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Hello local folks! I’m opening the first batch of PO for these persona5, We Bare Bears, and Monokuma pins for ComicFestID @ Neo Soho Dec 2-3rd until 17th November 2017. Items can be picked at booth C57. Payment can be via BCA for Indonesian PO. 

Please DM me if you are interested! Or any of you outside ID and interested, please tell me so! I will make these up in my storenvy. Signal boost is really appreciated :)!


Had so much fun trying different face masks with Justine! 😳😳

it’s okay, that’s love 01

➾ water polo player!jimin x psychiatrist!reader
ft the rest of bangtan

requested by this anon 

➾ warnings: mentions of mental illnesses (depression, anxiety, ocd, split personality disorder etc), self harm, angst, fluff, smut 

➾ word count: 8.3k

➾ Summary: People are constantly making some kind of connection with each other- be it friendship or romance. But human bonds always lead to messy complications; commitment, sharing, driving people to the airport, letting them get up close and personal with the darkest parts of ourselves. And sure- it’s scary as hell to watch them cross those boundaries you’ve so meticulously drawn, but it’s okay, because that’s love.

➾ disclaimer: this is purely a work of fiction and i do not claim to be a qualified mental health professional. this work is not intended to provide any medical advice of any sort, please consult a licensed physician instead. 

a/n: so this is it! my attempt at starting a series that deals with slightly more touchy and sensitive topics. please do not ask me when the next update will be out, check my updates page instead!!
 tagging my favourite people to scream with @blueagust and @yoongihime and @jheartseok thank you for being so lovely and enduring supporting me no matter how much i rant to you <3 

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BTS Reaction to: You having a self care day

Anon asked: “hii! can you do a reaction where the boys and their s/o do a self care day? like bubble baths together with face masks on or something! thank you:) xx” 

Author’s note: This sounds fucking adorable. Gifs aren’t mine. x     


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Jin’d be so down for it. He’d buy face masks for you two to put on and run a bath for you two to relax. Since he’s always so busy he really liked just relaxing for an entire day. 

“This is such a good idea Y/N. We have we never done this before?” 


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You didn’t have to tell him twice. Yoongi would be really excited about it. He liked the idea of relaxing with you for an entire day and doing face masks and such. 

“You’re gonna look so funny wearing this panda face mask Y/N. I can’t wait to see it.” 


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When you told him you wanted to do a self care day with him he’d smile brightly and agree instantly. Just like Yoongi he liked the idea of having a relaxing day entirely to yourself. 

“We’re gonna look so funny with face masks on baby.” 


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Namjoon is always really busy. So he could desperately use a day doing nothing but relax. If he could to that with you it’d be even better. He smiled brightly when he sank down in the hot water and pulled you close. 

“We should have done this earlier Y/N. I really needed this.” 


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Jimin smiled brightly when he heard your plans for today. He’d be so down for it. He chuckled when he saw the 6 pairs of face masks and bathbombs. Yes he was really gonna enjoy this day. 

“Ah you prepared everything so well Y/N. This is so sweet.” 


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An entire day relaxing with you? He’d be crazy to deny that offer. So Taehyung would happily agree and run to the bathroom instantly to run the bath. You chuckled at his excitement as you pulled the face masks out of your bag. 

“You always have such good ideas baby. We should do this every week.” 


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Jungkook was exhausted when he came home last night. So when you suggested that you’d have a self care day he couldn’t be happier. He desperately needed a day to relax and if that could be with you it’d be even better. 

“This is such a good idea Y/N. You’ve no idea how much I needed this.” 

I utilized a motion mask to isolate the inside of the TB mech mouth. that allows me to make it so that only the video-speed of the interior of the mouth would be affected by the bass of the song and not the whole image.

It also allows me to easily put anything inside his mouth…


Sorry, anon. He wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to catch him. -Peter