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Earth is facing an extinction crisis – and humans shoulder the blame.

Wildlife poaching and illegal trade. Climate change. Urbanization. Mining. These are some of the myriad things we do that endanger animals and, in the process, damage our own well-being.

Three-quarters of the earth’s estimated 8.7 million species are at risk, according to a 2011 PLoS Biology study. Of course it’s not always our fault, but even the most conservative estimates, like one published in a 2015 Science study that uses the fossil record, suggest that the current extinction rate based on vertebrate data is up to a hundred times higher than it would be without human intervention.

Photographer Tim Flach is trying to bring imperiled species and the threats they face eye to eye with an audience estranged from nature in his new book Endangered. “The romanticizing, free, wild images [of animals] weren’t necessarily getting people to take action,” Flach says. “I wanted to think about what kind of images people engage in and how you tell a story to get people to connect to [the animal].”

PHOTOS: Animals That Could Disappear Because Of Us

Photo: Tim Flach

Celebrate International Red Panda Day this Saturday, September 16th by spreading awareness that red pandas are an endangered species due to habitat loss, hunting, and the pet trade. Your support of conservation organizations like ours helps to save endangered species like the undeniably adorable red panda. (Photo by Mike Wilson)


I went to the cultural fes of the art university.🎨🖌🎓
I found the artwork which @logwire introduced ;-))

@logwire さんが紹介されていた作品も

i went to the zoo and i may have taken a lot of pictures for the sole purpose of drawing on them…

anyway have fun boys


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