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Earth knives were pretty weak. Sharpened chunks of primitive alloys. But in the more advanced systems, where nanotechnology and synthetic carbon materials were the norm, you could find tools that could cut through anything. Even Tamaranean hide. 

The blade Rocket carried now seemed to do the trick with more than a little ease, and the creature flashed his fangs in a dangerous grin.

“Uh oooohhh… Somebody went an’ let her guard down, now didn’t she?”


Local cyborg gets absolutely ravaged by panda bear in cage match


Find your bearings.

Ever since h̴e showed up, time was being lost. I hadn’t really noticed it at first, things just seemed blurry sometimes. Posts would appear that I only half remembered. Curious, but I always had trouble keeping track of things.

That was, until the ot͞heŗ showed up in February. Ever since then chunks of time kept disappearing. First it was seconds, then minutes, hours, days. Each one accompanied by posts, art, writing. None of which I had any recollection of making and yet each was unmistakably my own creation.

Each revolved around the same two beings.

V͡oicés pushing me to create, pushing me to delve deeper. Pushing back into the d͘ark̡ until I’ve done what is required of me. Am I sick? Am I imagining all of this?

Am I craz̶y̶?

I don’t want to go back there. I don’t want to do this anymore. It was a m̷įstake͘!́ I m̵ade҉ a̕ mi͝s̵tąk̨e͏! It was supposed to just be fu͡n! No one was supposed to get h́ur̨t̀! I NEVER WA̛NT͟ED́ THIS̡! I NEVER WANTED YO͟U̴  TO BE R҉EAL!͘

Relax. Focus. Work.

Everything is alright. Just keep creating. Keep smiling.

It’͏s ̨no͠t l̴ik͡e̡ y̢ou ca͞n͞ r͏e͏si͢st a̶ny͝ẁa̢y.͡