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Like I’m here for all the headcanons about Percy being flustered about Annabeth, and how much he loves her but I’m also here for all the posts about Annabeth loving Percy and being flustered by him, and looking at him with heart eyes and just being happy because Percy makes her happy and it’s fucking canon and it’s barely discussed. Annabeth Chase is as in love with Percy like he is in love with her. 

wanna one as conversations with my asian mom

disclaimer: real 100% convos with my mom. my mom is straight from china so lots of asian jokes ahead. not meant to be offensive, just for laughs! read at your own discretion. you have been warned.  ps read in an asian accent for more laughs

yoon jisung:

mom: “why you so fat now? when i was high school student, i weigh 45 kg. you so fat, so ugly. aiya.”

2 minutes later…

mom: “come downstairs eat dinner! eat more, eat more!

*aggressively shoves food onto my plate*

you still growing!”

ha sungwoon:

mom: “why you always no stand up straight? you look like old grandma. even i’m taller than you now!”

me: “what are you even talking about, mom? you’re wearing 5-inch heels, you cheater!”

hwang minhyun:

mom: “if you to the good college, i can go back to shanghai and brag to the family. go to stanford, be doctor, so i can have the money travel the world with your dad. we can brag to your auntie haha.” 

me: “mom stop dreaming.”

mom: “i treat you always so good, and this is how you repay me? can’t even go to the stanford? any chinese student can make it into stanford easy. why you so stupid?” 

ong seongwoo:

mom: “aiya, you so ugly. skin so dark. why you no put on sunscreen, wear hat? i can’t go to china with you, you embarrassing.”

me: “what are you talking about? i stayed inside all summer. plus we’re asian. our skin is yellow.”

mom: “no you dark. why you no like japanese, korean white skin, huh? you always watch gay-pop videos, watch dramas, but you no learn from them white skin?” 

me: “mom, it’s k-pop, not gay-pop god.”

kim jaehwan:

mom: “you playing piano sounds like dying panda. my co-worker 6-year-old daughter play better than you.” 

me: “good for her.”

mom: “even deaf person in china play better than you. you waste my money.”

kang daniel:

me: “mom, have you ever eaten dog before?” 

mom: “no, i never went to china dog-eating festival. i hear it taste like the beef. also my friend say cat meat very good, just like chicken.” 

me: “mom, i was just joking! you can’t say that wth!” 

park jihoon:

mom: “why you no go outside exercise? always stay inside like couch potato, aiya.”

me: “i’ve never seen you exercise in my whole life.”

mom: “i’m adult! i no need exercise anymore.” 

park woojin:

mom: “no dating okay. i know high school, boys say ‘i love you’ but you say ‘no’ okay? you know you ugly so if boy says ‘you so beautiful’, he lie to you.”

me: “wow thanks, love you too mom.”

mom: “no dating any boy until the college. and in college, *whispers* only date the rich, white man. they buy you everything, no check price tag. not like the cheap asians like your dad.” 

me: “okay wow. thanks for the great advice, mom.” 

bae jinyoung:

mom: “you so ugly. you no look like me. you ugly like your dad —nose so big, so fat.”

me: “are you not my mom then?”

mom: “i no born you. i picked you out of trash can when you were baby. i feel so bad for you. now i want to throw you back into trash.”

lee daehwi:

mom: “what you doing?”

me: “calculus.”

mom: “you in high school, they give you this easy stuff? kids in china learn this 7th grade. american education system so sucks. if you move back to shanghai with me, we have to put you in 4th grade, you so stupid.”

lai guanlin:

mom: “you don’t speak chinese, i don’t talk to you. in this house, we speak chinese only.”

me: “then what about dad?”

mom: “no, speak chinese! 讲中文, 你这个笨蛋!”

lmao don’t get triggered pls just jokes man


Panda Clothing Co. Spring 2017 photoshoot #VLOG 15
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So tomorrow I turn 28…

And honestly, I never felt so blessed in my life. I’ve accomplished so many of my goals this past year with the support of God, my family, and friends. Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

A lot of people worry about getting older…I worry about getting BETTER.

Here’s some video footage of this weekend’s photoshoot with Panda Clothing Co.

Spring 2017


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Get To Know Me!

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Name: Miranda
Nickname: Manda or Nana
Zodiac: Cancer
Hogwarts’ House: Gryffindor
Sexual orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Hispanic, America
Favorite fruit: Watermelon
Favorite season: Fall 🍁
Favorite book series: I don’t have one
Favorite fictional characters: Sanji and Derek Hale
Favorite flower: Sunflower
Favorite scent: Chocolate
Favorite color: Blue 💙
Favorite animal: Cats and panda bears
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: Tea
Average sleep hours: 6 or 7
Number of blankets: One
Dream trip: Anywhere that’s not Texas
Last thing I googled: “when does wonder woman come out?”
How many blogs do I follow: 90
Number of followers: 42 ( honestly I’m surprise I even have that much )
Do I get asks regularly? Nope! I’m not that popular ( come talk to me though, I promise I’m cool and a little awkward )

I tag @mrs-gossipgirl and @bsd-hq-knb-op-anon and anyone who wants to do this! ^^