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Lance? Hindi kita iniwan. Sana malinaw na ikaw yung sumuko, ikaw yung umayaw. Wala akong ibang ginawa kundi pumayag lang ako sa gusto mo. Because I know deep down that you deserve better. And that's what you told me. And yes, naghintay ka lang literal and you never did anything to bring me back. Paki publish para malinaw sa admirers mo at para hindi nila kinikwestyon yung pagmamahal ko sayo. -Panda

Ako yung kumalas, ako yung bumitiw. But do I have to rewind everything para maalala mo yung reason bat ako kumalas? God knows gaano ko nagsisi na bumitiw ako dahil ang sensitive ko at feeling mo ang babaw ng rason ko. Everything was just so fast, it was just a matter of days and then things for me turns up side down when you told me He confessed and youre giving him a chance. Sa tingin mo makakagalaw ako non? I was frozen for weeks. Pero as much as possible gnagawa ko lahat hindi ikaw yung magmukha kontrabida dto and I was the good guy. I may have failed you in many levels but I will always try to protect your name. Hinding hindi kita sisirain. I’m sorry if my post sounds like its against you but its not.

Urghhhhh my insides feel like they’re about to explode… The good news though is that I’m no longer short sighted in one eye and Longsighted in the other.. I’m just a lot more short sighted in one eye and Normal in the other. Also I’m getting some new glasses and sunglasses and Mr Panda Lover-lover got me a discount so it wasn’t as expensive as I was dreading it would be, because he’s a superstar… and we’ve known eachother since nursery, but he’s still a superstar. :)

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Square-Shapped Hairstyle is the Latest Trend for Dogs in Taiwan

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A Taiwanese pet grooming salon has taken dog hairstyles to a whole new level. In order to make their furry friends stand out on social media, eager pet owners collaborated with pet groomers to give their dogs impeccable square-shaped haircuts. It definitely takes a certain breed of dog to successfully pull off this look, especially since the pup would need to have long facial hair for this shapely style. It certainly is an eye-catching trend!

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