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min yoongi probably.....
  • Seokjin: yoongi i heard you finally finished your mixtape?
  • Yoongi: yeah hyung but now i'm trying to figure out the best time to release it
  • Seokjin: what about august? because you're agust d haha
  • Yoongi: hyung please that's stupid
  • *later, at night*
  • Yoongi lying wide awake in bed: that's genius

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How much of a possibility do you think exists to panlie being canon? :0

Tbh I think our chances are pretty good. Daniel Chong already mentioned we were going to see relationships between characters shift and what other relationship is there TO shift besides Grizz and Nom Nom?

And I know what you’re probably thinking, “maybe they’ll just be good friends.” But he also alluded to Panda getting into a stable relationship somewhere down the line and I can’t see that being with anyone but Charlie for several reasons:
- eliminates the need to hire a new VA
- Charlie would definitely go for it if Panda asked
-No need to explain why Panda isn’t clinging to his s/o 24/7 Charlie’s just away in the forest until a Charlie episode rolls around
- Charlie already makes several appearances per season so there wouldn’t be a need to fit in episodes for Panda to hang out with someone else since he can just spend time with Charlie in Charlie episodes
-Having Charlie as a boyfriend means Panda can break free of that “flirting with every girl he sees” trope and would allow the crew to explore a new side to his character, which would be hindered if they had someone else be his s/o because of the aforementioned time they’d have to spend on Panda hanging out with someone else as opposed to spending time with Charlie during Charlie eps
- its cute and wholesome
- Charlies put up with more than enough of Pandas attitude and done more than enough for him to merit a shot
- pairing him with anyone else while they’re taking the time to develop their relationship now with these panlie eps would be a waste
- I cant see Panda forming as strong a connection with someone else as he has with Charlie now, no two ways about it these guys are linked (even if Panda doesn’t want to admit it currently, even Grizz acknowledges it)
- Introducing a character after 3 seasons minimum (as I dont expect him to be in a relationship until season 4 at the earliest) to be Pandas girlfriend would be kinda cheap
- and I doubt they’d have Lucy be his girlfriend, I really dont think she sees him that way and she’s barely had screentime besides
- Not to mention having a human date a bear as anything more than a gag in this realistic (for the most part) setting would be kinda questionable
- Charlie and Panda are both animals so they’re fine on that front
- Charlie cares more about Panda than anyone they could introduce as a s/o
-it would just be really good story telling to have these 2 gradually fall in love

Laser Tag

thanks to @miniwrecker for the confidence boost because I don’t usually have the confidence to post anything besides art of the boys. 

Based on a thing I saw on facebook late at night.

Truth be told, Smitty hated laser tag.

It was the environment; that weird shapeless darkness full of obstacles defined only by glow-in-the-dark tape and paint that scratched at his sensitive eyes. It was the half-assed planning by his teammates that always sent him out as bait, despite him being the best shooter. It was the god-awful pathetic beeping that came from the vest as he was inevitably shot, over and over.

But fuck it, he wasn’t going to quit until he killed Wildcat.

It was a matter of pride at this point. He, Mini, Basically, 407, and Panda were all hanging out at Wildcat’s house for a week, having fun and making weird videos. And for whatever reason, Wildcat had taken a strange interest in the youngest YouTuber, making it a point to kill him more than anyone else in their video games and pranking him in the mornings when Smitty was inevitably the last one awake. Smitty laughed it off, but he was determined to show Wildcat just what he was messing with.

Other than that, the trip had been a bit awkward to him, not that he’d let on at all. Wildcat and Mini were a thing, Smitty knew, but coming over to the giant’s house and seeing them together was still a bit painful. His crushes on Mini and Wildcat were nothing more than that; just crushes, and he’d rather die than admit to his friends that he was polyamorous. They simply wouldn’t understand.

Smitty felt a sigh of relief as he finally found a good spot to hide in and pick off enemies. In the poor lighting and confusing terrain, he didn’t realize he’d left his back exposed. A hard pressure appeared on the back of his skull, and Smitty shrieked, spinning around as the other person jumped back in alarm.

“Fuck, Smitty, I didn’t mean to scare you so bad,” Wildcat laughed. Smitty narrowed his eyes, whipping his gun up and aiming at Wildcat. The older man laughed harder at the angry expression, not taking him seriously. Smitty noticed with delight that Wildcat’s gun was drained, leaving him defenseless.

“You have three seconds to run,” Smitty said, grinning evilly. “And then I’m going to shoot you. Three…”

Wildcat stared as Smitty counted down, realizing quickly that he was fucked. Smitty let out a laugh as Wildcat turned and ran. As soon as he yelled “Zero,” Smitty was charging after him.

Everyone else was embroiled in a battle near the recharging stations, halfway across the room, leaving Smitty free to concentrate on Wildcat. Smitty quickly spotted Wildcat, trapped in a little alleyway made of pillars and random boxes. With a grin, Smitty cornered him, pushed the gun against his chest, and pulled the trigger.

Wildcat’s vest made a sad beeping sound as he officially “died,” and the older man smirked back at Smitty. “The hell was that display for?”

“Don’t mess with ya boi, fucker,” replied Smitty softly , stepping back to let Wildcat recharge his gun and vest. He was hiding a blush as best he could, realizing just how close he’d gotten to his crush. Thankfully, the crappy lighting helped hide his pink face.

“Don’t mess with you, huh? Now what falls under the category of messing with you?” Wildcat said, stepping towards Smitty in a way that flipped their positions. Now Smitty was the one stuck in a corner, swallowing back his feelings and slight fear as the man towered over him.

Wildcat leaned down close to him, mouth right next to his ear, and whispered, “Does this count?”

Smitty’s eyes went wide as Wildcat gently grabbed his chin and pulled him into a kiss. What the fuck, oh what the fuck­ his brain yelled, but his feelings took over and he leaned into Wildcat’s lips. The taller man quickly won dominance, pushing Smitty’s head back until it was pressed to the wall, slipping his tongue inside Smitty’s sighing mouth. Smitty wasn’t entirely sure how he was still standing, feeling like he was physically melting into the wall in a puddle of confused ecstasy.

A sad beeping noise ripped his attention away from his moment in paradise, and he opened his eyes to see Wildcat grinning evilly, far too close to his face. Smitty’s vest had gone dead, and Mini stood behind Wildcat, eyebrows raised cockily and a gun aimed at Smitty.

Smitty stammered, going so red it was even visible in the dim room. “Sit, oh shit Mini, I’m so sorry-“ He felt awful, having been caught kissing Mini’s boyfriend.

Mini just laughed and lowered the gun. “We’ll talk later, Smitters.” The nickname only increased the boy’s flush. “For now, just go recharge, and we’ll keep kicking your ass.” He grabbed Wildcat’s hand, pulling him down for a quick peck as they sauntered off, leaving their youngest friend confused and alone in the corner of the map.

I think one of the things that made my blood bold in Blood of Olympus is how at the ending Rick throws Annabeth, Piper and Reyna as best friends forever who are together all the time, and while I think they are gonna develop a friendship through time, this is so wrong because:

  • What about Hazel, the actual girl who spent months traveling with them and living with them?
  • Piper didn’t mourn Leo, her best friend. She should be mourning Leo and spending time with her cabin and the rest of the seven, you know the people shed live with for months.
  • In the grand total of the books, before the ending of BoO, they probably talked with Reyna no more than 5 hours in total.
  • What about Hazel.
  • Annabeth would probably spend most of her time with Percy, dealing with their PTSD, visiting Sally, spending time with her cabin, talking with Chiron, reconnecting with the campers, mourning Leo with the rest of the Seven and then, just then, talking with Reyna.

omg… I never thought I’d get so many notes on my sleepy!wonwoo post!! WOAH!!! IM SO HAPPY!!! THANK YOU ALL!! ILL GIVE THIS AS A GIFT!!! AND IT ACTUALLY STRETCHES SO MUCH BUT PLS BEAR WITH IT BCS JIHOON IS MY SON (ill probably also continue 😉 do tell me who you want to see next bcs im honestly lost bcs come on they all are boyf material)


♡ uk how big of a tsundere he is omg he’s like level 92838838474

♡ he acts like he really despise you touching him all over but secretly it makes his heart beat so fast he lost his breath

♡ when Jihoon is tired he’s like HELLA HECK FRICKING TIRED. he’d just want to fall asleep like heck he could just come home and faint in the hallway

♡ during when his schedule is hectic, he comes to urs and his shared apartment for a day or two to let out his frustration bcs being in a dorm with 12 other boys r stressing

♡ he would come home looking all free make up and his hair is messily brushed and he has that tired smile that makes your heart ache bcs uk how much he’s trying so hard to be perfect

♡ he doesn’t ask for it but it’s a must that you go over and hug him as tight as you can and kisses his cheeks like 10000+ times

♡ usually u have to drag him all the way to the bedroom bcs tired jihoon means lazy jihoon (it’s kind of hard bcs lazy jihoon is like a koala)

♡ sometimes tho after u hug him and kisses him everywhere over his face he would murmur against ur neck that he just want to lay around in the couch with u

♡ ofc u always says no bcs uk how exhausted he is and sleeping on the couch will hurt his body!!! and he needs to take a bath!!! but the way he looks at u pleading and sleepily and the way the corner of his lips are slightly turned down in a bittersweet smile wins against your worries

♡ u told him it’s not ur fault if he’s sore all over tomorrow tho (i mean jihoon would probably ended up sleeping on the couch everytime… and he always manage to kick u off the couch…)

♡ even tho the couch is nearby u still have to drag him there bcs he’s a big baby

♡ jihoon gets very very - like REALLY - affectionate when he’s tired

♡ as u two lie on the couch with pillows u took from the bedroom, jihoon likes to wrap his arms around ur waist and nuzzle into ur neck and kisses along ur collarbones while whispering how much he’s glad he has u

♡ and he’d also - without… or perhaps with knowledge - brush his cold fingers over your skin under the shirt you’re wearing and it tickles and u feel shy whenever he does that bcs he usually doesn’t do this!!!

♡ the first time jihoon got all clingy suddenly with u left u so surprised that u couldn’t react to anything he did and literally u were just there on his arms frozen as he snored away

♡ it took u like 3 more times of this kind of experience to be able to get used to jihoon pressing his lips on urs continuously

♡ have I said jihoon likes kisses a lot???

♡ and also cuddles!!!

♡ he likes the fact that your lips somehow fits with him so well and the way your lips felt against him feels strangely… nice… and it sends him to the highest level of paradise or something /but he doesn’t admit it/

♡ jihoon’s fav position is him being the big spoon really.

♡ it’s bcs once, u teases him that u seem bigger than him so he should be the little spoon instead but he insisted he’s definitely the big spoon but when u tried being the big spoon somehow he just fits and he got so embarrassed

♡ now he insists he’s always the big spoon bcs he doesn’t want u to laugh ur ass off at him like tht one time


♡ when jihoon’s schedule is full but he needs to rest he doesn’t really share any conv with u bcs he thinks the silence is very nice and jihoon really needs it

♡ he’s also very thankful to u bcs u don’t complain that u two doesn’t talk a lot - he /once again/ doesn’t admit it as much but he feels like u deserves way more (in which u always smack him whenever he tries to get that sentence out of his mouth)

♡ DURING THE TIMES THAT JIHOON HAS DAY OFFS where he’s not as tired u two will spend the whole day sleeping also (no difference smh jihoon)

♡ however u two shares some sleepy talks while lying on the bed and jihoon really likes to stare at u when u ramble off about ur day to fill jihoon’s life with like normal life of a human

♡ the way he stares at u is very … intense… bcs he doesn’t blink and it seems like he’s not even breathing at all and ure always like “jihoon!! r u sleeping with ur eyes open???’

♡ it’s not till then when he would blink his eyes and realises that he was actually just staring at u and he might or might not have listened to whatever u were saying bcs ur voice is a lullaby to him

♡ during his relaxed day offs, he often insist on watching some cliché movies or horror or action or tbh any movies bcs jihoon likes the way he can fall asleep on ur shoulder with some noises in the bg like some romantic drama

♡ he doesn’t admit this.

♡ sleepy!jihoon is literally like having a panda-koala-sloth hybrid hanging off your arms all the time bcs he’s really cute and adorable and WOW HE’S EVEN SO CUTE AND HANDSOME AND ALL THT JAZZ EVEN WHEN HE’S SLEEPY but smh he doesn’t let u go but he always says he doesn’t like it when ure all over him and sometimes it makes u frustrated bcs ‘gosh jihoon u were literally begging me to kiss u like every second last night’

♡ 'W-wh-wha??? no way!!! I’m not like THAT ugh no way’

♡ but rlly when is jihoon not in denial


    He’s been hanging around Panda a lot after the event happened, though he has been going to work still. Some of his interactions with Panda have been nothing more than lazing around Panda, watching him quietly. He’s been showing up to Panda’s work as well, sitting by his exposition, not really moving around from it until Panda got off of work.

    He knows that he shouldn’t be so clingy like this, but with nothing else to do or move forward too, all he wants to do is hang around Panda all day. He doesn’t just want to drift off now that he doesn’t have anything else to hang onto.

    He’s doing his best. He’s doing his best not to remember that there’s nothing for him anymore. That everything he’s don, every action he’s taken up until now is pointless. That it didn’t matter. That everything decays.

     Today isn’t any different, honestly. He’s gotten one of those fidget toys from the shop he had been buying his food for the week at, and he’s playing with it as he approaches Panda, quietly giving him a wave.

    “Hey. What are you doing today?”

Pandas (Seungri Imagine)

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When he surprises the other members with a room filled to the brim with pandas

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He’d invited the other members over, telling them that he had a surprise for them - something they had to see. Once they’d showed up, he took them to a room that soon enough had the older men’s eyes widen with genuine shock and surprise. The room was… Completely filled with pandas. Not only on the floor, but also the walls, ceiling and windows. There were pandas hanging and lying all over the floor in different sizes. There were more pandas than the panda population in China, it seemed. The reason for the ridiculous amount was that he’d been saving all the pandas fans had given him over the years. When the amount had become too big, they’d gotten their own room.

Tick Tock

Title: Tick Tock
Pairing: Taohun
Genre: angst
Rating: PG-13 for slight language?
Word Count: 3K
Summary: You gave me all the time in the world, but you forgot about yourself.

For korean–cocoa aka Kyla <3

Sehun stared at the watch on his arm. The strap was a dark strip of leather, fastened to a silver clock piece. The leather was slightly worn out on the sides and the dark leather contrasted neatly with Sehun’s pale skin. He could hardly see the little arms circling around the face of the clock through the darkened room.

For you, Tao had said, eyes crinkling as Sehun’s eyes had popped out. 

The arms of the watch moved slowly, each minute punctuated with a small tick before the beginning of another lazy circle and a tick to signal the end. Or the beginning.

Sehun shivered as the door on the side opened and another drunken couple slammed into the room, fingers groping, lips melting against each other. Mistletoe left over from Christmas still hung in the corners. The party was still in full blast, after all, it was only New Years once a year. The television was on, blaring its volume on full blast and Luhan had changed it to the countdown.

Outside, near the park, fireworks were being set off early and inside the house, everyone was just slightly tipsy.

15 minutes till New Years!" the announcer exclaimed on the large tv screen and Luhan screamed along with him. Sehun stared at his watch again. It was going to be the first New Years he’s spent without him, Sehun realized.

Tick- 14 minutes left.

"Sehun” his mother called out from downstairs and the five year old Sehun pouted. Trotting down the stairs, he walked into the living room to find his mother and another lady sitting down on the large leather sofas while a boy stood sullenly in the corner. “Sehun, meet Tao!” his mother exclaimed, eyes bright.

“Hello,” Tao had greeted, and Sehun pouted again because this Tao character was taller than he was.

“Hello,” he greeted back, scuffing his feet against the carpeted floor.

“Sehun, be a good host,” his mother had reprimanded. “Bring Tao up to your room and have fun, okay?”

Both five year olds made faces before climbing up the stairs to where Sehun’s room was.

“You like Teenage ninja turtles?” Tao asked as soon as they were inside his small bedroom.

“Yeah,” Sehun scowled somewhat defensively. Tao raised his hands up in a mockingly surrendering gesture. 

“Its okay. I do too. Can we play with them?”

Sehun beamed at the Tao character then because no on wanted to play Teenage Ninja Turtles with him. His sister just scowled at him and mommy didn’t understand who they were.


Tock- 13 minutes left.

“Hurry up,”  Tao whined as Sehun dragged his feet down the long street. “Don’t you want to know what first grade feels like?”

“No,” Sehun retorted, clutching the straps of his new teenage ninja turtle backpack tightly, his small hands turning white from the pressure.

Tao rolled his eyes before stepping in front of Sehun, placing his hands on Sehun’s shoulders firmly. They were about the same height now as Sehun had grown a lot since last year. 

“Sehun, no one is going to not like you, okay? Just smile and introduce yourself and everyone will like you because you’re you.” Tao gave him a sincere smile before stepping away to walk side by side with Sehun again.

“How did you know that’s what I was worried about,” Sehun finally managed to ask, voice trembling. 

Tao laughed, reaching a hand out to ruffle the younger boy’s hair. “‘Cause I’m your best friend, silly.”

Tao was right of course. He managed to befriend a boy named Kai on the first day. 

Tick- 12 minutes left.

“You’re such a stupid,” Tao grumbled as he settled down on the carpet in Sehun’s room. “How did you even break your leg.”

Sehun pouted at his best friend before scowling at the cast on his leg.“I rode my bike down the hill too fast,” he grumbled back. And I’m going to tell mommy you said a bad word. You should be comforting me.“ He pouted again, bottom lip jutting out.

Tao sighed before clambering onto the bed, carefully avoiding Sehun’s leg. "Can I be the first to sign the cast?” he says instead, smiling largely when Sehun’s eyes brightened up.

He signed the cast, “your bestest best best friend in the world and don’t you forget it, tao.”

Tock- 11 minutes left.

It was third grade when Sehun realized Tao was actually Chinese. And it was also then that the fifth graders decided that Tao was the perfect victim for bullying. 

Sehun walked into three fifth graders cornering a nonchalant Tao behind the rock wall one day during recess and immediately launched himself at the boy closest to him. 

He ended up with a black eye and a bruised lip, Tao was left unscathed and the three fifth graders ended up with three day suspensions.

“You never told me you knew kungfu,” Sehun accused as they walked out of the nurses office together. “And you never told me you were bullied either.”

“I could have handled that on my own,” Tao deadpanned. “And I wasn’t getting bullied. You ended up with the most bruises, you idiot. Why would you jump the biggest one?”

“I was trying to help,” Sehun snapped back, eyes flaring. “because I care about my best friend, idiot.”

Tao’s expression softened to something almost tender before pulling Sehun in to a one armed hug. “You pack a good punch,” he finally grumbled out.

As they walked home that afternoon, Sehun couldn’t help but notice the quirk of Tao’s smile.

Tick- 10 minutes left.

“Happy birthday!” Sehun screamed as Tao walked through the door and began cackling as his best friend jumped around a foot into the air. 

Sehun had planned Tao’s 9th birthday diligently, sending out crayon-written invitations to their best friends and helping Tao’s mother bake him a cake. 

He couldn’t help grinning as Tao stared in shock and sniggered when Luhan finally decided to take matters in his own hands and poke the birthday boy’s stomach. 

The birthday cake was quickly devoured (Tao didn’t mention the egg shell he found inside the cake) and presents unwrapped. Sehun trembled in anticipation as everyone left the house to go back home before handing Tao his second present. 

Tao had raised an eyebrow but Sehun stuck his tongue out at him. “I expect two presents too,” he declared, pushing the messily (but diligently) wrapped package at Tao.

Tao giggled as the wrapping paper was torn off, holding up the ninja turtle figurines to stare at Sehun. “Teenage ninja turtles?”

Sehun shrugged but smiled in satisfaction as Tao tore through the packaging, deft fingers working apart the tape Sehun spent hours putting together. “Get yours,” the birthday boy ordered and Sehun ran off to go get his own.

Tock- 9 minutes left.

“Loche world?” Tao looked up, excitement brimming in his eyes as a smile twitched upon his lips. Sehun grinned back before quickly closing his mouth. There was a gap where his front teeth used to be and it was made more noticeable by his habit of sticking his tongue out. “You look fine,” Tao rolled his eyes before standing up and racing down to the kitchen where his mom was.

“Can we go to Loche world, mom?” Sehun could hear Tao’s high pitched squeal as his mother said yes. 

They ran outside to where Sehun’s mother was already waiting in the car and waited impatiently as their mothers chatted.

“Mooom,” Sehun finally whined out and Tao pouted towards his mother as well.

“Okay, okay, we’re going,” Sehun’s mother grinned, bidding goodbye to Tao’s mother. 

The rest of the day was spent at the amusement park, pink cotton candy being stuffed down their throats, Tao’s screams filling the air when they went on the biggest carnival ride and stuffed animals, won at booths.

“I want to win that one,” Tao pouted, gesturing to the large panda plushie hanging with the other prices. “But I can never throw the ring around the center pin.”

Sehun scowled playfully at his friend before taking his own place along the line. Thirty dollars later and three pins around the center pin, Sehun came back to a pouting Tao, lugging the large panda plushie.

“I thought you were going to get the rillakuma plushie,” Tao commented absently as they walked back to where Sehun’s mother was waiting.

“Nah, I’m too old for plushies,” Sehun retorted, pushing the large panda into Tao’s arms. “This is for you.”

Tick- 8 minutes left.

“Sehun!” a hoarse, almost gravely voice called out and Sehun twirled around, wringing his hands nervously. “Sehun,” the voice called out again before a flustered Tao appeared, squeezing around the rest of the people squished back stage. 

“Why are you here?” Sehun’s voice cracked in the middle as he gripped the hem of his shirt tightly. “Tao, I’m going to die.”

“No you aren’t.” Tao rolled his eyes in exasperation before pulling Sehun into a tight hug, careful not to ruin his stage makeup. “I’ll be right out there. I got Luhan to save me a front row seat. You’re going to do wonderful, you lil brat.”

Sehun scowled, mumbling something along the lines of ,“I’m not a brat,” but tao had already left. In Sehun’s left hand was a single tulip, and a small note hanging off the stem in Tao’s crooked handwriting.

“Roses were too cliche, good luck!”

Tock- 7 minutes left.

Ice cream?” Tao stared at Sehun incredulously, one eye twitching. “What do you mean, ice cream.”

“Do you want ice cream?” Sehun repeated patiently.

Tao had a small coughing fit before answering again, his forehead furrowed. “Sehun, you know I’m sick, right?”


“Ice cream would make me sicker.”

“Oh.” Sehun flushed pink, the tips of his ears burning before sitting down  onto Tao’s bed. “I didn’t think of that.”

“Of course you didn’t. Get out, you brat. You’re going to get sick too.”

“No, I won’t,” Sehun boasted, eyes bright. “I have an amazing immune system.”

“You got sick five times last year.” Tao deadpanned. “You didn’t go to school for a full month. Your immune system is good, my ass.”

“It is,” Sehun pouted, snuggling closer to where Tao was covered in blankets. “I won’t get sick, don’t worry.”

Tao ends up getting better the next day while Sehun falls sick.

“Now you get to take care of me like I took care of you when you were sick,” Sehun grinned smugly despite a hoarse throat and swollen nose.

“You almost kicked me off the bed,” Tao hissed as he shoved a spoonful of soup down Sehun throat. But not before blowing on it to cool it down first.

Tick- 6 minutes left.

“You’re an insufferable brat,” Tao hissed as Sehun glared back. 

“You’re an ass,” Sehun shot back heatedly. 

“He was groping you. He was a twenty something year old man, Oh Sehun, why can’t you grow up?”

“He wasn’t groping me,” Sehun tossed back, eyes burning holes into Tao’s face. “And I am grown up.”

“Going to bars when you’re underage doesn’t make you grown up,” Tao scoffed. “And I was trying to keep you safe from that creep. He was undressing you with his eyes!”

“And why do you care.” Sehun looked up, a question lingering in his gaze. “Why do you care,Tao.”

Tao was silent for a few seconds before he answered quietly. “Because I’m your best friend. And you’re distancing yourself away.”

Sehun stared helplessly as his former best friend walked away, shoulders hunched and tense. He wanted to run after Tao and explain that he just wanted Tao to care more, to show Tao that he was independent. That he wanted to show Tao other people thought he was attractive. That at 13 years old, Sehun realized he wanted a dick, not a chick.

But he couldn’t because Tao would never understand. 

Tock- 5 minutes left.

“Hey.” Sehun looked up to find Tao standing outside his bedroom door, in the hallway. “Your mom let me in.”

“Hey,” Sehun replied back dumbly. “What are you doing here?”

“Its your birthday.” Tao gave him a wary glance. “Or should I leave.”

“No!” Sehun cried out immediately, gesturing for Tao to sit on his bed. “Stay. Please.”

Tao’s shoulders relaxed as he sat down on the corner of Sehun’s bedsheets. “Happy birthday,” he began awkwardly before Sehun cut in.

“I’m sorry.” Tao glanced at him in confusion and he looked down before continuing. “I’m sorry. I’m a brat. You were right, they were a bunch of creeps. Don’t be mad at me anymore.”

Soon he was engulfed in Tao’s arms again and he breathed in the scent of Tao. It had been close to a year since they last interacted. “I’m sorry too,” Tao whispered, breath tickling Sehun’s ears. “I was just worried about you.”

Sehun grinned when Tao finally pulled away and held his arms out. “Present.” He beamed when Tao muttered “brat” under his breath and quickly tore away the neatly pressed wrapping paper. Inside was a beautiful watch, black leather band and a gold plate

He looked up as his jaw dropped, uncomprehending. “Happy birthday?” Tao looked wary again as Sehun just stared at him. “Do you. Do you like it?”

“I missed you so much,” Sehun muttered in reply, tearing away the packaging.

“I wanted to give you back the year we missed together” Tao said in a way of a reply. “So I gave you all the time in the world." 

Tick- 4 minutes left.

"Why did you break up with her again?” Sehun and Tao sat in a nearby boba shop, sipping their bubble milk teas as Tao recounted his break up with Seohyun. 

“It wasn’t right,” Tao explained slowly. He didn’t look that upset but they both knew Seohyun was furious. “It didn’t feel right. Like those books and movies that show how two people are supposed to be? It didn’t feel like that.”

Sehun nodded slowly but his confusion must have still shown on his face.

“I think I’m gay,” Tao finally blurted out, eyes staring into the ground, not reaching Sehun’s eyes. “I thought I liked girls but I don’t. Seohyun is wonderful but I just don’t feel it.”

Tao startled as Sehun reached a hand over to pat his shoulder. “Its okay, hyung.”

Tao looked up, surprised by the rarely used honorific. “I’m gay too,”

Tock- 3 minutes left.

“Why don’t you just ask him out already, Sehunnie?”

Sehun looked up to find Luhan staring at him, a bored expression on his face.

“Ask who out?” He’s studying for chemistry in the library because he knew for a fact none of his friends ever went into the dreaded room of books, yet here Luhan was.

“You know who,” Luhan rolled his eyes. “Its so obvious the two of you are in love with each other, do you know how shocked I was to find out you two weren’t fucking?”

“Uh. No?” Sehun squinted up at his 'favorite hyung’ in confusion. 

“Very shocked.” Luhan replied. “But I am curious, do you top or does Tao top. Tao tops, right? I mean, you’re like a baby. Tao’s basically a cradle robber.”

“What?” Sehun is confused and flustered, the tips of his ears burning red and he’s trying to hide under the table by this point. He can almost feel the pointed looks the librarian is shooting them right now.

“Hyung,” he whines out, burying his face in his own books. “Go away.”

“Why?” a voice asked and Sehun shot up, face burning up. Tao is standing in front of him and Luhan’s at the door of the librarian. His now least favorite hyung sent him a wink and enough sexual gestures to scar a deaf man. 

“Nothing,” Sehun muttered and Tao sat down, digging out his own textbooks.

Tick- 2 minutes left.

“Hyung, willyougooutwithme” Sehun asked in a ruch and Tao looked up with  a confused smile on his face.

“What did you just say?”

“Will you go out with me,” Sehun mumbled out and he can hear the whoops coming from behind the corner. Fuck Luhan. 

Tao began to laugh, and instinctively, the corner of Sehun’s lip quirks up too. “I thought we were dating already,” Tao finally choked out between his giggles. “I mean, we basically spent every single day together and went to places together.”

“But I want to kiss you,” Sehun interrupted and Tao started choking on air. When he finally regained the air in his lungs, Tao stared at Sehun, cocking his head to the side, deep in thought. 

“Then kiss me,” Tao finally grinned, lips curling up in a feline manner. 

So Sehun did. 

It was a messy affair, clashed lips and teeth and noses, but Tao’s lips were soft and Sehun’s inexperience was made up for with enthusiasm. 

Whoops filled the hallway and the two pulled away, Sehun flushed and Tao laughing as Luhan paraded out, a smug grin on his face.

Tock- 1 minute left.

Its quiet. Too quiet. Sehun shifts around in bed, arms reaching out for the lump of Tao thats usually beside him but the bed is cold and empty. 

He opens his eyes, squinting against the bright sun and his vision is partly obscured by a pink sticky note. Trust Tao to have sticky notes in pink.

In Tao’s crooked handwriting are the words, “Went to get coffee. Be back soon." 

Sehun wriggles out of bed and pulls on a robe before slouching into the kitchen. He shivers through the thin robe and the wifebeater he has on, before peering at the watch on his wrist. 10 o'clock. Tao should be back by now. Shuffling back into the bedroom, he pulled on a tshirt, dragged some pants on before sending a text to Tao.

Sent to: Tao
hey, where u at?
sent | 10:04

He never got a reply. 

Tick- New Years

Sehun found himself at the cemetery. He had somehow dragged his drunk ass out of Luhan’s house and through the streets. The place was dark, evergreen wreaths hung on some of the graves at a vain attempt for festivity.

There was really nothing festive about death.

He finally stopped at one of the slabs of rocks and hunched down, pulling himself into a tight ball. He had forgotten his coat at Luhan’s house and winter in Seoul was freezing. 

With numb fingers, he managed to unbuckle the leather strap from his wrist and placed it on the frozen ground.

"For the year we missed,” he whispered to the darkness. “And all the years we will miss. Happy New Years, Tao.”

The Winter Carnival

As Spencer and I walked around the carnival hand in hand, I began to see how lucky I truly was. Every winter this carnival comes to town, weird right? Carnivals usually come around in the summer, well not this one. We had only been here an hour and we have already gone on the carousel, eaten some funnel cake and played bumper cars. As I looked around at the families, the couples and friends all at the carnival, I noticed that no one was nearly as happy as we were. Sure they were smiling but we were over joyed to being doing something so fun and childish.
“Look at that cute bear!” I said pointing towards a huge panda hanging over one of the booths. Spencer smiled slightly and the thought of the bear towering over me. We walked towards the booth, just to see what type of game they were playing in order to win a bear that was bigger than all of the children here.
“It’s a riddle game.” Spencer said as we both looked at each other strangely. This wasn’t a typical carnival booth, hell the many times that we have been here, this booth was never here, it’s like it came out of thin air. The bell rang signaling that the game was over and every walked away from the booth, not one prize given out.
“No one won?” I asked as Spencer just shrugged and began walking to an empty seat at the game.
“I’m going to win you the bear at the rather odd game.” He said kissing my temple just before jogging over to the only empty seat left. I just smiled at the thought of Spencer being so sweet to at least try to win the bear. The game looked hard and confusing but if anyone could win at it, it would be Spencer. Even if he didn’t win, the thought was more than sweet enough. Question after question, Spencer kept getting them right and it looked like he was actually going to win. As much as I hated to say it, I was surprised, he normally wasn’t too good at these games but tonight, he was kicking some major ass! The same bell from before rang and the tall and lengthy man behind he booth handed Spencer a bear the size of a large dog. I giggled slightly as he walked back over to me. I was clapping and jumping up and down slightly like a giddy little girl and I didn’t care who saw it.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” I said with a kiss to a different area of Spencer’s face in between each thank you. He smiled and turned bright red at the public display of affection bit I didn’t care who saw.
“I feel like we belong in a cliché high school movie.” I said making Spencer laugh, knowing exactly what I meant.
“The boyfriend of the cute couple wins his little girlfriend a huge bear at the carnival to impress her.” He said continuing my thought and making me giggle as we got a few glances at our giant bear. As night began to fall we both knew that our night was coming to an end and that Spencer would have to go back to work tomorrow.
“Hey why don’t we go on the Ferris wheel?” Spencer asked with pleading eyes, trying to get my mind off the fact that he was going to be leaving again soon. I just nodded making him look at me softly, as we walked up to the Ferris wheel. Once we got on it, I put my bear to the right of me with Spencer to the left and rested my head on his shoulder.
“I love you.” Spencer said causing me to sit up right away and look at him with wide eyes.
“We have been dating for six months and I have been wanting to say that to you since the first moment I saw you. I love you and I wanted you to know before I left, again.” He said as the Ferris wheel stopped at the top, with us being the car at the very top. We both fell silent, I didn’t know what to say, commitment was always an issue for me but as I thought about it and about how he makes me feel, it was completely clear.
“I love you too Spencer.” I said causing him to look at me and put on arm behind me to pull me closer, with hand in my hair as we shared a short yet sweet kiss. Our hearts were on the line, we were up 100 feet in the air and yet, I never felt safer.