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if anyone ever asks what Bloodborne is about just show them this video

Couples and Singles Unite in Elrios for an Exciting Event that’s Filled with Love!

Heya adventurers! It’s not even the month of love but we’re all ready to spread some for the whole week! Why, you ask? We’ve got an awesome event for the week that’s not only made for the lovey-doveys in Elrios but for singles too. But wait, what if you’re not married but you want to get married?! As in real life, weddings can be quite costly in Elrios too… But fret not! Special Wedding packages and a cute red panda to take you and your significant other away after the ceremony await you at the Item Mall tomorrow! This may be your chance for the most affordable but still grand wedding ceremony in Elrios ever! Don’t miss it!

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Name: Kimmy

Nickname: Panda

Age: 18

Species: Unknown but her DNA is fused with a Giant Panda

Gender: Female

HT: 6'1

At: 220lbs

Likes: Eating, sleeping, playing video games, memes, dolls

Dislikes: Not eating or sleeping enough, losing her devices

Personality: Bubbly, Hyperactive, Sweet, Stubborn

Appearance: Tall and curvy, black buns in her light pink hair with red ribbons, long pigtails, teal eyes, pink blush, black and light pink shirt, white shorts, black tights and grey tennis shoes

Alignment: Good

Powers and Abilities: Sense of smell

Weapons: Teeth and fists

Bio: Kimmy is one of the main characters of the Animal Jungle Gang. She is one of the younger characters, which is due to her personality and appearance. She loves video games and eating and sleeping. She gets really hammy during fights. She is strong as well, taking out a mugger with just one punch.


a recent collection of people who tried to come for my ass but got theirs handed to them

anonymous asked:

Their perfect girl looks and personality wise. 4/4

yaYAYAYAYAY ive been waiting for one like this


alright so starting with the looks… i dont think i can really tell you what there girlfriends would look like i mean i would assume based off how the boys act that it doesnt really matter to them what their girlfriend looks like and they just look for the personality people have images of who the guys would think the girls date but i really think that they wouldnt judge somebody by how they looked bc its really only the personality that matters bc obviously the boys arent gonna date girls with a bitch personality (unless they’re oddly into that???) 

so ashton would be with a really intelligent girl who probably likes to write and read and she would be the funniest bc ashton has such an amazing laugh and he would be laughing all the time with he and he’d love her so much bc she’d be smart and funny and beautiful and she’d also be extremely outgoing like if you were to throw a party she’d be the life of the party 

luke’s perfect girl would be so similar to ashton’s perfect girl bc he’s such a shy person when he’s around a lot of people when him and his girl were alone he’d be so loud and he’d always have fun around her bc she would bring out the fun in luke and whenever she was around luke would always be having fun no matter what he’s doing bc she’s there to crack jokes and make friends with strangers

so michael’s girl would probably be a huge gamer and she would love pizza his perfect girl would be the kind of girl who is absolutely content with just spending a day at home eating panda express or pizza and just playing video games she would be a little shy in front of cameras but when she’s around the boys she’d fit in just like she’s one of them

and last but not least is calum he’d have this shy girl who is probably a book worm but she’d be all outdoorsy if that makes sense and she’d be really down to earth and calum would bring out this outgoing side to her that she’d only get when she’s around him and they’d just be so cute together and completely in love and bYE

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