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Who Kidnapped LividCoffee?

With the shock revelation of a mysterious new clone on Flux Buddies I have decided to join the fray and present my own theory on his identity.  Firstly I will examine all the Duncan clones currently known to be wandering around the various servers, before applying this to try and crack the Flux Buddy mystery.

At the moment there are most likely at least 5 separate Duncan Clones in the various Minecraft series. Although it hard to be sure, I have followed the connections where I can and made educated guesses based on what has been said in various episodes to draw my conclusions.  Here’s a brief summary of the Lalnas I have been able to establish:

1.       Fluxed Lalna: Worked with Kim from her apprentice series, probably been kidnapped and replaced by his own clone.

2.       Police Lalna: Works predominantly with Sjin, has policed magic (and time) since their Chaosville series. Hostile to Flux Buddies.

3.       Main Channel Lalna: Worked with Lewis and Simon on from ‘Jaffa Factory’ series to ‘Hole Diggers’, where he was clones. Presumed dead in the explosion of the Dwarf Star. No knowledge of previous Lalnas.

4.       Questing Lalna: Direct clone of Main Channel Lalna, rescued by Lewis after ‘Hole Diggers’. Has worked on ‘Space Mine’, ‘Agarian Skies’ and is now in ‘Blast Off’. No knowledge of Fluxed or Police Lalnas.

5.       Lalnable Hector: Corrupted Lalna clone first seen in Yoglabs, later used the ruined castle as a secret base. Potentially also appeared in ‘Hypercubed. Hostile to Flux Buddies

Now, for the newest clone to appear there are several possible options. We can quickly rule out the ‘Blast Off’ Duncan because he is in theory not fluxed (and stranded in a nuclear apocalypse to boot) so he is unlikely to make a fluxed appearance. He is also lacking motivation to abduct Fluxed Duncan conceal his identity from Kim.

Next there is still a very slim possibility that this clone is the original Fluxed one, just suffering a bout of amnesia such as Kim gets after speaking to ‘mother’. Personally I doubt this as the pattern of flux on his face has drastically changed, something that we have not seen before. Also, we are told flux stains so there should still be some marks there as presumably it would take a while to fade. His skin changes and lack of recognition for most new series things as well as no memories of the HAT Films war lead me to doubt it.


The Police Duncan is a slightly more viable option, especially considering he has motive for deceiving Kim and knows she can make poppets. His ability to travel through time also means he potentially has had the chance to become fluxed. However we have been shown only two sources of infection from flux: spending a long time in proximity to another fluxed player and from coming into contact with the flux sphere at Duncan’s old castle. Although it may be possible to become fluxed from repeatedly receiving the status ailment whilst wandering in a tainted biome Nilsey and Hannah did exactly this for the first two episodes of ‘Cat Island’ and received no permanent fluxing. Also, having worked with Sjin, Police Duncan would have known that he was not involved in the war. This leads me to doubt he is involved.

The next option is a new and unknown clone, potentially created in Hole Diggers and somehow released into the new server. Once again, I find it hard to believe that a clone has been able to become fluxed unless they spent a significant time on the old server. However, it is possible that it contracted flux from spending a long time spying on the original ‘Flux Buddies’. This would explain the partial knowledge they have of panda labs including Tiddles and death protection poppets, but not how to name robits and who the war was against. Potential motive for this clone ‘replacing’ the true Fluxed Duncan could be that it wanted to join Kim but could not do so without getting rid of the original.

The final option is, of course, Lalnable Hector. As the most consistently evil clone he will always be number one suspect for any abductions and evil schemes, especially involving science and trickery. As we have not had a confirmed view of him since his appearance in the Yoglabs Morph Mod episodes we do not know for sure what he looks like now. It is possible that he was contaminated by flux whilst staying in the ruins of the old castle with the broken sphere- the effective source of the flux which tainted Kim. His lack of contact with other players, signalled by his disappearance from Yogscast Complete series, would explain his lack of knowledge about the Hat Films war as well as giving him time to develop sufficient flux to replace Flux Duncan. 

But why would he do this? Kim and Duncan were the ones to ruin his plan to take over the server by releasing his testificate test subjects, dismantling his big reactor and then nuking the whole castle for good measure.  He has had plenty of time to research into them, spying on their base whilst waiting for an opportunity to take his revenge….

So that’s my bet for the identity of the new mystery fluxed man. What do you guys think?

A few pieces of trivia:

  • knight!Lying is in an entirely different part of the multiverse to yokai!Lying and has neither the capacity to transcend the worlds nor any intention to try, in fact they’re fairly certain there’s only one world in the first place
  • yokai!Lying underwent seven years of priest training before founding Yokai Temple, though their original temple likely does not exist any more following the world shift
  • witch!Lying is a gnostic theist; they believe there are gods in the multiverse (and for them, it’s less belief and more demonstrable fact), but they don’t care at all what those gods think
  • knight!Lying’s left eye is the same colour as witch!Lying’s right
  • Despite the nuclear conflict in the area and the regenerating of Panda Labs, the witch-eye raven monitoring the Flux Buddies is actually alive and well
  • yokai!Lying’s favourite Yokai is the azuki arai, or the bean-counting spirit
  • Though witch!Lying has attempted communication with their alternate selves, no Lying has ever met another in person
A Simple Thing

Pairing: Nanocoffee

Rating: G - General fluff and stuff

Lalna had always had trouble sleeping.

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Ever since he was little, he would be always be up till all hours of the night reading, or thinking, or playing with bits of machine parts that he found.  His brain was simply too loud to allow him to rest for more than a few hours and thus he had very quickly fallen into a cycle of falling asleep whenever he felt like it and waking up whenever he did and continuing on whatever project he had been working on before he had taken his nap.

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just so every one knows Lalna gave Nano the Sapphire right before she went into space at the end of Galacticraft #33 Hang Gliders ( ) , it came with her to the (at the time) new server and has only left her inventory once. this time was when she was riding the nukes they were launching at Lalna’s castle, she puts it in a chest in Flux Buddies #84 For Science! ( ), when they got back to panda labs two episodes later she instantly put it back into her inventory and it didn’t leave her inventory again. it became a part of Nano’s skin because Aeverelle (found here ) drew one metric shit ton of pictures where the Sapphire was a necklace, i can’t remember which one was fist though, and because Kirin made it so that Sapphires were SUPER hella rare in the RR3 Project Flux and because Kim and Duncan love to torture their fans. -Firewolf1800

This pretty much sums it up, yeah! thanks friend uwu

-Mod Peculier

Yogscast Ficlet - Embers will not burn me

I asked for Yog prompts and got a very nice one from Lucy. This is unbeta’d, beware. 

Lucy said: Nano and Lalna. Nano’s flux taint is toxic to touch so Lalna gets her gloves or starts wearing longsleeved undershirts so she feels safer.

Words: 1945
Minor injury warning.

When Nano got fluxed, Lalna had to resist the urge to put her under a microscope. 

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witchofgrace  asked:

Hannah ran up to the door of Panda Labs, almost hitting the wall due to the new long legs. She knocked on the door, biting her lip nervously. It looked very strange from an outside perspective, Lewis with Hannah's broom and satchel, chewing on his lip. She hoped Kim would be able to help.

“I’ll get it!” she heard a little girl’s voice. Tiny footsteps could be heard as Sonia opens the door, “Hi Uncle Lewis! Mommy is inside the kitchen making lunch.” Sonia smiled. Kim heard Sonia and looked through the door way.

“Lewis? You alright there mate? Why do you have Hannah’s bag and broom? Trying out witchcraft?” Kim asked.

FIC: jade and alexander

Nano/Lalna domesticity based vaguely on Kim’s single player world videos. No CWs should apply.

There are people around Minecraftia with books.

They are guarded as jealously as a diary would be, kept secret and close. Lalna’s seen a few, seen the surreptitious way they are tucked away. It’s only after he and Nano settle into Panda Labs that he sees one in use, though.

Because, of all people, Nano has one.

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“Me And My Shadow”

Like the wallpaper sticks to the wall
Like the seashore clings to the sea
Like you’ll never get rid of your shadow
Lalna, you’ll never get rid of me

Let all the others fight and fuss
Whatever happens, we’ve got us.

Me and my shadow
We’re closer than noodles that stick to Luggage’s face
We’re closer than stars that twinkle in space
Strolling down the block
Wherever you find him, you’ll find me, just look
Closer than Hat Film’s Street Crew or a jaffa cake to Honeydew

Me and my shadow
We’re closer than flux when it clings to things
We’re closer than Sjin is to being a king
Not even Death can bust this team in two
We stick together like glue

And when it’s blood moon time
That’s when we discover
So many mobs
No where to dodge for cover
Don’t worry we’re at our prime
Wait, was that mother?!
No it’s a King Slime blob!
You do not scare us!

Me and my shadow
And now to repeat what I said at the start
They’ll need a Angmallen pick to break us apart
We’re alone but far from blue

Before we get finished, we’ll take down Hat Corp
We’ll make all the right weapons, and then Portal Gun warp
We’ll wind up at their base after a loud ‘plorp’
Life is gonna be we-wow-whee!
(here comes the party!)
For my shadow and me!

Say Lalna?
What is it, Nano?
Do me a favor?
What do you want, now?
Would you mind taking it, just one more time?
From the top?
No! From the ending!

And while we are crafting, to mention a few
We’ll make some yummy noodles, and Panda Labs too
But end up banting, whatever we do
Life is gonna be we-wow-whee!
For my shadow and me!

Oh, forget it Nano. ~ song is ‘Me and My Shadow’ by Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr (just changed some of the lyrics up ;) )

suspicious things from FB ep 50

pen in lab coat pocket

likes grape soda

can’t remember likes/ dislikes

couldn’t remember spudnik/ thinks spudnik is stupid

making new science gear

forgetting things

fascinated by things that he made/ things that have been arround for a while

cares about the cats being hurt

hasn’t read terry pratchett’s books

generally being a terrible liar

can’t remember how to charge jetpack

neglecting dino-duties

“is greebo a he”

no plan

let’s kim decide what to do

laughing at the fact he killed dinos, whereas duncan would make an excuse

can’t remember the panda-labs jetpacks

excited about something he (well, duncan) would have known about

fluxey face

false concern about flux killing him

cant pick barnabus up

weak effort at acting over-happy

in Kim’s own words, “off the game”


not certain about ender pouch uses

can’t remember end to the previous series

Since it’s ep 50 i’m guessing they decided it was a good time to start introducing more plot. If Duncan was trying to act fully like lalnable hector undercover as FB duncan then he kinda failed at the point he sympathised for the cat. Lalnable would never feel sorry for anyone else, let alone something non-human. 

the-maddest-hatters-deactivated  asked:

//Prompt// A white mist traveled into people houses as they slept peacefully this wasn't any normal mist it began to change people as they slept. When morning came the mist was gone but the side affects were in action...

A scream could be heard in Panda Labs, “DUNCAN!!! WHAT DID YOU DO?!” Sonia ran upstairs to her parents’ room and was shocked.

“M-MOTHER?! FATHER?!” Sonia asked. Kim and Duncan looked at each other, they were young again, they became teenagers. 

“This isn’t my doing Kim honest!” Duncan’s eyes widen as he looked at himself. Sonia was curious now and took off on her broom, she grabbed her Smiffy and Sjin dolls and headed over to the Hat base.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm sorry if someone has asked this recently and I missed it, but how are the Witch-Eye Ravens from Witch in the Woods doing?

Well the one at Panda Labs had a few problems but the bulk are doing just fine.

Oh the things they’ve seen.

anonymous asked:

What if hat films find Nano alone and crying in panda labs (after the magic police attack), they went there to mess stuff up as per usual but after seeing how distraught Nano is they decide to help her get Lalna back, because it would be unfair to nuke her while she’s down (and then Nanosmiffy happens because nanosmiffy should always happen) (feel free to ignore this if you want)


O HM Y GDODOD <3333333333333333333333333

Duncan’s party in Panda Labs! I kinda forgot to do Barnabus but that’s because I didn’t know how to do him and so he wasn’t in the sketch. Anyways, I absolutely ADORE this picture. It’s cartoony and simple but I like that.

  This is based upon a scene in Flux Buddies Episode 43. Also, can we get to 10 notes on this drawing?!

The accident altered me in significant ways

Last year I was in a car accident that left me in the hospital for several weeks, and I think that it’s as a result of this event that my life has slowly gone to shit.

I had to suffer through a lot after the accident itself: painful therapy, endless forms, crippling debt, and—perhaps most disturbing—the growing certainty that my mind was no longer my own. Maybe this sounds paranoid and not as important because it’s at the end of that list, but I swear, this is how things happened, and I’m still not entirely sure that I’ve made it through in one piece.

It started while I was still in the hospital. 

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witchofgrace  asked:

Hannah knocked quickly on the front door of Panda Labs. "KiiIIIIIIiiiIIIM! Get your butt down here!" She tapped her foot impatiently, a smile on her face.

Kim heard her voice and knew Hannah was ready to bother or tease her about something. “Hannah what do you want?” she hovers over to the door and opened, meeting a very smiley Hannah.