panda overdose

I don’t blame Tao, he is the victim in all this. He had to constantly be in pain while performing but he pushed his limits for EXO and EXO-L’s.
I don’t blame Tao’s father. He’s taking care of his son and making this decision to save him from fully ruining his health. If it was your child, wouldn’t you do the same?
I fully blame SM. As Tao’s dad said, the poor boy missed the best time for treatment. If SM had let him rest during that time, let him ease up on the stunts on stage, don’t you think Tao would have still been in EXO today? If it was up to him, he’d still be here on those comeback stages and smiling with everyone else. But SM pushed him to this. Do you guys not remember the Golden Disc Awards when Tao tried doing the flip at the end of Overdose, WHILE he was already extremely sick? WHY would you make him perform like that?! He ended up falling and getting even more hurt! He needed REST, and now his only way to heal is to leave EXO and his dreams behind against his will. His father had to persuade him, that shows how much Tao wanted to stay, but this is best for him.
Kris, Luhan, and now Tao. This is hurting me the most since I’m a Tao stan and he’s the reason I really began liking EXO. I’ll support OT9 but it’s going to hurt seeing Sehun without his best friend, Suho without his son, EXO without another brother. Ultimately, no matter how selfish I want to be and keep Tao, he has to get healthy and he can’t be fully healed if he’s still with SM. So in conclusion to this long rant, I love you, Huang Zitao, please get healthy and we will always be here to support you.


Although sick with a high fever and even having been told by the MC he didn’t have to do his flip at the end, Tao maintain his professionalism by performing the best of his abilities; and he definitely didn’t disappoint. He and the other members are definitely inspirations to continue on when things get hard, even if that’s illness or injuries. I think I would have given up if I went through half the stuff that they have/had gone through. I just hope that he’ll be able to really rest soon so that he can get better