panda rolling

RIP me for not posting yesterday (half an hour ago lol). Scribbled this out rlly quick tho.

Context: we’re playing a game of pnp and recently were in need of cash. We ended up gambling with some truckers and took $234 from them. They got pissed and started a fight. Half the guys are dead already when this interaction happens
Me: am i within range of anyone, and if not can move within melee range of anyone
DM: The panda is literally ~2 feet from your face
Me: panda? PANDA!
DM: There’s a Rampaging Wild Giant Panda. It’s aggro on you
Me: i use animal handling to attempt to tame the panda
*rolls a 19*
DM: The panda calms down, and actually seems to like you
Me: i shall name it serah spots

one of my fave movie Howl things is when he moves the castle to Sophie’s house and goes around like an ecstatic puppy calling Sophie over every 2 minutes like “SoPHIE!!! SOPHIE LOOK!! LOOK SOPHIE DO YOU SEE. I DID THINGS JUST FOR YOU. DO YOU LIKE YOUR ROOM SOPHIE??? SOPHIE LOOK!! SOPHIE LOOK I GOT YOU CLOTHES!!! OMG SOPHIE. SOPHIE I ALSO GOT YOU THIS FLOWER FIELD DO YOU SEE IT?? SOPHIE”