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Friday Night (Bucky x Reader)

Request: None! I haven’t updated a non-angsty imagine in a while so I figured I would treat you all. Also this may have been inspired by an episode of Raising Hope

Words: 2,333

Warnings: Spiders?

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I’m binge watching Walking Dead and I’ve made it to season 3 in three days, I’m not at all ashamed by it. Also Daryl is hot and I want to kiss him repeatedly. 

It was your typical boring Friday night. Nothing exciting was happening around the tower, some were out on small missions and if they weren’t out on missions, they were in sweats and netflixing the night away. 

You were amongst the group of non-missioners. In fact you hadn’t been out on a mission in a few weeks, due to medical reasons. You would love to say that you got hurt by doing something heroic and awesome, but sadly that was not the case. 

Six weeks ago, on a rainy Tuesday night you were taking the trash out to the dumpsters behind the tower. Those dumpsters were filled high with all of Tony’s shit that he couldn’t find a use for, they were more like Tony’s personal dumpsters than the whole towers. 

You were in your pajamas and your panda slippers, keeping in mind those panda slippers were the most slippery slippers you owned. You slid throughout every room of the tower whenever you wore them, but you loved them nonetheless. 

The storm had died down quite a bit at the time you took out the trash, and it was only lightly sprinkling, however the ground was slippery and wet. There were huge puddles everywhere and you had to be careful not to step in one. 

You were staring down at the ground and tiptoeing towards the large dumpsters only a few feet away from you when you saw it. It was large, black and hairy. It looked like it could take up the size of your palm and it was only mere inches away from your foot. 

You gasped and tried to back up from it and go a different route to get to the dumpsters, even if it meant lightly stepping into a puddle. Your slippers slid on the slick ground beneath you and pulled your feet out from under you. Before you went slamming onto the ground, your left leg ending up in a not so good angle under your ass.

The trash bag that was gripped tightly in your left hand went swinging down and landed hard on one of your eyes. You let out a shriek and you were in too much of a shock to realize the amount of pain surging up and down your left leg. 

You tried scooting backwards back towards the door you came out of, but when you got close enough to try to open it from the ground, Sam decided to swing it open and come see what was taking you so long. 

You ended up with a fractured leg, black eye, bruised ass and a concussion. 

It was not your proudest moment, but the spider was huge. What were you supposed to do? Step on it and risk it jumping on you? Or worse, come back to life and crawl into your mouth while you were sleeping? The hell with that.

“Have you seen Bucky?” You passed Vision and Wanda together in the halls, Wanda was blushing and Vision seemed nervous. They were like a couple of teenage sweethearts, you loved them together. 

“He is in the family room, Miss Y/n.” Vision nodded towards you and offered a small smile. You knew that Wanda was working with him on acting less as a computer and more of a human. 

“Thanks,” You winked at Wanda and her blush darkened. “You two lovebirds have fun.”

“You go have fun with Bucky, you two are the real lovebirds.” Wanda looked over her shoulder at you once you had already passed them, your panda slippers slipping and sliding slightly every time you turned. 

You and Bucky had started dating six months ago. It took long enough for you two to actually start dating, Tony pretended to go on a couple dates with you to make Bucky jealous. So Bucky pretended to go on a couple dates with Nat to make you jealous. Bucky didn’t know that you dating Tony was fake and you didn’t know that him dating Nat was fake.

You started flaunting off your relationship with Steve around Bucky, Steve was your best friend. The two of you were tight and even had a tradition to go on a romantic dinner once a month even though you both were disgusted at the idea of dating each other. You were friends, not anything else. 

So Bucky became really close with Wanda, developing the same type of close relationship you had with Steve. 

After months of torturing each other, Bucky finally asked you out a date. It was the night of a huge snow storm and you had decided to go get ice cream, because you were out. It logically didn’t make sense to risk going out in a snow storm to get ice cream, but you didn’t care. 

You were fumbling with your keys and by the time you finally got your car door open, it was slammed shut by Bucky’s hand. He went on to give you the most perfect speech about how much he loved you and how you probably didn’t feel the same way, but you cut him off with the most electrifying kiss. 

It was everything you ever imagined it to be. Shivers ran up and down your arms and spine, but it wasn’t from the bitter cold. Your legs felt weak and at one point you used Bucky as a support for yourself. His arms were wrapped so tightly around you, and your hands clutched onto his jacket, pulling him closer. 

The snow was the cherry on top. It was sort of a cliche, but you loved a good romance story. 

But then your lips got frozen together and Steve had to help break the two of you apart; literally

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