pandacchiii asked:

i request some more koki! XD and masuda takahisa, taka, yamamoto yusuke, shohei miura, koji seto, kenichi matsuyama, ... *rants on and on and on and on* just kidding ;D i was just bored ._. luv ya~ <3

demanding aren’t we miss?! X3

i’m too lazy to search for pics /= and i only have a huge KAT-TUN folder and kasdhkada i might do some Koki for you 8D

i’m bored too ._.

i love you even more ~ ♥

pandacchiii asked:

there can never be enough koki or anyone else from my list ;D btw can you add some smap to it pleaaaase :3 and keep on rocking girl~ see you soon :D

X3 i’d do nearly everything for you ~ ♥

and yes ma’am i put smap on my to do list =)

btw you could just check the tags list orz i’m sure i did kimutaku before but yeah i know i guess you want shingo right XD

pandacchiii asked:

its because you posted some koki that your followers increased that much x3 i'm so sure of thaaaaaaaaaaat~~!! V(○⌒∇⌒○) イエーイ

you think so?! Σ(゚∀゚*) オドロク

you just want more Koki ~ XD