panda trinkets

D’aw, Trinket...

@ellanarosetw asked: hi, love the blog! would you be so kind as to make a list of the times matt does the whole sad bear routine please? one of my favourite moments is trinket’s reaction to the ribbons. thanks! <3

Gif by lilefarc

We decided to include all instances where Matt or the rest of the cast pretends to be Trinket, because he’s just so cute. Thanks to Don Dresser and @SilentEnGee for all their help! Updated through episode 54.

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do you know what this is? this is haymitch and effie once again stating their status as a team, separately, yet working together to the same goal: make it work! for katniss, for them and for those who are not there as well.

and do you know WHAT? it’s no coincidence these clips were released on the same day! if everything else fails they’re gonna stick together for the kids! like a fucking family! like the mama effie and papa haymitch that they are!