A couple of sketches of my Panda sona Mars.
They’re genderless and go by they/them pronouns.
I used to occasionally draw my main sona, Peachy, as a female but this has had people confused about me. So I kind of created Mars to be that gender fluid sona that I can really express myself with.

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In May I ordered a couple chewy necklaces for my partner (a spaceship and mushroom, which they loved) and then ordered myself some stuff a week ago which I just got. The panda bag I got is soooo much softer than I thought it would be. I'm so happy and excited. I just wanted to say you guys are very awesome and sweet.

Yes! The panda is super soft and I love it. I’m really drawn to down plush things so I guess that’s why so many of the bags have that feel to them. :)

Chloe appears next to Panda with a bag of feathers weighing a kilogram and puts in on a balance with a kilogram of steel. They’re equal.

Grizz: “It doesn’t prove anything. Steel’s heavier than feathers.”

Chloe: “I know Grizz, but look: they’re both a kilogram, so they’re the same.”

Grizz: “But Chlo Chlo, look at the size of the bag, it’s light.”

Panda: “No no no, they’re the same weight.”

Grizz: with an even more worried look “But steel is heavier than feathers.”

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someone get me a badboy! AU where Sehun is the badboy and Tao is the student with a panda bag and panda stationary who has impeccable fashion sense and they end up befriending each other and Sehun is so excited to get into Taos pants that he becomes this adorable dork around Tao and whoops he’s fallen in love.
(Bonus! If Tao ends up domming the shit out of Sehun)


made myself a reversible WIP bag! That panda fabric used to be a pair of shorts that I never wore (but I loved the fabric!) so it was a great way to recycle. 

I made about 4 of these (trying to work out the kinks in the pattern) and the nicest one went to my best friend (a knitter) for her birthday. 

What do you guys use as Work-in-Progess bags? 

Kay so I reblogged that “Glitch in the Matrix” post and I was reading some of the stories out loud to my mom when I remembered that I had an encounter that I can only explain as some sort of glitch in reality. It’s not so much spooky as just… mind bogglingly weird.

A few months back I had to take my sister into town to pick up some supplies for some school project or something, and we ended up in a little shopping center area. It was around 7pm when we were finished, and my mother called to tell us to just get something to eat while we were in town because the rest of my family had already gotten dinner. So we decided to go to Panda Express, drove across the parking lot, locked the car, and proceeded to have a rather uneventful, if greasy, meal. By the time we were through it had gotten very dark, and the parking lot was not very well lit.

When we got back out to the car is when the glitch occurred. I unlocked my car and pulled open the driver’s seat door, triggering the inside lights to come on and reveal, sitting on the passenger seat….. a bag of Panda Express leftovers. My sister opened the car door, took a look at the back, and then looked at me. We had just finished eating, and neither of us had leftovers…. So naturally I picked up the bag and decided to investigate. There was nothing weird about it. It was a foam box full of half eaten broccoli beef and a little paper packet full of egg rolls (I should note that neither of us ordered broccoli beef or egg rolls). The conundrum is how the hell it got itself nestled in the passenger seat of my vehicle.

My car is a fairly new model, a 2013 subaru impreza and when you click the lock button on my keys three times the car emits two beeps and then a loud honk, letting you know that the car is locked and the alarm has been set….. which would’ve gone off if someone had opened the door, alerting everyone in the restaurant that something was going on. My mom proposed that maybe the passenger door had been left open, which seemed plausible until i remember that my car won’t lock if one of the doors is open, it just makes a beeping noise that is a different tone than the “I’m locked!” beeping noise, and will no matter how many times you hit the button it won’t honk to alert you that the alarm has been set. And I am 300% sure I locked my car and hit the alarm, it’s been a habit since I started driving for fear that someone would take my CDs, or worse yet my nearly brand new mode of transportation, I have NEVER gone in somewhere and not locked my car.

That in mind, the only way I can imagine a plastic bag full of strange leftover Chinese food found its way into the passenger seat of my car is a Matrix glitch.

Maybe I'm Just Ordinary

An Austin carlile smut/fluff where he starts thinking he’s not good enough for you & he’s not good at sex & he can’t please you bc he thinks he’s not big enough or has enough muscle to hold you up & you prove him wrong if you know what I mean (; ?

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Exo reaction to meeting their female counterpart (like an AU were they're all girls)

This would be how I would imagine them as girls… hehe


Xiumin: *PSMing Baozi like* “Who you calling fat? UM?! So what, I can eat this bread if I want to.”

Luhan: “Who you calling manly bish? I’ll slap you to another universe. I am very girly for your info. *snap-snap, bish fight about to begin*”


Suho: *slays* *Brings all the boys to the yard*

Lay: “Aye, boi, how chu doing?”

Baekhyun: “Bish, who you calling ugly?”

Chen: “Gurl, you just jelly you can’t werk it like I can. Your bish-ness is aas big as yo hair. Talk to ma hand.”

Chanyeol: “Gurl… what are chu wearing? ‘That’s so 2000 and late~’”

D.O: *saesang fangirl D.O* *hides in EXO’s closet like, steal Jongin’s underwear*

*stalks like*

*sneaks around to take close up pictures like*

Tao: *gallops into the distance singing about rainbows, Gucci bags, pandas, and eyeliner*

Kai: *possesive fangirl* “Your bae? Gurl, get outta here. Bruh, I’m about to murk you. Kyungsoo is my bae. MINE!”

Sehun: “And I’m still fabulous, that’s right.”

*Hope it was to your liking.

- Admin KP

fratboy!luke (part 5)


a/n: I’m sad about this chapter bc its slightly emotional and heartbreaking. however it means I’m that much closer to getting to write the chapter i’ve been waiting to write this entire series:-) as always, feedback is much appreciated. enjoy!

Luke sighed at the dark blue and purple bruise that had formed on his cheekbone as well as the one on the bridge of his nose. The split in his lip had all but healed up over the weekend. Leaning closer to the mirror he ran his fingers over the bruise gently. He was trying to get ready for class but was unsure of how to deal with the bruise. Try and wear a hat in hopes that the shadow would hide it? See if anyone has any concealer or foundation to cover it? Who was he kidding he didn’t know how to put on foundation and he didn’t have time to look up a youtube video. A hat was his best option probably.

“Looks pretty nasty,” Michael’s voice startled him. “It’s just sore, doesn’t really hurt anymore. Couldn’t sleep last night though because every time I rolled over it bumped it,” Luke frowned, stepping away from the mirror. He situated a black baseball cap over his slightly curly hair, thinking back to the weekend.

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