Black, Red and White” by Aaron Jay

What’s black and white and read all over? No, it’s not the newspaper, it’s this wickedly clever design from Aaron Jay! This design is part of the limited edition collection of tees and tanks that we released earlier this week.

Check out the designs before they’re gone forever!

Inspired by Po and kung fu, “Po the Kung Fu Panda” by Noor Azman incorporates the face of Po into the Chinese characters for the word “kung fu” and is currently the highest scoring submission in our Kung Fu Panda design challenge!

Artists, there’s still one week to submit for a chance at over $2,500 in prizes!

Just 12 hours remain to get today’s Last Chance Tee: “Panda keep sleeping” on Qwertee:

£10/€12/$14 till the timer reaches zero then it’s GONE!

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