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I think one of the things that made my blood bold in Blood of Olympus is how at the ending Rick throws Annabeth, Piper and Reyna as best friends forever who are together all the time, and while I think they are gonna develop a friendship through time, this is so wrong because:

  • What about Hazel, the actual girl who spent months traveling with them and living with them?
  • Piper didn’t mourn Leo, her best friend. She should be mourning Leo and spending time with her cabin and the rest of the seven, you know the people shed live with for months.
  • In the grand total of the books, before the ending of BoO, they probably talked with Reyna no more than 5 hours in total.
  • What about Hazel.
  • Annabeth would probably spend most of her time with Percy, dealing with their PTSD, visiting Sally, spending time with her cabin, talking with Chiron, reconnecting with the campers, mourning Leo with the rest of the Seven and then, just then, talking with Reyna.
min yoongi probably.....
  • Seokjin: yoongi i heard you finally finished your mixtape?
  • Yoongi: yeah hyung but now i'm trying to figure out the best time to release it
  • Seokjin: what about august? because you're agust d haha
  • Yoongi: hyung please that's stupid
  • *later, at night*
  • Yoongi lying wide awake in bed: that's genius
The Winter Carnival

As Spencer and I walked around the carnival hand in hand, I began to see how lucky I truly was. Every winter this carnival comes to town, weird right? Carnivals usually come around in the summer, well not this one. We had only been here an hour and we have already gone on the carousel, eaten some funnel cake and played bumper cars. As I looked around at the families, the couples and friends all at the carnival, I noticed that no one was nearly as happy as we were. Sure they were smiling but we were over joyed to being doing something so fun and childish.
“Look at that cute bear!” I said pointing towards a huge panda hanging over one of the booths. Spencer smiled slightly and the thought of the bear towering over me. We walked towards the booth, just to see what type of game they were playing in order to win a bear that was bigger than all of the children here.
“It’s a riddle game.” Spencer said as we both looked at each other strangely. This wasn’t a typical carnival booth, hell the many times that we have been here, this booth was never here, it’s like it came out of thin air. The bell rang signaling that the game was over and every walked away from the booth, not one prize given out.
“No one won?” I asked as Spencer just shrugged and began walking to an empty seat at the game.
“I’m going to win you the bear at the rather odd game.” He said kissing my temple just before jogging over to the only empty seat left. I just smiled at the thought of Spencer being so sweet to at least try to win the bear. The game looked hard and confusing but if anyone could win at it, it would be Spencer. Even if he didn’t win, the thought was more than sweet enough. Question after question, Spencer kept getting them right and it looked like he was actually going to win. As much as I hated to say it, I was surprised, he normally wasn’t too good at these games but tonight, he was kicking some major ass! The same bell from before rang and the tall and lengthy man behind he booth handed Spencer a bear the size of a large dog. I giggled slightly as he walked back over to me. I was clapping and jumping up and down slightly like a giddy little girl and I didn’t care who saw it.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” I said with a kiss to a different area of Spencer’s face in between each thank you. He smiled and turned bright red at the public display of affection bit I didn’t care who saw.
“I feel like we belong in a cliché high school movie.” I said making Spencer laugh, knowing exactly what I meant.
“The boyfriend of the cute couple wins his little girlfriend a huge bear at the carnival to impress her.” He said continuing my thought and making me giggle as we got a few glances at our giant bear. As night began to fall we both knew that our night was coming to an end and that Spencer would have to go back to work tomorrow.
“Hey why don’t we go on the Ferris wheel?” Spencer asked with pleading eyes, trying to get my mind off the fact that he was going to be leaving again soon. I just nodded making him look at me softly, as we walked up to the Ferris wheel. Once we got on it, I put my bear to the right of me with Spencer to the left and rested my head on his shoulder.
“I love you.” Spencer said causing me to sit up right away and look at him with wide eyes.
“We have been dating for six months and I have been wanting to say that to you since the first moment I saw you. I love you and I wanted you to know before I left, again.” He said as the Ferris wheel stopped at the top, with us being the car at the very top. We both fell silent, I didn’t know what to say, commitment was always an issue for me but as I thought about it and about how he makes me feel, it was completely clear.
“I love you too Spencer.” I said causing him to look at me and put on arm behind me to pull me closer, with hand in my hair as we shared a short yet sweet kiss. Our hearts were on the line, we were up 100 feet in the air and yet, I never felt safer.

Pandas (Seungri Imagine)

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When he surprises the other members with a room filled to the brim with pandas

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He’d invited the other members over, telling them that he had a surprise for them - something they had to see. Once they’d showed up, he took them to a room that soon enough had the older men’s eyes widen with genuine shock and surprise. The room was… Completely filled with pandas. Not only on the floor, but also the walls, ceiling and windows. There were pandas hanging and lying all over the floor in different sizes. There were more pandas than the panda population in China, it seemed. The reason for the ridiculous amount was that he’d been saving all the pandas fans had given him over the years. When the amount had become too big, they’d gotten their own room.