“I’d love to see a sketch on “Americans hate Tingle” and “Germans love David Hasselhoff” with the countries expressing their love or hatred for foreign products. Like China loving Kung-Fu Panda or America’s reaction to finding out that Japan HATES root beer of all American products.“

To clarify for those who aren’t sure: “Americans Hate Tingle” and “Germans Love David Hasselhoff” are tropes.  The submitter explained it quite nicely, but you can read more about it on the links and see examples.  :)

- Mod V

I need more.

Dream daddy content. Game grumps need to make more dates with the dads together or make there some after stories. I need closure after “the end” and need to know if the other daddy is treating my self and manda panda right. Also myself and his kids getting along too. Maybe marriage again? Ima live for the Fan. Fic. That comes out of this.


E.-a jugar.
T.-desaparecio. olvide que él es muy rapido, no debo perderlo de vista, si no, me va a matar.
E.-me encanta ese instinto de supervivencia. sin ese ruido, ya estarias muerta

*E.- to play.
T.-He disappeared. Forget that he is very fast, I must not lose sight of him, if not, he will kill me
E.-I love that survival instinct. Without that noise, you would already be dead

Part 1- http://ani-dragmire.tumblr.com/post/150284463801/enzi-p-y-t-lo-logramos-p-ganamos

Part 2: "http://ani-dragmire.tumblr.com/post/161669969391/enzi-t-go-dead-part-1”

Part 3- http://ani-dragmire.tumblr.com/post/162488146786/enzi-e-no-me-subestimes-esos-golpes-no-son

OP: Hello~
Jun: Hello~
OP: Here, the post-it and a letter! I also have a souvenir, please wait for a bit (gives him a panda neck pillow)
Jun: Aah! Panda! (pretends to sleep with the pillow around his neck)
OP: That’s right~! I think it’d be good if you sleep with this on tonight! keke
Jun: Seems like I can use it on the airplane! (reads the post-it with it still on)
OP: (gives Hoshi a clock “costume” while changing seats)
Jun: (”Look at thatttt~”) <-*OP uploaded the video of this scene*
OP: Thank you! Goodbye!
Jun: Goodbye~!

MLB: Kung Fu Panda macht Rückkehr perfekt

Der Kung Fu Panda ist wieder zuhause. Pablo Sandoval hat nach seiner Entlassung bei den Boston Red Sox wie erwartet einen Minor-League-Vertrag bei den San Francisco Giants, seinem ursprünglichen Team, unterschrieben.

Bereits am Samstag absolvierte Sandoval ein Spiel für Single-A San Jose und war 1-4 mit einem RBI-Single und einem Walk als Designated Hitter. Am Dienstag soll er dann zu Triple-A Sacramento stoßen und sowohl DH als auch Third Base spielen.

Sandoval hatte die Giants nach sechs Jahren und drei World-Series-Titeln - er war der MVP der Series 2012 - nach der Saison 2014 verlassen. Dann unterschrieb er seinen 95-Millionen-Dollar-Vertrag bei den Boston Red Sox, wo er nie so richtig Fuß gefasst hat.

“Ich entschuldige mich bei den Fans, besonders für die Dinge, die ich gesagt habe - zu den Fans und zu meinen früheren Teamkollegen”, so Sandoval, der damals nicht gerade im Guten gegangen war.

“Ich muss der Giants-Organisation Respekt zollen. Sie geben mir die Möglichkeit, hier zu sein. Nun habe ich eine zweite Chance. Ich hatte viele besondere Momente hier. Ich hatte die größten Momente meiner Karriere hier, insofern ist es das Wichtigste, dass ich eine zweite Chance bekommen habe”, so Sandoval zur Bedeutung seiner Rückkehr.

Red Sox müssen Gehalt von Sandoval weiter bezahlen

Für Boston war Sandoval 2015 in 126 Spielen aktiv, schlug .245 und nur zehn Homeruns. 2016 absolvierte er sogar nur drei Spiele aufgrund einer Verletzung und in diesem Jahr kam er auf 32 Spiele, in denen er gerade mal .212 schlug.

Bei den Giants wird er, so er es zurück in die MLB schafft, das Liga-Minimum verdienen, doch die Red Sox müssen ihm die restlichen knapp 49 Millionen Dollar seines Vertrags bis Ende 2020 weiter bezahlen.

Mehr bei SPOX: Mariners düpieren Yankees spät | Mariners holen Pitcher Gonzales von Cardinals | MLB-Glossar: Baseball erklärt

Chapter One: Mz. Hyde

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Pairings: Kenny Omega/Nathalie(OC), Seth Rollins/Nathalie

Endgame: Kenny Omega/Nathalie/Seth Rollins, Kenny Omega/Seth Rollins

Summary: Nathalie is the valet to The Young Bucks and the girlfriend of Kenny Omega but when she gets an offer to be more then just a valet and wrestle for WWE their relationship comes to an abrupt end.  A year passes and she’s now on the main roster and in a relationship with Seth Rollins. Kenny is extremely unhappy with this turn of events and begins a game of oneupmanship with Seth in an attempt to win Nathalie back.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my OC, Nathalie.  World Wrestling Entertainment, New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor own everything else. I also don’t own Halestorm’s lyrics.

Warning the First: I’ve only been watching New Japan and Ring of Honor on a regular basis for about 6 months, I’m doing research but I’m probably still gonna get a bunch of stuff wrong.

Warning the Second: This takes place in a completely Kayfabe universe, with some events that happened in real life (such as Seth’s leaked nudes, Seth cheating on his girlfriend) still taking place. So stage names are real names here, matches and storylines are real not scripted.

Warning the Third: That Kayfabe universe? It’s mine. So things will definitely happen that never happened in any of the promotions I’m writing about. Especially once we hit WWE cause lord knows I’m rewriting the fuck out of that mess.

This story was supposed to be a one shot request for my Tumblr bestie @theworldiscolorful Then a combination of me watching the G1 Climax and The infamous DM caused this shit to drink a Red Bull and grow fucking wings.

                                          Chapter One: Mz. Hyde

In the daylight,
I’m your sweetheart,
Your goody-two-shoes prude is a work of art.
But you don’t know me,
And soon you won’t forget,
Bad as can be, yeah you know I’m not so innocent

It definitely wasn’t love at first sight, it was probably something a bit closer to hate. When Nathalie first met Kenny Omega she couldn’t stand him. She had joined ROH to valet for her friends The Young Bucks and unfortunately that meant periodically dealing with the egotistical leader of The Elite.

Nathalie put the final touches on her make up and hair as she got ready to escort Nick and Matt to the ring for their Tag Team Title match against the Hardyz.

She wasn’t exactly looking forward to it. Matt Hardy kind of freaked her out and she really didn’t want to deal with Reby’s brand of crazy

Nick and Matt were on the other side of the locker room Facetiming that asshole Omega.  The only real downside to being the Bucks valet was having to deal with their best friend. She hated him and he couldn’t stand her.

The guys were always threatening to just lock the two of them in a room until they either killed each other or fucked whenever the two finally met in person. He was always sniping at her calling her names like Polly Pocket and midget. If there was anything that got under her skin it was comments about her diminutive height. It wasn’t her fault she was only 5 feet tall, it’s not like it made any impact wrestling skill. In fact she felt it made her better, she could do moves other women couldn’t do and she had no regard for her own personal safety on top of it.Her and the Bucks had even come up with a version of the Meltzer Driver that involved her doing a Springboard 450. The first time they pulled it off the crowd had gone insane. 

“You guys are gonna kill it tonight” she could hear Kenny’s voice coming from Matt’s Ipad. “Just make sure the midget doesn’t fuck it up” Nathalie saw red but she tried her best to stay calm. She had to stop letting Omega get to her. It just made the whole situation harder on Nick and Matt because they were stuck in the middle.

“Kenny, dude quit it. Leave Nathalie alone. She works really hard for us. She’s the best insurance policy ever.” Nick said “Yeah” Matt chimed in “She’s the reason we even have this shot at getting our titles back. She’s the one who goaded Reby into agreeing to it.”

Kenny rolled his eyes “Yeah whatever, I still don’t like her.””You’re not exactly my favorite person in the world either Omega” Nathalie said walking up behind the Bucks “I put up with you for Nick and Matt, I’m not part of The Elite or Bullet Club so you aren’t the boss of me.””Too bad.” Kenny said with a smirk “Maybe if I was I could teach you some respect” Nathalie laughed ”Yes, Kenny your’re going to teach me respect through a screen from halfway across the world.” Kenny’s smirk grew darker “Umm, Nathalie?” Nick interjected “She turned from the screen to face him “What?” “This is our last show in the states for a while. We’re going on tour with New Japan for 2 months” Nathalie’s face twisted like she’d eaten something sour, “What?!” Before Nick or Matt could answer her a cackle reminiscent of an anime villain came through the screen. Nathalie turned and looked at Kenny who had a dark smirk on his face.”That’s right baby. Your going to be on my turf. Let’s see how much of a smart ass you are to my face.”

Before Nathalie could answer a knock sounded at their locker room door. “Bucks, Nathalie you’re up in 5″ “We gotta go, Kenny” Matt said “Alright boys, represent Bullet Club and kick their fucking asses. Nathalie, see you soon baby” Kenny said with a dark chuckle as he logged off. “Why do I have the sinking feeling he’s up to something?” Nathalie said to the Bucks as the headed to the gorilla position.”He’s Kenny. He’s always up to something” Nick said as The Bucks music hit.

35 Minutes Later

“And your New! ROH Tag Team Champions! The Young Bucks” The ring announcer exclaimed. “We fucking did it Baby!” Nick screamed “Best tag team in the world once again!” Matt chimed in. Nathalie stood next to her friends just as tired and sweaty as them, holding a broken pink and black high heel in one hand. She had broken the heel chasing Reby after the woman had slapped her. She paid dearly for pissing Nathalie off though. Matt Hardy’s wife had been the recipient of her version of the Meltzer Driver with help from Nick.

“Next stop Japan and the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Titles!” Nick said “Yay!” Nathalie said somewhat halfheartedly though neither brother noticed. Nathalie was in no way looking forward to Japan. two months in the company of not only the rest of the Bullet Club but Kenny Omega himself. The man could infuriate her over the internet she couldn’t even imagine what the cocky asshole would be like in person.

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Langblr will survive. I worry about my bestfriend though. (he has barely talked to me because he has been on holiday this month and now he stays alone again xD) 

Also, can you imagine how i will survive with no internet? I will wake up at like 7-8am and i’ll go to bed at 2am. So many hours for studying! :-? When i’ll return, most probably i won’t focus on French anymore. 

My grandma has a pretty big house, i don’t think you guys will have enough space though… unless i don’t find some pokeballs. ^^