panda pun

Dude, bro...

Anyone who says they don’t like Craig Cahn are sitting on a throne of liars.
I mean.. bro.. he is eff-in perfect, dude.💦💖
And Amanda? She is my best friend now. Everyone can go home. 💞


Grizz: Yeah we’re celebrating!

Panda: Happy Pride!

Ice Bear: Stay cool.

Happy Pride from The Bears!

Jim: Hey, Bones, I got you something.

Bones: (warily) What is it, Jim? If it’s a new disease, I -

Jim: No, no, I made him. Here! I’m sorry. (Hands Bones a stuffed panda bear)

Bones: A toy panda…why are you sorry?

Jim: Because, against your stated wishes, I’m panda-ing to you. 

Bones: Jim…you’re unbearable.

(Exit, pursued by a panda. And a hypo.)

anonymous asked:

on the hxh subreddit someone pointed out that the panda that ging used for his election speech looks a lot like the greed island card panda maid, which specializes in taking care of babies. i thought this was kind of interesting!

actually, and i’m sorry i can’t pull up the receipts for this, but “panda” is a joke between togashi and another mangaka iirc

panda in japanese is written as パンダ, and hunter is written as ハンター. they look similar to each other and togashi found this funny a;ldkfds thus when ging isn’t around he substitutes himself with a stuffed panda