The Joe Moses Showses is coming to YouTube, iTunes & Ann Arbor Tees!

Hello Pandas!

Well it’s been an incredible year: conventions arounds the world, new theatre with my best friends, and a brand new solo show!

It’s time to send 2014 off with big bang as I am proud to announce:

1. THE JOE MOSES ONE-MAN SHOWSES IS COMING FREE TO YOUTUBE NOVEMBER 26th! You can see the entire JMOMS from the StarKid Summer season totally FREE thanks to the power of YouTube and Adam Brunetti.

2. NEW STUFF FROM ANN ARBOR TEES! The full digital download of the JMOMS will be available exclusively from The Ann Arbor Tshirt Company as well as all of the awesome merch we sold this summer!

3. MY 1st COMEDY ALBUM! An audio album of The Joe Moses One-Man Showses will be available on iTunes November 26th! 


Here’s how you can help!

A) Spread the word! If you enjoy my showses or any of my videos please tell a friend. It’s all there on YouTube and easy to share.

B) Give a gift! You probably know this but one of the biggest ways online artists make a living is through sales of their merch and matertials so if you like the free content that’s out there and want to see more of it- buy a tshirt or a digital download! Or give one to a friend.

C) Can we break into the iTunes Comedy Charts? This is my 1st ever release on iTunes and how cool would it be if we could chart on the iTunes comedy charts?

So that’s all for now and stay tuned because it’s all coming at you in less than 2 weeks wooo!

See you there Panda Bear,
Joe Moses

tumourloaf  asked:

Will there be more worms videos?

Eventually maybe, yeah. It’s not been super popular so far, but I did plan to do some with Nilesy and Panda and Tee. But we’ll see. Nilesy isn’t a huge Worms fan, apparently. (Blasphemy.)