ahh… i feel like it’ll take a while until i post another fic so please have a preview of an au i’ve been planning for the past few months !

it’ll be posted as cloud of dreams as the title, so please look out for it once i finish writing it !

unexplained, sleepless nights have haunted him since his mother started applying concealer to his panda eyes — the bags that hung under his vision still remained prominent even with the use of cosmetics. when he’s taken the doctor for the first time to consult about this dilemma, he’s a month short of nine-years old. the pediatrician tells his parents he’s much too young to be given sleeping pills — his parents weren’t planning on going that route yet — and suggests he take up a sport or two to resolve his insomnia.

his parents sign him and his brother up for taekwondo; junghyun seems more excited at this than his younger brother. it works for awhile — jungkook is able to pass through the nights with copious amounts of slumber ridding the dark patches under his eyes almost completely. it works for awhile, but it wears off by the time he’s three years into the program, which honestly speaking? it’s good that it last for that long, but no twelve-year old should be experiencing insomnia that hits during exams season. another year of constant sleepless turmoil runs on for him before he comes forward to his parents that the exercise method no longer works.

jungkook wishes for the times where he could sleep peacefully and dream the same dream he had been seeing since he could start to remember. he wishes for the times where he was able to close his eyes and drift off to find himself face-to-face with a figure — a person — who only lasts in his dreams. he’s beginning to forget how they look like and it doesn’t please him one bit.