panda bro!

Fact: Every Link puts the Master Sword back after its purpose in their quest is fulfilled

Another Fact: Link still has the Master Sword in Super Smash Brothers. Brawl has the cutscene where he draws it from the pedestal again but in the other games he just Has It

Conclusion: Link is procrastinating saving his entire homeland just to beat the crap out of Mario


Sketchy screenshot redraws featuring the human versions of the bears I created because I am actually becoming obsessed with this show, help me.

I switched Grizz’s sportsketball thing out with a hat cause my friend recently suggested that I keep their bear ears and I thought it’d be interesting if they had to hide them in public because bear-people. 

btw these man-children are scared to death of a flipping garden snake tbh. Also, dem beard scruffs and arm hairs.

Link in Smash Bros: definition of a bamf, shows off in front of everyone, strong silent type, generally suave

Link in Actual Zelda: falls asleep on anything he can sit on (including a toilet), deeply confused by flirtatious women, makes the world’s absolute worst and most awkward cat noise to try and totally convince someone that he hasn’t been following them for the past 15 minutes, Loves Ponies

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