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hey panda!sorry to bother but uuhhh a while ago i could download from mega very easy,but now it tells me i need to download the app on my computer???and no im not on mobile

That makes no sense, unless, did you try to download the entire folder? Because if you did it i know why mega asked you to get the app. (when i upload a lot of stuff it tells me to download the app for syncronization xD) Try to download only what you want not all the files. That way should work without getting the app. ^^

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You know i am german native and i am uncomfy in talking german on tumblr idk why but i was like WTF A GERMAN NOTIF AND WHY ARE THEY ANGRY WHAT ehehhe but good work panda :3

Aww, thank you ^^” and if it helps you anon, i don’t feel very comfy when i use my native language.

Litterally the only bad thing about care bears is that when i was 4 i watched an episode of robot chicken bc my mom was in the shower and i wasnt allowed to, and a portion came on where the actual bears killed the lion and panda and cat and with a cannon and it was super gorey of course. The bears cheered “yay! We killed the carebear cousins” and then it cut out but like that happened so fucking long ago im not even affected by it in the slightest

Today’s Workout:

Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism
Denise Austin 3 Week Boot Camp (Cardio and Strength Intervals, Athletic Training, Ab Blast)
Denise Austin Hit the Spot Core Complete (Warm Up, Core and Buns)
Hour long walk

Today’s Food:

Brunch: 2 scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of maple bacon, potato bread toast with butter and key lime jelly, coffee with sugar and chocolate creamer
Dinner: Panda Express: Beijing beef, orange chicken, peanut butter cupcake
Cocktail: Kinley Kisses