panda pied

justordinaryheather  asked:

The black ones are super pastel black pieds :) I think they're also known as Hied Pieds, can't really remember

The comment above mine in that picture states they are Super Cinnamons and that is correct. Here are some other examples of Super Cinnamons:

While “Super Pastel Black Pieds” also called “Panda Pieds” look like this:

🎨 sisterhood social idea ~ adult coloring book party!  🎨

“Grown Up” coloring books are really popular for creative expression and reducing stress. Plan an adult coloring book session as a FUN chapter social, or an informal recruitment event! You can find free pages online, or purchase some favorite coloring books, and distribute one page to each attendee. (Books are sold at craft stores and online.) Provide several large sets of colored pencils for everyone to share. 

Sisters and PNMs will enjoy a relaxing coloring session with music, food & drink and an art exhibit after the party. Many coloring pages feature sorority mascots and symbols too, so you can even theme your event to your organization if you wish. Owls, turtles, skulls and under the sea scenes and are all trendy. 

Holiday coloring books are a great idea for a Halloween or Christmas party. Coloring in a large group would be fun for a panhellenic event. Or, organize a coloring contest fundraiser for your philanthropy! Charge an entrance fee and award prizes in different categories. A Coloring Marathon is another fabulous fundraising idea. Get in on the zen coloring craze, ease study tensions, recruit PNMs, and/or raise money at the same time! xoxo ;)