panda love unit

Don’t mind me, I’m just watching shadowhunters cast interviews and loving their dynamic while I’m also bitter about the fact we will never have this for Percy Jackson.

bedroom archeology

so  last night i pure couldn’t sleep and went looking in an old drawer i hadn’t used 5 years and hadn’t sorted out, ever.

and i found all this stuff:

this end is a beginning lyrics (and two more dead songs way too embarrassingly bad to show)

djs get doubts lyrics

demo track listing and first attempt at salt pepa words. i do all this stuff on laptop notepad now, and i’m kinda sad i’m never going to experience this history rush again.

and then underneath them (and a pile of old bills) were these kawaii little guys:

the future of portable music, 1997 - 2001. 

and, like a weird musical Mr Driller trip, underneath that;

so that there pile of dead media is, every song i recorded on my own from 1998 - 2001, band demos from 1996 and 1997, home made stuff from 1998-2000, gigs and rehearsals from the band i was in (with tom calories) 2001-3, a panda love unit show from the jug of ale in 2004 and a load of mystery labelled stuff like “NOT ME” and “super awesome don’t” and “1-12 man talking and 13-24 weird shit" 

there was also a Pixies compilation kelly made me, but in the case of a Twist compilation kelly made me. So someone somewhere was invariably disappointed 

i’d forgotten so much of the music stuff existed and thought i’d lost the rest. i think it’s gonna make for mostly embarrassing listening, as soon as i can rob someone with a minidisc and tape player, but i’m weirdly glad i found it all. 

idk what the point of this post was. i think i feel obligated to document it more than sticking it on a memory card and putting it back in the drawer.