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Fact: Every Link puts the Master Sword back after its purpose in their quest is fulfilled

Another Fact: Link still has the Master Sword in Super Smash Brothers. Brawl has the cutscene where he draws it from the pedestal again but in the other games he just Has It

Conclusion: Link is procrastinating saving his entire homeland just to beat the crap out of Mario

Dude, bro...

Anyone who says they don’t like Craig Cahn are sitting on a throne of liars.
I mean.. bro.. he is eff-in perfect, dude.💦💖
And Amanda? She is my best friend now. Everyone can go home. 💞


Sketchy screenshot redraws featuring the human versions of the bears I created because I am actually becoming obsessed with this show, help me.

I switched Grizz’s sportsketball thing out with a hat cause my friend recently suggested that I keep their bear ears and I thought it’d be interesting if they had to hide them in public because bear-people. 

btw these man-children are scared to death of a flipping garden snake tbh. Also, dem beard scruffs and arm hairs.

My top 100 favorite characters part 1

As I said on my quiz thing that we answer I said I have a lot of favorite characters either from video games TV show or movie either of the main characters secondary characters or special guest character. But they’re not in order in particular way so here’s part one of my favorite characters.

1. Yoshi
2. Nick Wilde - zootopia
3. Judy Hopps - zootopia
4. Fluttershy - My Little Pony friendship is Magic
5. Edd aka Double D - Ed Edd n Eddy
6. Baymax - Big Hero 6
7. Bambi - Disney Bambi
8. Donald Duck
9. Jibanyan - Yo kai Watch
10. Kirby - Kirby games
11. Rocket Raccoon - Guardians of the Galaxy
12. Simba - Lion King
13. Brittany S. Pierce - Glee
14. Po - Kung Fu Panda
15. Daryl - Walking Dead
16. Pikachu - Pokemon
17. Gatomon - Digimon
18. Donkey - Shrek
19. Tigress - Kung Fu Panda
20. Doctor Who 10th - Doctor Who
21. Pinkie Pie - My Little Pony friendship is Magic
22. Sheldon - Big Bang Theory
23. Curly Howard - Three Stooges
24. Chris Tucker - Rush Hour movies
25. Blaze the Cat - Sonic the Hedgehog
26. Bolt - Bolt
27. Princess Luna - My Little Pony friendship is Magic
28. Foxy - Five Nights at Freddy’s
29. Greninja - Pokemon
30. Olaf - frozen
31. Bumblebee - Transformers
32. Lucario - Pokemon
33. Clara - Doctor Who
34. Lola - Looney Tunes/ Space Jam
35. Rydia - final fantasy 4
36. Bomb bird - Angry Birds
37. Emmett - The Lego Movie
38. Toothless - How to Train Your Dragon
39. Garnet - Steven Universe
40. Sans - Undertale
41. Kimmy Schmidt - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
42. Beast Boy - Teen Titans
43. Batman
44. Fox McCloud - Star Fox
45. Marshall - Paw Patrol
46. Iron Man
47. Komasan - Yo Kai Watch
48. Marty - Back to the Future
49. Ash - Sing
50. Maui - Moana

littlemissnerd23  asked:

How about an agest, how dad's react if found Dadsona lost both spouse and child?

((In this one you’ve spoken to all the dads about what it’s like to be a father, joked and laughed with them, but they’ve never met your children or seen you with a partner. Also I’m so bad at angst I’m so sorry ajkafajdf))

Robert isn’t the best at comforting. He’s pretty stiff for awhile when he first finds out; his dumbass went and asked when you would finally take him home to meet your daughter. He already knew you had lost your spouse years ago, and he could relate to that, but he couldn’t really imagine what it would be like if Val wasn’t around. Sure, they weren’t close, but at least he knew she was safe and happy, and that they had time to work on their relationship. He had no idea what it must be like to have lost a kid, and when he found out it hadn’t even been a year—that you had moved to Maple Bay to start fresh again—it broke his old alcoholic heart in two. Sober Robert wished in that moment that he still drank so he could offer you a nice glass of whiskey. Instead, he pulled you to his chest, and mumbled something about being there if you ever wanted to talk. Right now, you didn’t, but it was nice to know he was willing to listen.

Mat found out because you made an offhand comment about how your daughter used to love chai tea lattes. “Used to?” he had asked, his curiosity getting the best of him. You had smiled into your coffee cup, staring at the steam coming off of it, and then nodded a little, telling him she had passed away while she was on a road trip with friends a few years back. He would start apologizing profusely—sputtering something about how he understood spousal loss but he couldn’t imagine what he would do if he lost Carmensita—and the more he talked to closer you came to crying. His relationship with his daughter reminded you of how much you truly missed Amanda, and how alone you felt. Mat offered then and there to let you move in with him. You refused, of course; but the proposition made you laugh so hard that the tears weren’t sad anymore.

Damien was confused as to why you always avoided cars. The two of you had gone on a few dates now, and every time he would come to find out you had walked to entire way to your destination. The first couple times he didn’t think anything of it, but when Lucien mentioned seeing you walking home with bags and bags of groceries (“Dude needs a car, Dad”) or how tired you seemed to be after having to walk all the way to the cinema, he decided it was finally time to inquire. You went silent for a few minutes; Damien was always so comfortable with death and had such a positive outlook, you were afraid he would think you silly for being so paranoid about car accidents. But you slowly explained and realization dawned on him. He would nod, kiss your forehead, and drop the subject for the evening. The next time you two went out, though, he showed up at your door with a horse-drawn carriage.

Craig remembered when your spouse died. He hadn’t been able to make the funeral, but he and Shmashley had sent their condolences. When you two reconnected he was so excited to see you, and while you were catching up he asked it: “Well hey, bro, how’s Panda doing?” Almost immediately he realized that was not a good question to ask. You weren’t making eye contact anymore. You explained what had happened; a couple years back she was rock climbing with friend and she fell. Craig would immediately attempt to pull you into a huge hug, with River’s chubby little body squished between you two. He didn’t bring it up again, but whenever he planned workouts for the two of you, he avoided any high cliffs or climbing.

Joseph asked about it the first time he met you. He was at your door, introducing himself, and asked if the family was home, because he’d love to meet them too. You informed him that no, your spouse and daughter had both passed away in a car accident some years ago, but you were happy to introduce him to their ghosts. A little dad humor to try and lighten the situation, you supposed. Joseph had gone white, apologized, closed the door, and then knocked again. You two had a pleasant conversation after that, and he even told you that he would love to see you down at the church for a chat sometime. By the time you two start dating, Joseph loves nothing more than to see your face light up when you’re playing with his kids. They truly become your own, and he thinks to himself often that your daughter must have been an amazing person.

Hugo knows you’ve lost Amanda a day after you do. He was her teacher, after all; the whole school had been informed of her passing. She had apparently fallen off the pier when she was out with some friends and drowned. Hugo doesn’t know what to do at first; should he approach you as her teacher or should he come to you as a friend (with very strong interests in being more)? He ended up going straight to your house after he got home that day, and pulled you into his arms as soon as you opened the door. He would lift you bridal style and carry you to sit on the couch, holding you as you sobbed and told him you wanted this to be a bad dream. His heart broke a million times over. Hugo (and even Ernest) became regulars at your house, and you at theirs; he insisted that you not spend very much time alone, and went out of his way to make sure someone checked in on you on the days that he couldn’t.

Brian is bad at comforting. It hits him that maybe something is up when you continue to refer to your daughter in the past tense while talking about her accomplishments. “Well, when am I going to get to meet this amazing girl of yours? I bet she would love Daisy.” He knew he had asked about something sensitive when you shut up for once. After you told him what happened, he made an effort to bring Daisy around a lot more often, and frequently invited you to dinner or to watch television with the two of them. Turns out Daisy really enjoyed your company, too, and pretty soon you were practically part of the family.

What do you mean Talladega Nights isn’t a movie about

disguised as

as he races around the track with his best bud

with the help of their pit crew consisting of


led by their crew chief

and supported by his mother

and personal assistant