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WBB Oneshot: Flash

Plot: Panda had never really understood Charlie’s fear of cameras. People, sure, but cameras? Surely one little picture - especially one that was worth a huge reward - was no big deal, right? 

((My first WBB’s fic! And pretty lengthy too, but I like how it turned out ^v^ Anyway, had this idea after I watched ‘Charlie and the Snake’ and saw the scene where the tv revealed that clear pictures of Charlie were worth at least a thousand dollars. So then I thought, ‘What if the Bears found out about that?’, and it turned into this Panda and Charlie fic. So, hope you guys enjoy!))

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anonymous asked:

what if grillby does run the place solo and he's one of those people who insist they don't get sick. except he does get sick and goes to work anyway (heat sterilizes so he justifies going in with that he isn't contagious or whatev) and no one really notices anything 'cause he's so quiet. until he sneezes. the ceiling is scorched.

someone please save this poor workaholic… _(:’3」∠)_

okay so the ceiling’s scorched and on top of that, grillby actually has A REALLY LOUD SNEEZE. he’s always so quiet but his sneezes are just loUD. it’s not an “achoo” okay like the first part is silent because who even says that but then there’s just a really loud “–FOOOM!!” AND HIS FLAMES HIT THE CEILING AND THE CEILING’S SCORCHED AND EVeryone is staring at Grillby like O.O and it takes him a second to kind of “sniffle” or what have you and just continues doing whatever he was doing as if nothing happened.