pandaren brewmaster


Request for @gentlepyro of their character Mei

I tried to get it close to the paintover done here. I hope you like it!

Very cool character, I enjoyed trying to get her as close as I could to the reference in 3ds Max and not needing to photoshop anything afterwards (except the background)

Other requests upcoming, please be patient :3 (They will be slow comming…)

Yi, Son of hellscream

born of a unknown affair between a pandaren brewmaster, and traitor and genoicidal murderer, Garrosh Hellscream. Yi was unknown of his heritiage till adulthood, many of those who looked into the pandorcen’s eyes, could see the pieces of hellscream. Crass, bold, stubborn and aggresive, Yi is trying to redeem his legacy, rather then leave the hellscream name in tatters.