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Made mini cheesecakes for the first time on Nerdy Nummies today! This Oreo Cheesecake recipe is so yummy! 

daughter-of-words-and-daydreams  asked:

Hi! I've developed two characters, two 20-year-old girls and I really want to put them into a (fantasy) story, but I can't think of any reason why two young women would leave their comfortable lives to run off into the blue. I'd rather not follow the old tropes of 'castle is attacked and they're the only survivors' or 'they have to destroy mysterious magical item'. Any ideas? Thanks! I love your blog

Well, there are two types of running off into the blue: running away, and running to.

Reasons to run away from something will be based on things that have happened (reactive). This could be an abusive situation, fear of getting caught with something (maybe they’re criminals? secret bandit women!), or yes, because their castle is attacked and they’re the only survivors.

There are lots of things people might run to: a reunion, a career, an adventure of any kind, a pursuit of a secret. Whatever the reason, these stories often involve a decoy end-game. The initial goal is swapped out somewhere along the way (often subtly) for something that ties into the theme.

Think about the pace and feel each one will give your story. Running away is usually about recovery and escape, and the motive for running away is the thing that pushes you into the story. Running to something can be more abstract - it feels more like being pulled into the story than being pushed into it, to me at least. The thing making the character act hasn’t actually happened, whereas with running away the catalyst is in the past. Think about how that catalyst fits in with your characters and their personalities. Is this going to be a story about looking over their shoulders, or seeking something out?