panda lake

It’d be a shame if today ended without me making a post about Private Lake so here are some highlights for me:

- Charlie is still adorable when covered in garbage

- Charlie offering his secret hang out spot to the bears because he trusts and cherishes them

- The adorable montage of them having fun

- Charlie opening up to the bears

- Panda apologizing to Charlie for bringing up taking a picture with his phone

- Charlie actually taking the picture was hilarious

- “If strangers don’t see our happiness then it doesn’t exist.”

- “La la la la, here we go berry patch.”

- Panda offering Charlie berries

- Panda’s little laugh when he realized it was just Charlie who scared him

-Panda’s bad acting

- Grizz’s little mischievous laughter 

- “I’m impressed, things don’t usually work out so well for us.”