panda smack

“Gri” Let me kiss you!!!

Fellow nyongtory shippers.lets take some time to appreciate some Jiyongie let me kiss you (Seungri) and other moments which i consider cute!!

Well we all know that our Dragon really wants to smack panda’s lips with his lips,.Nothing new here!! He said it himself when he appeared on Entertainment weekly that since all Bigbang members have had kiss scenes except from him.He wants to kiss someone from the beginning to the end of the MV..And he said that he(GD) will be Kissing Seungri..Well we are still waiting..Im sure GD would have kept his promise if only panda was willing to let the dragon taste those lacious glorious blessed lips.

Wanting to kiss bae ??

And for some Hot “ i want you moments”,,Keep scrolling down to see how the sexual tension is like between the two,,Mmhh Dragon hyung looking at panda like he is some delicious kind of food..I hope someday you will all find someone who looks at you the way GD stares at panda (if you already haven’t found one)

And who said Nyongtory is a one sided thing?? You can clearly see Seungri marking his territory secretly..He acts like he is not really into this whole Nyongtory public display of affection thing.But then he goes on to mark his territory like yeah GD hyung is mine !!

Wow this was a long post..More like a compilation which is not even half way finished because there are just too many Nyongtory moments..

CRE:To all!!



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The newest MOD Squad picture! Poor Panda gets smacked in the face with a football by Asa, Raz and Arc are utterly delighted and everyone else isn’t sure what to think. Finished in tonight’s stream!

(Used pen in Medibang)

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today is my blog’s first anniversary and I thought it was a good time to do my first follow forever! I’m so thankful to have met so many nice people on tumblr. As well as every single one of you who follow me, thank you so much for always being there, even if I don’t follow you, you are still very special to me ♡

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I’ve almost reached 2k followers, like whaaat? Why do you all follow me? Don’t get me wrong, I’m hella appreciative, but like, why? LMAO, I’m sorry, I’ve never been good with things like this, so thank you all, for putting up with my nonsense, and just, following me, I guess– thank you! <3 (also sorry for the shitty edit, im lazy! lmao)

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hi everyone ♥ this was supposed to be posted on the 31st but i couldn’t get it done in time… anyway thank you to everyone who has been my friend through the years i’ve been part of this website, thank you to the people who even after all this time still follow me and thank you to everyone who has been kind and nice to me all this time! you are all awesome and i love you and i hope 2015 is great for all of you!

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