panda rolling

  • [After Steve frees the team]
  • Scott: Impressive, Captain America!
  • Sam: What's the plan?
  • Steve: Step one, free the team.
  • Clint: What's step two?
  • Steve: Honestly I didn't think I was gonna make it this far.

RIP me for not posting yesterday (half an hour ago lol). Scribbled this out rlly quick tho.

Context: we’re playing a game of pnp and recently were in need of cash. We ended up gambling with some truckers and took $234 from them. They got pissed and started a fight. Half the guys are dead already when this interaction happens
Me: am i within range of anyone, and if not can move within melee range of anyone
DM: The panda is literally ~2 feet from your face
Me: panda? PANDA!
DM: There’s a Rampaging Wild Giant Panda. It’s aggro on you
Me: i use animal handling to attempt to tame the panda
*rolls a 19*
DM: The panda calms down, and actually seems to like you
Me: i shall name it serah spots

Dating Rocket Raccoon would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Aawww Rocket 😭😭 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-The two of you constantly being loud mouths and everyone can hear you both coming from a mile away, only to be stunned when they realize that you are both actually a couple

-Him having some trust issues sometimes and being grumpy as he constantly asks you as to why you’re with him and such, only to realize how much you really do love him when you’d cup his face and look him in the eyes to admit everything

-Him wanting to desperately hold your hand when you’d walk together but not wanting to seem too soft by asking and simply acting up with his attitude until you’d calm him down and offer your hand

-Him and the other Guardians not ever taking anyone’s crap whenever they make fun of your relationship or when they clearly are making you uncomfortable and always stepping in to make them regret their words or actions

-You always picking him up to cuddle and snuggle, even sometimes running after him to do so, despite him giving you a tough fight he’d always end up letting you win and would melt in your arms, eventually hugging you back

-Him and you making jokes and playing around as you’d work on making some weapons, only to do so often you’d both somehow end up not moving further and the other Guardians have to plead for you both to concentrate

-Him showing his jealousy and possessiveness by climbing up to your shoulder from behind and hugging you tightly, all curled up, as he bares his teeth and growls to anyone trying to chat you up

-You and him seeming like two parents whenever you’d talk and take care of Groot, whether he’d be a baby or not and everyone else just thinking it to be rather cute

-Him and you having worked on different ways to turn him into his human form and once you’d both managed to, that is when you’d both explore one another sexually

-Peter sometimes being mean and teasing you by asking you how can you love a “Trash Panda” while Gamora just rolls her eyes and tells you to not listen, only for Drax to jump on the conversation and add on as well with his bluntness

-Him doing whatever he can to have you by his side at all times and literally dropping everything whenever he learns that you are in danger after you’d leave for a moment, and just doing so in the most grand and explosive way possible

-Him showing you his sweet and kind side with different subtle gestures, such as simple pats to him just nuzzling when you’d pet him to straight up cute and thoughtful gifts, making you understand how much you mean to him

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jazztastic-panda  asked:

I was gonna send a fic title thing but now consider: Nathalie and Penny switching jobs for a week. Somehow turns out boosting their boss's careers.

  • Nathalie and Penny are dating when they both get hit with an Alternate Universe Akuma
  • Nathalie and Penny wake up in each person’s apartment. Well. Penny wakes up where Nathalie’s apartment would be. It’s decorated to Penny’s tastes because it’s Penny’s apartment.
  • Nathalie does not wake up in a traditional apartment. She wakes up in a hotel room. Penny’s hotel room
  • They call eachother, quickly realize that somethings wrong, and agree to keep eachother updated.
  • Nathalie has to go into Jagged’s suite and drag him out of bed.
  • Penny
  • “Wow, Nathalie’s job is easy.” Penny thinks, at first, because Gabriel can get out of bed and apparently, so can Adrien. They’re both self sufficient.
  • “Wow, Penny’s job is easy.” Nathalie thinks, because Jagged is a one-man show. She doesn’t have to worry about other employees and children. She just has to worry about Jagged.
  • That is until. ..
  • Penny encounters problems as soon as Gabriel asks her to deal with Adrien. She can’t. She loves Adrien and he’s a great kid but she refuses to let Gabriel be a bad father.
    • But it’s her alternate self, and Penny has to swallow all of it down and just parent a child that isn’t hers and it eats her alive.
  • Jagged Stone 100% gets Nathalie to party with her, and Nathalie goes along with it. After all, Penny does this all the time and she can totally handle it, so why can’t Nathalie?
    • She doesn’t realize that Jagged goes too hard, and Nathalie can’t keep up and ends the night like a 20 year old college university student, her head over a toilet and probably crying.
    • “I’m heartless? I don’t know, I’m used to it.”
    • “I toss out  my drinks when Jagged isn’t looking. Did you not do that?”

anonymous asked:

hi mom ! can i please request a sort of shapeshift au with seventeen ? like how would seventeen act if they could turn into animals ? thank you for everything !

- animal: grizzly bear
- ready to chase after you if you hurt any of his children
- climbs trees then can’t get down
- gets told that he should just stay a bear forever because the other members like how soft his fur is
- “can we call you papa bear” “no.”

- animal: cat
- demands to be pet
- sleeps all day
- does that cat thing where they push stuff off the table for no reason
- pukes hairballs on the other members’ stuff when he’s feeling petty

- animal: duckling
- swims in bathtubs
- gets carried around by the other members
- can fit through tight spaces
- kindly gets whatever the members dropped behind the couch or wherever

- animal: fox
- foxes kill for fun but junhui kills with his looks AM I RIGHT
- slips right past people without them noticing too slick
- still does cool tricks as a fox
- like jumping from roof to roof and climbing walls somehow
- (THUD) “what was that????” “probably just jun”

- animal: squirrel
- was going to make him a hamster but squirrel seems fitting??
- chills in the trees all day when he’s trying to avoid someone
- leaps from tree to tree, sometimes falls flat on his face
- steals the other members’ food without them knowing

- animal: wolf
- howls during full moons like the dramatic frick he is
- looks super cool under the moonlight
- but then he trips and gets his head stuck in a rabbit hole let’s be real
- a fast runner, the other members probably make him go get the things they forgot in another room

- animal: koala
- sleeps in trees to get away from the other members
- sometimes he sleeps for too long someone has to go get him smh
- gets told he’s cute
- gets offended and bites their hand

- animal: horse
- runs in open fields
- but people are like wtf why is there a horse at the park that’s not normal
- dramatically gallops into the sunset
- lets people braid his hair

- animal: dog
- a bIG DOG
- scares all the little ones
- but when he turns back into human form, they all love him and he’s like wow
- chases his own tail

- animal: panda
- dodge rolls to his destinations
- easily flips over another member who tries to scare him
- lies on top of them until they apologize

- animal: bird
- whistles at like five in the morning
- overuses his power for small things like getting somewhere on time, taking down an item he couldn’t reach on a high shelf, etc
- poops on the heads of those he hates

- animal: snake
- hisses every two seconds bye
- when he has eye contact with you, he just stares into your soul
- and then slowly slithers away
- scares the other members on purpose

- animal: shark
- i mean look at his hair in the mansae era it was meant to be
- challenges people to swimming competitions
- and cheats by turning into a shark smh
- likes to scare people in swimming pools

thank you for your request!!