“Recently, as I was perusing my social media timeline, I saw a video of a gorgeous Black woman. Painted on her backside was the face of a panda bear. And, as she danced, the panda’s mouth opened and closed.

While I enjoyed the video, impressed by this woman’s physical discipline and ample derriere, I noticed eight words posted beneath the video by a Black man. They read: “Poor queen. She doesn’t even know her worth.”

But, how did he know that? What about her dancing skills, sexy pose, and fit body said, “I don’t know my worth?” In my opinion, nothing indicated this woman didn’t know her worth. In fact, I saw a confident woman with the courage to flaunt what her mama gave her. This Black man’s policing of her body, therefore, was coming from somewhere else.

The truth is: many Black men don’t understand that Black women are complex human beings, capable of being sexy and intelligent, empowered and submissive, and ambitious and outspoken, simultaneously. Their denial of Black women’s multi-faceted self-definition has nothing to do with what Black women know of themselves. Instead, it has to do with their unwillingness to respect the fullness of Black womanhood and Black women’s right to exist freely in public spaces.”

“Vegas, pick a toy to bring back to bed!”
*runs toward big fat squishable and starts dragging it across the room*
“… Pick a different one!”
*picks up new little panda plush*
“Okay, you can bring that one. Come on!”
*trots to bedroom with lil panda in mouth*

Happy 2nd birthday to this cutie pie! 
 ✧・゚:*✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧