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GerIta! Bathtime! :D (for the fic thingy)

“Italy, you don’t have t-”
“No.” His whisper is pleading, but firm. “Let me, Germany.”
Two months into the gridlock. Their supplies wears thin, even personal hygiene has become a luxury.
Germany watches as Italy washes his feet, checking for bruises and wounds and scrubbing between the toes with all the concentration and delicacy of a Murano Maestro.
“You go rest up,“ Italy says with false gaiety. "I’ll cook us some pasta when you wake up!”
Germany pretends not to notice the sheen over Italy’s eyes, or the painfully strong grip around his shin.
He smiles. “Pasta would be nice.”

(commissioned art by @inkodoodles​, thank you for such a beautiful piece!)

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We’re so excited to reveal this new blog that we hope will help inspire fan creators to create new works on an ongoing basis for AmeChu! You can read up more about the blog here but just know that we are a twice a month prompt blog established by Kei and Izzy.

We have some guidelines that we’d like all submitters to read before starting but they’re only set in place to make this as safe, fun, and as tolerant a space as possible. Respect is the word of the day~!

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