Big Bang reaction to their idol gf fainting on stage while performing

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You are a member of a big girl group with 9 members and you are the leader of the group. You haven’t slept for 2 days and you are on diet so you haven’t eaten anything. You knew it was bad for you, but the group was your main focus. You were excited for this concert because he promised to come and watch you. He really did came and watched the whole concert. It was the last song and you were exhausted. You just blacked out.As he saw you just fell on stage he got scared and quickly called the staff to get her off. He didn’t know what else to do and just wanted to wake you up. Since that accident he made sure every time that even if you are on diet you ate and sleep enough.

You are a member of girl group with 7 members and you were the lead dancer and choreographed every dance you performed. It was just your comeback and you were on pre recording for a music show and Big Bang was also there so your boyfriend GDragon was watching you. You were also practicing your solo stage for an award show in the evening. You managed to dance and sing through the whole song, but at the end you just fell and blacked out.He didn’t know what happened because he was still in changing room getting his make up done. When Seungri told him what happened he got really worried and he wanted to get to you. When he made his way to you you were already conscious, so he just told you to go rest. After his performance he would make sure you went home with him and he would take good care of you and buy you food.


You were member of girl group and you just had collaboration stage together with boy group. You wrote and produced a lot of songs and this remix was one of them. You worked 2 days straight on it and you had dance practices and few other practices so you didn’t have time to rest. You maintained professional but after the performance you barley walked and you fell right when the camera stopped filming and blacked out.Taeyang was sitting and watching the award show and when he suddenly didn’t see you he got really worried because there were boys that were holding a girl and that girl was you. When he realized it he wanted to go real bad and take care of you but you couldn’t. The member kept him calm until the end. When he could finally see you in your dorm he got really worried and asked the other members of your group if he could take you home with him. They agreed under one condition that he will have to do. He drove you to his apartment and kept you warm.


Your group was on tour in Japan and Daesung agreed to come and see you at the concert, since it was your first performance after you had knee injury. You were very excited and couldn’t sleep because of that so you drank a few energy drinks too much. You were performing great and suddenly you just ran out of energy and your legs stopped working. You blacked out in the middle of the song.Daesung was watching behind the stage and when he saw you fell he quickly told the staff to get you. He was praying that it was nothing serious and waited for you to wake up. Luckily you opened your eyes when you felt someone touching you, but you were too tired to continue the concert. Daesung drove you to hospital and made sure you were okay. After the doctors told him you just need to rest he drove you to the hotel and watched over you until the members came.

You were also one of the senior groups so your group and Big Bang collaborated. You were currently on a diet and he knew you didn’t eat a lot this morning, but you both had to go and get ready, so he just came to check up on you before the rehearsal performance and you seemed okay and happy. You felt so excited to perform with you boyfriend and his group. You were performing Bae Bae and you danced the dance when you hold his neck and dance in front of him when your hand fell down and your legs stopped working. The music stopped after everyone stopped dancing and came closer.Seungri was holding you in his arms and few people came and took you to the dressing room. When you fell right before him he got so scared his heart stopped beating for a second. He was in shock and didn’t know what to do. He could feel tears in his eyes after they took you to dressing room. After a few minutes you were better and you were able to perform again, this time he held you the whole performance.