now! Thank you for those who took the time to read this, I just wanted to share my experience 💕

look at this sweet cute lil ball of sunshine

look at this beautiful elastic faced potato man

look at this sweet pancake getting rejected by his mother

look at this handsome young man using his amazing charms to seduce this lady that never stood a chance

look at this smooth male looking bomb af

look at this adorably annoyed human

look at this sassy king being fabulous af

look at this perfectly seasoned mashed potato

look at this beautiful lil peach getting the shock of his life

look at this perfect cinnamon roll crying

look at this flawless lil piece of toast choking on his own spit

look at this cute rose petal being a lil pig eating with his mouth open/almost choking


look at this baby panda being all excited

look at this ridiculously handsome child being overly dramatic

look at this unique grass leaf being confused af

look at this stud muffin being proposed to by oh sehun (oh i just had to)

look at my flashy son being shy

look at this clumsy baby almost break his neck

this post made me realize that…i am so weak for huang zitao

Φεγγάρι μου

Και όταν η νύχτα πέφτει..
Και επικρατεί απόλυτη ησυχία..
Τοτε μπορω και εγώ..
Πιο εύκολα να σε απολαυσω..
Σε φέρνω στο μυαλό μου..αφού μονο εκεί μπορω πλεον να σε έχω..
Είσαι ήρεμος, με κοιτάς με απορία..
Τα ματια σου με ρωτούν ολοφάνερα
“Παλι με σκέφτεσαι”
Μα ποιον άλλον να σκεφτώ;
Μονο εσένα φυσικά..
Τοτε μου σκας ενα χαμόγελο..
Και εκεί είναι που φεύγεις..
Προσπαθώ να σε βρω μέσα στις σκέψεις μου..αλλά η εικόνα σου δεν σχηματίζεται
Και βάζω τα κλάματα..
Και αναθεματιζω την στιγμη που έφυγες.
Και πεθαίνω λίγο λίγο
Μέχρι που έρχεται το φεγγάρι..
Κάθε βράδυ.. Με τον πρωτο λυγμο..
Νιώθω μια ζεστασιά να με τυλίγει..
Σταματάω το κλάμα και το κοιτώ..
Αναρωτιέμαι αν με ακούει..
Αν με καταλαβαίνει..
Και τοτε αρχίζει ο διάλογος μου μαζί του
Θα με πεις τρελή
Αλλά δεν είμαι..
Του λέω την ιστορία μας.. Και εκείνο αντί να φύγει μένει εκεί.. Αγέρωχο και με “κοιτάζει”
“κοιτάζει” με τι νοσταλγία λέω το όνομα σου
Πως λιωνω στην θύμηση σου..
Και αναρωτιέται γιατί;.
Δεν υπάρχει φεγγάρι μου γιατί..
Γιατί είναι αυτός..
Γιατί είμαι εγώ..
Γιατί ημασταν εμείς..

Κάθε βράδυ η ίδια ιστορία..
Κάθε βράδυ το ίδιο σκηνικό..
Με σιχαθηκα..

How About Cuddling Some Zico....

So like imagine he rushes home because you just got the most terrible news or maybe today was the day from hell and he’s watching you pace around explaining everything and nothing at all because he can’t really understand what you’re saying under your sobs but there’s no way in hell he’ll make you repeat it. All he knows that whatever’s going on or whatever happened is terrible and he needs to listen attentively and hold you hand when you reach for him. Now he’s not a big cuddle person in my opinion, but it’s probably because he’s never been cuddled right before so at first he’s kinda just ghosting around you until you finally catch on and nuzzle into him more pulling him closer to you and releasing all the tension in his spine and he’s starting to understand that he won’t break you if he just holds you a little harder, and a little more- and before you know it the tension is releasing from your spine too and you sigh in relief because damn it was building up you thought you’d snap in two from the pressure but somehow it’s been washed away. And you sigh deeply into his chest and cry a few more tears till until your eyes a too raw and he’s getting fancy on you rubbing circles into your shoulders and kissing your forehead because he’s confident in caring for you- he knows now that he didn’t need to have an answer for your sorrows he just needed to be willing to listen to them and you marvel at him because he’s not used to this he’s used to you being able to take care of yourself but every now and then this feeling, Jesus he’s going to crave it now. The synchrony between you is on another level because he doesn’t rattle on about what to do next he just simply says “I’m here-” and it’s not something he read somewhere in a stupid list of things to say when you don’t know what to say, he genuinely means that he is here with you right now in this moment feeling everything you’re feeling because he’s watched every single one of your vertebrae unhinge itself under his touch and he truly believes in his ability to take on the world with you. And you’re beaming because it’s so much more than him being considerate, it’s him being a man living up to a promise he never had to say out loud. And you’re both in a state of bliss giggling like fools with faces pressed so close to each other you can see the laugh lines forming in his eyes and you think for the first time in your life that the horrors of this world aren’t so terrifying after all.


I was watching Kung Fu Panda 3 when I noticed something in this scene that shocked me a little.
So the first sight looks like a common scene, but if you look at the details you can see a heart on the ground, where the group of pandas come together to protect Po and where Kai launches his foils.
That means that even in the midst of danger they are together to protect those they love. ❤
What do you think of this?

@fhaenart @strongponevergiveup @pixarchan Oh and happy New year pandom!