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Exo Meeting An International Fan At A Fansign in Korea

Xiumin: *notice how different you looked and bombards you with questions like a 5 year old.*

“Your a foreigner, right? Wow. You came here all the way from America! Just to see us! How much did the flight cost? It must’ve costed a lot, right?”

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Luhan: *you tell him you came all the way from Europe*

“Thats cool.”    just like him

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Kris: *Draws Japanese flag*

“Its pretty good, right? How about this crocodile?”

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Suho: *You tell him you came from China*

“Did you hear about the party in the Chinese zoo?” … “It was Panda-monium” 

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Lay: * He would love meeting you and interacting with you at a fan sign and would thank you for supporting him and all of Exo.”

“Thank you for coming.”

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Baekhyun: *cute little cinnamon bun*

“Was the plane ride fun? How have the people been treating you? Come back again, yeah? I would love to show you around.”

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Chen: *tease*

“You should come to Korea again. I hope I get to see your pretty little face again.” 

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Chanyeol: *smiley as always*

“Thank you for coming from such a faraway place. It must’ve been a lot of money. Just for that I’ll give you a smile.” 

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Kyungsoo: *lowers head to look at the table. Grateful you came*

“Thank you.”

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Tao: *excited af*

“omg! Thankyou so much” *chokes on air from excitement*

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Kai: *Shy smol bean*

“Oh, really?”

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Sehun: *smug af*

“Thank you for coming all the way to Korea. It must’ve been expensive but we’re worth every penny.” 

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Hello! I apologize for the lack of posts. :( I have been pretty busy along with Admin Amelia, who is busier than me. 

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I hope you enjoyed this. Sorry for any mistakes. 

~Admin Mochi

red-panda-monium  asked:

YAYYY DOGGO! Tell us more about this precious pup 😍😍pics?!?

omg u don’t understand how weird this dog is ok

Meet Westley. He’s a purebred English Springer Spaniel and he is honest to God the DUMBEST dog in the world

he’s the stupidest dog you will ever meet in your life. Legitimately. I’m not joking. And here is Westley’s smarter and older brother Murphy

This shithead Westley has been with us since he was a baby floof monster, goddamnit

And he was the love of Murphy’s freaking life from the start l o ok a t hi m

he is a big giant baby and stupid as shit, but he’s cuddly and big glutton and i love him (I GUESS)


But no one’s better than my pupper Carmen (and her pal Murp)

and there you have it, the chronicles of my doggos

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to thank you for 405 followers! So I had this ready for yesterday, but me (being me) didnt safe it and I shut down my PC and forgot so I had to start again, which is why this is late xD Thanks again! Mutuals/Faves are italicised, unicorns are bolded, both are both :)  <3 Love ya all!

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guys this is absolutely insane! so happy, thank you all so much!! it means so much, can’t even explain it to you!

this will be an appreciation post to my beautifull followers :)
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Oh my god! I think I will never be as thankful as I am right now. 400 followers guys! I am just so happy about it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are so great, all of you! I love also all the friends I have made here! I have also reach the 400 hundred the 1st of December, this is even better! So here is a little follow forever:



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I have the feeling that I forget so many people but don’t forget I love you all and I send you love from France!

Marie! 💖

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So I reached 100 today and I was freaking out cause I have done nothing to deserve this. Thank you to everyone who has followed me :D This is not alphabetical cause my hands are tired… yeah I’m a wimp…

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@cthisbae/@officialmaxonschreave: (thats right, i know who you are XD) thank you for always being so kind and funny, it always makes my day brighter to see your responses to my random questions.

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Theres a lot of other people that I can’t think of so I’m sorry if I forgot you!