panda's thumb

Hey anon! Thanks so much <3 

The first thing you gotta remember is bears are plantigrade, their big spade paws are flat, like our hands. Plus they have 5 toes, a rookie move is drawing bears with 4 toes, or standing digitigrade like a dog (it is my pet peeveeee Dx )

This probably isn’t all that helpful… but I start by drawing a rather pudgy trapezoid attached to a turkey drumstick.
Next I draw in the 5 claws to know where to position the toes & add details based on the bear species (pandas have weird thumbs and polar bears have less pad). 

Hey there my trans and NB buddy pals my name is Panda and I am a cis and I am here

I want you to know that I find ‘down with cis’ hilarious

so when a square ass cis person tries to tell you that ‘down with cis’ is oppressive or offensive or whatevs you tell them, “I have a cis friend and she thinks it’s hilarious so obviously you’re just too sensitive”.

You tell em ol Panda gave it the thumbs up. I will be ur token cis. Happy Holidays kiddos.